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This Nappies Direct “Monster Box” ™ has four packets of Huggies Ultimate Infant Unisex Nappies 48. That’s 196 Nappies- what a deal!

Huggies Ultimate Infant size 2 nappies are Huggies softest nappy featuring cotton-like softness to gently hug your baby, suitable for boys & girls.

Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby. Huggies Infant Nappies are clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash, and are endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives as the preferred choice for baby.

The Ultimate Infant nappy features:

  • Up to 12 hours leakage protection, perfect for day and night usage.
  • A wetness indicator which turns from yellow to blue when wet making it easier to know when to change.
  • Same absorbent performance for both boys & girls.

Huggies Ultimate disposable nappies are Huggies softest nappy featuring cotton-like softness to gently hug your baby. The Ultimate nappy range features silky soft sides providing superior protection from leaks and red marks around the legs as well as a soft and stretchy waistband for all round protection. The Breathe Dry® cover makes the Ultimate nappy and diapers range Huggies most breathable and has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash. With up to 12 hours protection and a DryTouch® layer, that instantly absorbs wetness springing back dry the Ultimate nappy range for Infants is ideal both as a day and night nappy. Huggies Ultimate Infant nappies are ideally sized for babies weighing up to 4-8KG.

Huggies Ultimate disposable nappy range is available in the following sizes:

Size 1 (Newborn) up to 5kg;
Size 2 (Infant) 4-8kg;
Size 3 (Crawler) 6-11kg;
Size 4 (Toddler) 10-15kg;
Size 5 (Walker) 13-18kg.

Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

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53 reviews for Huggies Nappies (Size 2 – Infant) – Monster Box

  1. rahal (verified owner)

    After having a bad experience with Huggies 6-11 kg boys nappy line, Huggies ultimate has been my first choice. It’s very gentle on skin, breathable and doesn’t have such plastic smell like with only boys line. Also, I found that it’s bigger than Huggies just boys line, which makes it leak proof. I have been using this line more than 1 months, mainly at night, and it didn’t cause any nappy rash. Definitely recommend. Although, it has only 72 nappies in a box whereas just for boys one has 90 nappies for the same value.

  2. kguiao (verified owner)

    I had Huggies ultimate as gift by friends and family during baby shower, so I continued to buy the same afterwards. Absorbency is great. Very useful at night and when you are out. It can get pricey at times so you really have to keep an eye to on specials.

  3. tahnika (verified owner)

    These are my favourite nappies and nappy brand. My favourite thing about these nappies is the wetness indicator because it is convenient. I love how breathable they are. And they absorb a lot of liquid. And they are so soft. My baby has never gotten nappy rash from these nappies.

  4. Samantha D (verified owner)

    These were the nappies our hospital provided and we continued to use them with no issues. They are soft and absorbent. I found we needed to change size about 1kg before the recommended weight range was finished to avoid leaks but I guess every baby is a different size and shape.

  5. Sarina B (verified owner)

    We trialled alot of different brands and got 2 boxes of huggies full time not realising 1 box was older style which the padding doesnt go to the back of the nappy which is disappointing but overall great soft cotton feel is great and the fit is good in the new style but the old style is a small name so need to be aware not to buy the old style

  6. sil (verified owner)

    These have been our go to nappies since the Hospital provided them to us when our daughter was born. We have tried 2 other cheaper brands, due to no local shops having my daughter’s size in stock. One supermarket brand are still sitting in the cupboard with only 2 used as they were terrible. The other brand resulted in having to soak a lot of suits thanks to leaks! We have only had 2 leaks with Huggies, and they were more to do with at the time my daughter being in the very low end of the weight recommendations for the sizes.

  7. nolana (verified owner)

    Ive always bought the ultimate huggies nappies since my daughter was born. Not sure what the difference is but they are more expensive than the original ones and less on a box. I usually buy the box to last a fortnight which is usually $33 but worth it when woolworths sell it for $25 then definitely worth the buy.

  8. Claire K (verified owner)

    Huggies Ultimate Nappies are very absorbent which is perfect as my baby sleeps 10-12 hours straight each night. He will wake in the morning with a very full nappy but his skin is dry. The nappies hug their bottoms and we rarely have any leakages. These are our favourite brand of nappies.

  9. edmx (verified owner)

    I have tried a few different types of nappies not only just huggies. I found the huggies ultimate nappies to be expensive but they are soft and super absorbent. I have not had any issues with leaks where as with the ultra dry nappies we had leaks. I find that they hold a lot more then the ultra dry nappies.

