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Have you imagined the importance it is for all of us to make sure that our babies can have the best me-time while they are bathing? We have sat down and jotted the best baby bath and skin products online which ensures comfy and relaxing bath time.

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Best Bath and Skin Care in NZ for your Newborn from Nappies Direct

Have you imagined the importance it is for all of us to make sure that our babies can have the best me-time while they are bathing? We have sat down and jotted the best baby bath and skin products online which ensures comfy and relaxing bath time. Our team of experts has made sure that all the best skin supplies for babies are delivered at your doorstep on time. You can now; we mean immediately jump onto your couch and order the best and high-quality bath and skin care online in NZ from our store. Hurry up and visit Nappies Direct online!!!

Get Huge Range of Different Bath and Skin Care in New Zealand

Do you want similar products for your baby every now and then? No, right!!! Then here are we with a huge range of bath and skin products that your baby will love to take shower or massage with. So, now let us have a look at them.

Baby Bath Tub & Bathers

Oh! What a delight it is for these tiny ones to lie down in their baby bathtub and bathers. You can certainly get this one of the best bath supplies in NZ for your child. With the help of these bath tubs online for babies, you can lend them a clean and comfortable environment while bathing. It is huge enough to provide them with enough space and can also be cleaned easily using the drain plug. On the other hand, the bathers online for babies are ideal for your baby to have a relaxing shower time. They are made up of a sturdy mesh fabric frame and have a reclining backrest for the baby’s comfort.

Bathing Accessories

There are dozens of loads of bathing accessories online that you will come across on Nappies Direct. From a pack of washers, toilet training seats, spout cover, toy bag, thermometer, and many more bath supplies for babies at our website. You do need to grab these accessories asap for your kiddo to make sure that their bathing time goes fine. We do understand that babies need a lot of care while their baths and hence we are here at your service to provide you with all bathing accessories for babies in NZ at the doorstep.

Skin & Hair Care

What can be better than the bath and skin supply online in NZ that not only soothes the little one’s skin but also brings a face in your smile? There is a huge range of skin and hair care products available at Nappies Direct which will be loved by all these babies. You can now moisturize your baby’s skin with various high-quality baby lotions that will nourish their skin with required oils. There is no use of harsh chemicals in our products as we have made sure to take care of your baby’s skin. Other than that, we would suggest you choose aroma-free skin and hair care for babies.

Bath Toys

Want to create a playful environment for your baby so that they can forget crying while taking a shower? If yes, then you can certainly get these bath toys for babies online in NZ for your little one. All you will have to do is visit our website Nappies Direct and order the best toys which you like from our bath and skin category. From the very bright lighting toy, bubble dipper, to boon pipes; we have got your covered with many. Nappies Direct is the one-stop destination for your baby’s fun bath toys.

Oral Care and Grooming

Oral care is very important for all of us to maintain proper hygiene. Then you surely can imagine how important it is for babies to have good oral health. This is why we provide the best oral care for babies at our online store. Some of them are silicone toothbrushes, finger brush, starter toothbrush, milky whites toothpaste, and many more. Next, let us now move on the baby grooming supplies online in NZ for your babies. You can order the nail clippers, conditioners, combs, soothing cream, etc, from our website for your baby. Go ahead and get your hands on these oral care and grooming supplies for your kids.


Thermometers are yet another requirement that has been included in the list of bath and skin supplies online at Nappies Direct. Many of you must be wondering about how come we can use these high-quality thermometers online for babies for bathing time. Isn’t it? If yes, then you need to know that the skin of babies is very sensitive and hence we need to ensure that water is of appropriate temperature. You can ask the doctors for the right temperature so that your kid can have a comfortable bathing time. These best thermometers online are made in such a way that they guarantee you safe bath time.

Gift Card

If in case you are not able to come to a decision about which one to choose from the above-mentioned bath and skin products online, then you can undoubtedly give them a gift card as a token of love. These tiny ones (their parents, yes, of course) will be delighted to receive them. You will only have to add the details, make the payment for the amount of money which you wish to give them, and then submit the gift card for the babies.

You can now choose the best baby bath and skin products online in NZ from the aforementioned list. These are some of the best supplies which you will be requiring for your baby’s care.

Avail the Hassle-Free Delivery of the Best Bath and Skin Care Products Online in NZ

You can now visit us at Nappies Direct and place your order for the best bath and skin products for babies that will inevitably woo your little one. Browse through the wide assortment of products listed on our website that will be of great use to you. From the safe bath toys, organic moisturizing creams, bath thermometers, to high-quality bathtubs; we have everything for you. One can now freely get along with us and place an order from our website.