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Buy the Best Baby Clothes and Shoes Online from Nappies Direct-
Nappies Direct is here with the best range of clothes and shoes which will be the most adorable when your little one wears them. We have made sure and also understand that your babies need the best pair of clothes online in NZ for your bubs. You can stay assured of the fact that if you order baby clothes and shoes online from us, then you can relax about your baby’s comfort.

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You can stay assured of the fact that if you order baby clothes and shoes online from us, then you can relax about your baby’s comfort. This is the best thing which you will ever come across on our website. Your bub is going to get access to the huge range of clothes and shoes online which you will love for sure. Go ahead and make sure to place the order so that you can dress up your champ in rompers, stylish shoes, warm sweaters, and many more. You can have a look at more of them on Nappies Direct and find these clothes and shoes online for babies at an affordable rate.

Nappies Direct Provides a Wide Array of Clothes and Shoes

For your convenience, we have listed all the different types of baby clothes and shoes available at Nappies Direct. You can now have a look at all of these products and make a choice of which one you wish you, child, to wear. So, now let us begin with what we have for you in the clothing sections.

Shoes & Socks

You can get the best pair of socks and shoes online from Nappies Direct at an affordable price. This elastic pair of terry socks online in NZ with a colorful design on it is going to rock up to your champ for the day. The next item in this section is the durable shoes online for babies which are made up of canvas and are damn comfortable for these little ones.

T-Shirts & Tops

Now buy t-shirts and tops online from Nappies Direct at a very affordable price. You can get your hands on these cottony white breezy t-shirts which are going to be perfect for you little boy. Other than this, there are cottony tops for your li’l babe who can wear them and be at comfort the entire day. Hurry up and order these tops and t-shirts for babies!

Leggings & Pants

How about making your li’l ones wear the best pants and leggings  from Nappies Direct? It is an excellent idea for you to pick the breezy polka-dotted leggings or training pants available in different colors. You can order any of these from our online web portal and can make sure to delight your younger one with these stylish pairs of leggings and pants for babies.


Grab a bunch of warm and cozy sweaters online in NZ from our online store and we will deliver it at your doorstep. You can now stay tension-free about your child suffering from cold or cough in winters. Since, we are here with a huge range of high-quality knitted sweaters online for babies which are available at an affordable price. Shop now!!!

Onesies & Rompers

Order these stylish rompers and onesies online from Nappies Direct in New Zealand. You can get these cottony soft enveloped onesies for kids now. You can make them the most wearable elements in your child’s wardrobe. These rompers and onesies will look very stylish when your little one wears it.


It is the right time to get the best sleepwear online in NZ that your baby can dress up in before having a good night’s sleep. The sleepwear is designed in such a comfortable manner that your child will love every bit of it. So, make them wear the comfiest sleepwear for kids by ordering it from Nappies Direct.

Girls Dresses

Order the embroidered girls dresses online in NZ from Nappies Direct at the best price. You can get these layered party dresses with floral designs on it. We are here with an exquisite collection of baby girls dresses online that will undoubtedly be loved by your girl. You can also get headbands that look adorable when worn by your tiny princess.

Caps Gloves and Mittens

Are you looking for cap gloves and mittens in NZ that can warm up your little one’s hands in freezing winters? If yes, then you can browse through the clothes and shoes online section and get your hands on a wide array of cap gloves online for kids. You can order the best pair for them so that they can stay comfortable even in freezing winters.

Sets & Suits

Want to order sets and suits for babies in New Zealand? If yes, then what can be better than Nappies Direct for you? We have a colorful collection of clothes sets online in which your little one is going to look awesome. Not only this, but the suits and sets in NZ available at Nappies Direct are also very adorable for your babies.

Party Wear

Grab the best party wear for babies from Nappies Direct. We have enlisted the best party to wear both for your little princess and a dashing boy. You can now visit us and get high-quality fabric and comfortable party wear dresses and suits online in NZ for your child from us. Hurry up and rush to our online store!!!

Gift Sets

If you are planning to surprise your little ones with a gift and cannot decide which clothes and shoes to give, then a gift card for babies is what you need for help. Simply, add in the required information, set an amount, and make the payment for further processing. Your dearest little one will be glad to get this one from you.

Order Quirky and Cute Clothes and Shoes Online in New Zealand

Nappies Direct is here at your fingertips to help you order the best baby clothes and shoes online in NZ. You can now enjoy the luxury of being seated at your home and then place the order for such exquisite clothes and shoes for babies. We promise that your products will be delivered at your doorstep in no or little time. The best part is that the products delivered to you will be of high-quality and are going to be worthy enough. Happy Shopping at Nappies Direct!!!