  10. bnrtor (verified owner)

    After trialing a few other brand, we’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t beat huggies ultimate! They are perfect for overnight, super absorbent and baby’s nappy tash dissapeared since we started using ONLY huggies ultimate. Even though they’re very expensive, they’re so worth it, they barely leak which means less stressful moments and washing up for mum.

  11. reno (verified owner)

    No leakage so far on both babies. Soft on the skin and no visible signs of red marks or rashes. Some say Huggies are slightly more expensive but they are always on sale at Woolies / Coles in Sylvania at various times. Would recommend to anyone with a newborn however don’t buy too many. We only used 1 box before then moving on to the next stage.

  12. Jmk (verified owner)

    Huggies by far beats the rest. Especially huggies ultimate range, never had a leak and as soon as I switched to these they took away bubs nappy rash. Although steer clear from the huggies ultra dry and Mickey Mouse range. The ‘ultimate’ range by far comes on top.

  13. jess (verified owner)

    I really like these nappies. I didn’t stock up on nappies before my son was born as I didn’t want to be left with too many of a size that was too small. When he was born I bought some in another brand that were cheaper than the huggies ones, but ended up having some leaking so decided to try the huggies ones. They have been great for us and we haven’t had any leaking incidents since then. They are more expensive, however I find that if you shop around you are always able to get them on special somewhere, so I just make sure I have enough on hand to wait until I can get more on special.

  14. annlorrain (verified owner)

    Huggies ultimate nappies are so soft they help prevent nappy rash. They also have great coverage to prevent spill outs. I especially love the wetness indicator which makes it easy to see if we need to change the nappy or not without actually having to undress our son just to check. The designs are really cute as well. Definately a consistent go to for our family as I’d hate to have accidents with cheaper brands just to save a few bucks.

  15. johnette K (verified owner)

    After being recommended this brand by relatives I wouldn’t use another brand. Love Huggies Nappies. Soft to aid in nappy rash, great in absorbing fluids and smell & minimal explosions out of the nappy. They are a little more expensive than some other brands but you do get what you pay for.

  16. jinyun (verified owner)

    My go to nappies!! I haven’t had a problem with the girl or boys ones! I love how they are designed for boys and girls with having the extra absorbing stuff in the needed areas for each sex. Would always recommend huggies. You can’t go wrong, you pay for quality and huggies has the best!

  17. taiwana (verified owner)

    The hospital we had our baby at used these nappies so we continued using them when we got home as we knew they worked. The newborn nappies leaked through the legs occasionally but they were great 95% of the time. As we moved up in sizes, the leaking significantly reduced. They only left red marks on our baby when they were getting too small and she needed to go up a size, her skin has been lovely and no nappy rash, and the absorbency is great (she sleeps in them overnight without leaking).

  18. france (verified owner)

    Huggies ultimate are by far the best Nappys on the market, a little pricey and that’s why I tend to stray at times to try the other nappies on the shelves.. but I always come back to huggies, they are a great fit, they’ve never leaked on my daughters, nappy rash is a lot less which is a problem for one twin. Only fault is they are a bit pricey, well worth it but still a lot of people just simply cannot afford them.

  19. garney (verified owner)

    We got given these by the hospital and continued to use them ever since – we have strayed off and tried other brands but continue to be dissapointed.
    The price is quite expensive for something in which we throw out but for the sanity of knowing your baby isn’t going to leak every time they do a wee I think it’s worth it

  20. starlene (verified owner)

    When it comes to nappies i think it totally depends on the bum and hip shape of your bub. We’ve tried many brands to try and get the cost of nappies down but always come back to huggies. They feel like they have the most paddy in them, they fit perfect, the tab parts are always sticking and hold there stick and it’s the one nappy we havent had explosions or leaks from.

  21. wendy (verified owner)

    I used these when bubs was born because a lot of people brought me them as gifts. They seem to be good nappies no leaks and didnt give bubs any rashes because they are quite obsorbant. They come with really cute pictures on them to. The tabs are really sticky too.

    “Originally posted on”

  22. user-5133 (verified owner)

    We used these nappies at the hospital and then at home before switching to other brands. This is probably the softest nappy but we found them to be really puffy and heavy. The seals are not that great compared to other nappies so we had more clothes changes when we used these.

    “Originally posted on”

  23. yasmin (verified owner)

    Love these Huggies nappies as I find they have a better fit then other nappy brands. I have used them from the get go and have been very happy. I do find that they leak from time to time. Bub was in newborn nappies until they got too small and started leaking urine. She is now using size 2 and haven’t had urine leak yet however some big poo’s will leak out the sides.

