Huggies Essentials Nappies

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  • Unisex nappies with trusted Huggies® absorbency – up to 12 hours protection.
  • Super absorbency with Leak Lock® System, Quickly draws moisture away and locks it into the core.
  • Wetness Indicator, Our colour-changing wetness indicator lets you know when your baby’s nappy is ready to be changed.
  • The Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust, Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.
  • A Fun range of Mickey designs for Boys and Girls.
  • Super soft & stretchy waist and sides.
  • Available in Bulk & Value Box for Size 1 to Size 6

Available Size

  • Newborn (Size 1) Unisex Huggies Essentials Nappies – upto 5 Kg
  • Infant (Size 2) Unisex Huggies Essentials Nappies – 4 to 9 Kg
  • Crawler (Size 3) Unisex Huggies Essentials Nappies – 6 to 11 Kg
  • Toddler (Size 4) Unisex Huggies Essentials Nappies – 10 to 15 Kg
  • Walker (Size 5) Unisex Huggies Essentials Nappies – 13 to 18 Kg
  • Junior (Size 6) Unisex Huggies Essentials Nappies – 16+ Kg





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26 reviews for Huggies Essentials Nappies

  1. Stephanie k (verified owner)

    Great deal exactly the same as all the other huggies nappies

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  2. Gavy (verified owner)

    Great throughout the day haven’t tested as overnight as I have a preferred brand I now are excellent

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  3. yvonne (verified owner)

    these were great nappies they are really soft and very absorbent, it also didnt cause nappy rashes like some other brands i had bought in the past. the only problem i found was these were much more expensive than the home brand range that did exactly the same job, they just arent as soft as these though.

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  4. mondzt (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of most of the Huggies range and was pleasantly surprised when i purchased a box of these from Big W. They are much thinner than the ultra dry range so not as bulky around the bum, but I found them to be just as absorbant with no leaks at all. They were a good fit around the waist with resealable sticky tabs. I found them to be as breathable as any other nappy. They looked very comfortable on my son and have a cute mickey mouse print on them. They are at a much lower price point than the rest of the range and i think the quality is just as good. I would recommend giving these a try, i think they’re excellent.

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  5. teisha (verified owner)

    I purchased Huggies Essentials Nappies to try them a few times now and I couldn’t complain with them at all. They were a really nice fit (even when going up to the next size) for my daughter and we had no accidents while using them. I would purchase these nappies again.

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  6. trish (verified owner)

    The Huggies essentials are our favourite! I was gifted these before baby came and never looked back. I love how they have the colour strip so it is easy to tell if baby needs a new nappy, they are true to size and have the cutest patterns. I have never had a leak or blow out and find the price is amazing! The only bad thing is not every where stocks them. 100% recommend

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  7. ihor (verified owner)

    Other than one other brand we used in the early days, Huggies has been the most used brand of nappies we use.
    It is super absorbent and made out of good quality material. We don’t have any issues with leakages even in the early days when my son used to do explosive poos! I am comfortable leaving him in the nappy for longer periods of time.
    They are on the dearer side of nappies because of the quality so if I know my son won’t be in the nappy for a long period of time I don’t mind using a less expensive nappy.
    I have not had issues with Huggies so I’m happy to stick with them.

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  8. nicole (verified owner)

    These are a good option if you are still wanting a cheaper nappy but a little better quality. I like the stretchiness of the tabs and they are very absorbant. The wetness indicator is a favourite of my husbands and i find the overall size is a good fit for my baby. Ill be buying these again

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  9. cynthia (verified owner)

    I have tried various brands of nappies for my newborn and found the Huggies Essentials to be the best fit. The tabs are stretchy but are still stiff enough to hold the nappy against bubs skin and not leak. My son has sensitive skin and they do not irritated him. I really like this nappy and found it the best for us.

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  10. sarah (verified owner)

    We use these for our son (under 1yr old).
    They are a good & comfy fit. Super absorbent too…the nights that our son sleeps through (& we don’t want to wake him) the nappy holds all his wee’s well, no leaks so far.
    We love the design too… we are Mickey & Minnie fans in this household.

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  11. merissa (verified owner)

    I moved to these nappies when I needed to cut a couple dollars out here and there – not wanting to sacrifice too much quality, I stayed with the same brand I liked. These are the same price everywhere, which is great, even though they aren’t available everywhere they were still available close by. The nappy itself is similar to the ultra dry, only without the extra “soft” feel to it. The wetness indicator works well, the nappy itself holds a fair amount and hasn’t leaked or burst on me yet – once full however, the nappy starts to look “dirty” though it doesn’t affect the use. I like the cute patterns, and that they’re random even in the same size. They do run a bit smaller than ultra dry nappies, but no different to other cheap nappies running square or small.