    “Originally posted on”

  24. kade (verified owner)

    The huggies ultimate newborn nappies were excellent nappies, they are soft, don’t leave many red marks and are very absorbent, and rarely leaked, we tried quite a few of different nappy brands and found that these were probably the most absorbent but ended up going with baby love because they were softer

    “Originally posted on”

  25. amanda (verified owner)

    I used these almost exclusively with my first child. They are very nice, absorbent and comfortable. The only reason I prefer another brand now is that I find that they are a bit narrow for my baby but it depends on your baby’s bum. Good quality and would buy again.

    “Originally posted on”

  26. kelly (verified owner)

    I used for my first child and loved huggies nappies and now are using for my second. The wetness indicator was extremely useful to see if my bubs was feeding enough. Most of the time poo explosion stayed in the nappy or had minimal leakage. We love this brand of nappies would definitely recommend

    “Originally posted on”

  27. kallie (verified owner)

    We use Huggies Ultimate nappies as a night time nappy for our son (and use cloth nappies in the day). From Day 1 we have had very few issues with these nappies. Aside from the occasional accident they rarely leak. They are very absorbant, so we don’t need to wake our son to change him overnight. They are comfortable, fairly breathable so baby doesn’t get too hot and sweaty, don’t cause irritations and are fairly easy to use. The indicator line is great for younger babies that fill nappies more often. The main drawback of this nappy is the size. Our son in small but we still found that he outgrew the nappies 1-2kg before he reached the weight limit on the box. The way we found out was consistent leakage. It seems to be a common problem with the nappy and the solution is to go up a size earlier.

    “Originally posted on”

  28. eliza (verified owner)

    I don’t mind these nappies, however I have had a few leakages in them – and they don’t seem to last the night. My son always wakes up wet if he sleeps through the night. However, when I sized up (above the recommended weight), these issues did not occur. So I recommend sizing up. Other than that, they are good value for money.

    “Originally posted on”

  29. Bridget R (verified owner)

    We received these from the hospital when bubs was born so they were the first nappies we used. They seem to be very absorbent and did not have many leaks. One challenge we had was the waist band at the back would close over onto itself which is fiddly especially when you have a very full and dirty nappy. We happily used Huggies nappies all the way through the new born phase but then switched to a cheaper brand once bub grew out of this size.

    “Originally posted on”

  30. maddi (verified owner)

    The nappies are great most of the time! My daughter is exclusively breastfed and she does hove poo explosions most days, however I feel like this is more her then the nappies and would definitely recommend to a friend! They don’t irritate her skin and are so easy to grab from pretty much anywhere.

    “Originally posted on”

  31. jenna (verified owner)

    We used these nappies for both of our children – a boy and a girl. We didn’t have too many issues with either of them. We had a few leaks with our baby girl but we expected more, since she was in a Pavlik harness. Overall, these absorbed a lot, are soft and we had minimal nappy rash while using them.

    “Originally posted on”

  32. ameliabclifford (verified owner)

    These are the only nappies that will 100% hold an overnights worth of wee that we have tried. Others leave him soaked after half the night. The lining is soft and gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave marks or agitate the skin. The wetness indicator is also great

    “Originally posted on”

  33. lloyd (verified owner)

    I used these at first because they were so popular and everyone else did it seemed. They were very puffy on her newborn bottom and seemed to prevent her legs closing properly.
    The pictures were cute and they are softer than other nappies, almost fluffy. They do absorb alot of liquid and spill barriers very large. They did leave a small red mark at times around her thigh area so I decided to try some others out there.

    “Originally posted on”

  34. Bridget R (verified owner)

    We started using Huggies from when my daughter was a newborn. We found them fantastic, not to many blow outs or any leaking. The wetness indicator line is very handy, especially when bubs is little and you are figuring everything out, not knowing how often to change etc. As bubs has gotten older though we have switched to a cheaper brand that we have found to be just as good. Purely for budget reasons otherwise we would have stayed with Huggies.

    “Originally posted on”

  35. emma (verified owner)

    These were on offer to us when we were in hospital so we continued using them when we got home. We’ve found them to be super soft and very absorbent. We did have a couple of leaks but once we went up a size it was rectified. A little more expensive than other brands but worth it.

    “Originally posted on”

  36. stephanie (verified owner)

    These were the nappies my hospital used and they worked well so we stuck with them (although now only overnight as using cloth during the day). Easy to use, keep bub dry and the wetness indicator is useful (although still best to check regularly). They are definitely not the cheapest though and we never tried any other brands so always worth comparing.

    “Originally posted on”

  37. lisa (verified owner)

    I used huggies newborn nappies for both my children. I find they absorb moisture well and I don’t have many leaks. I have never had any nappy rash issues whilst using huggies and they fit well. They are more expensive than other brands which is my only negative. I will continue to use and recommend to friends.

    “Originally posted on”

  38. twin (verified owner)

    We started out using these as we were gifted a lot, plus it is what the hospital used. Originally they were good, but once we had to buy more we noticed a difference. The size seems to have changed (smaller), and although my twins were still well within the weight range we started getting leaks. We persisted but eventually changed to Baby Love and couldn’t be happier!

    “Originally posted on”

  39. jade (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the huggies ultimate newborn nappies. These nappies are a great fit and they keep my babies skin dry even when the nappy is full after being worn overnight! It is definitely worth spending the extra money to buy the huggies nappies when your baby is a newborn.

    “Originally posted on”

  40. Kirsty L (verified owner)

    These are the best for newborns. I have never had any skin reactions, they are really absorb any and fit really well. Doesn’t make a difference for boy or girl, they work well for both. The only downfall is the price the are the more expensive ones on the market.

    “Originally posted on”

  41. Sarah Z (verified owner)

    Not as gentle and soft as the huggies ultimate but do the job. I keep a spare packet of them in my car just incase. They are dry to touch with wet and I love how the line changes colour. Cute designs as well. Gentle on my daughters soft skin.

    “Originally posted on”

  42. amber (verified owner)

    the private hospital i gave birth at had these nappies for my daughter including in the Special Care nursery/NICU.

    The nursing staff would use the side tabs to secure the heart monitor leads so they would not get as tangled on her body.

    they are soft and have a hug fit and kept explosions in place – no leaks.
    no skin reactions.

    Only negative is that the side tabs could be a little stretchier in design esp when transitioning from one size to the next as a little lee way would be great.

    “Originally posted on”

  43. Joanne W (verified owner)

    These nappies are expensive however they are in my opinion the best on the market. They are padded and comfortable and hold a lot of fluid. They are easy to secure.
    I use these for nighttime use however due to the cost and having twins cannot afford to have for day time too.

    “Originally posted on”

  44. kelsey (verified owner)

    My son has worn these nappies since he was big enough to wear them. He was Preemie so it is a shame that they are not available in smaller sizes. Otherwise a great quality nappy, never had a leak or blowout and we use the same brand today at 13 months.

    “Originally posted on”

  45. Kira M (verified owner)

    These were great for my baby when she was first born as she was born at 2.2 kg (5 pounds). These nappies were the only ones that weren’t too big for her. I like the wet indicator line and loved how the nappies could last most of the night without feeling like it was going to leak. I think they would of been perfect if the back was higher, as we had some poo explosions up her back. After this we switched to a different brand where the back was higher.

    “Originally posted on”

  46. Kim C (verified owner)

    Any review I do is based on putting nappies on two babies bums so I look for affordability first.
    Hss as goes are the go to for a reason, they are priced well in bulk, they hold well, they don’t smell, they fit well and I’m lucky they don’t irritate my girls.

    “Originally posted on”

  47. suvidhi (verified owner)

    The first ever nappies for my Bub. I loved the newborn range as they were so soft and the print was beautiful. The issue I had was that the poop would always leak. No matter how I often I change the nappy the poop would always leak which is very frustrating as I had to wash sheets and Bub clothes every day and some I had to throw cos the mark won’t go. Also I found they were expensive as compared to other brands and they had lot more features and then I just had to stop using them.

    “Originally posted on”

  48. user-4881 (verified owner)

    I’ve used huggies nappies for my daughter and it has been great. But this time round my baby boy use it, I find it leaks a lot for the overnight period. I often find the wet spot will pull down the back of the nappies and costing bub have wet bed and clothes so he wakes up crying.

    “Originally posted on”

  49. Cathy Hurley (verified owner)

    These are wonderful. Great price and great quality. I donate these to a knitting group and they put them in their welcome packs.

  50. Khimie (verified owner)

    Wonderful range of products. Huggies has always been my staple Nappy and Wipes brand. I have used them with my older children and now starting again with our new babies.

  51. Jessica McAllister (verified owner)

    Great price and product, Especially with a newborn

  52. Anthony Perry (verified owner)

    Very good nappies work well

  53. Anthony Perry (verified owner)

    Very good nappies work well thanks

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