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  12. bee (verified owner)

    I got given these when my daughter was born from another mother I knew. Her child had grown out of them and so they were given to us. At the time we never had any issues with them so continued to use the rest of the packet. Who doesn’t love getting things given to them and an item that you need so much of.

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  13. sarah (verified owner)

    With 3 girls they definitely do the job! The kids love the Disney designs and find them comfortable. I love that they are absorbent but don’t get bulky and hang at the crouch. They have a wetness indicator line throughout their size range and elastic back waistband.
    I did find that I had to size up because they are a smaller fit and sometimes getting a hold of them can be a problem as they are only available at limited retailers.
    Overall after trying multiple brands these have become my go to nappy.

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  14. Cecilia T (verified owner)

    These nappies are super absorbent. We trust these nappies for the 5-8 hour sleeps and don’t food them too bulky.
    The fixing tabs are nice and secure and the wetness indicator is helpful as always.
    I buy these when they’re on sale to stock up but will always have them to avoid nappy and outfit changes at 3am!

  15. Taliah S (verified owner)

    Since birth our boys have used the huggies ultimate range. However, since starting our kids in childcare we noticed the centre used this range so I thought I’d give them a go at home & oh my they are great! They are super affordable and we haven’t experienced any leaking through. They also fit perfectly and I’m a sucker for the cute mickey prints too. Would recommend.

  16. Susan W (verified owner)

    We love huggies and there designs are so adorable. There products are a little pricey but the quality of product is outstanding and has never let us down. They hold fluid output amazingly with no leaking. The fabric feels so soft and squishy. Cannot recommend this brand of nappies anymore so good !

  17. Klaudine G (verified owner)

    This is exactly the pack that we brought in our diaper bag. We bought it simply because of trusted Huggies brand and because of the cute packaging that goes with it. It was the best decision ever. It’s gentle on newborn skin, small enough to fit well to our baby. We didn’t experience any leakage or problem. The only reason we changed to Ultimate range is because this variant doesn’t sell in bulk or in boxes during our time.

  18. Michelle H (verified owner)

    I have used these nappies for each of my three kids. I very rarely have leaks unless their full. Being thin their easy to put clothes on and don’t appear bulky. My only issue is that the patterns are the same for each size which can make it confusing with kids with different size nappies.

  19. Taleen P (verified owner)

    This product is so much cheaper than other nappies. It doesn’t leak, it’s easy to use and the fit is great. Big W gives buy 2 for less discounts which is even more enticing. I’m not a fan of the designs as it’s very product placement driven with Disney and other prominent characters featuring. I’d prefer just unaffiliated pictures instead.

  20. Jill S (verified owner)

    I’ve tried multiple diapers over the years with my three children and I always end up going back to Huggies.

    They are the softest, have the best elastic adjustable waistband, and never leak! Also, some other brands have even caused rashes or smell like chemicals, but Huggies diapers never have a chemical smell and are always gentle on my baby’s skin.

  21. Katrina T (verified owner)

    My toddler daughter uses this and I love how it is easy to wear and is soft and gentle on her skin especially that she easily develops nappy rashes from other brands. I also love the limited edition design of it. Will definitely keep buying this product and will recommend it to others.

  22. Rita C (verified owner)

    These Huggies Essentials Nappies in size 5 are really good for my boy.
    I’ve started to use these st night time as they last all night and no leakage which is really good.
    They are no expensive to purchase only $14 a pack. Comes in a pack of 44 so using these at night last over a month.

  23. Tegan B (verified owner)

    These nappies are not only affordable.
    For big families but they have great absorption. They go around the bum cheeks properly where some nappies seem to go to one side or ride up the bum. Never had a problem with rashes in these nappies either. The cool Mickey print is just a bonus ❤️

  24. Farana D (verified owner)

    Huggies is the brand of nappies I’ve used on all 3 of my kids, they are soft and we find them the most absorbent which is great, they had minimal leakage and were were most comfortable. They come in large and small packs and are affordable. Definitely a brand I know, love and trust.

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  25. Tammy M (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these nappies so much! Not only are the designs adorable, they hold everything in them extremely well and bub seems to be comfortable in them. I’ve tried other brands but most leak or bub doesn’t approve of them. Only buying these for my little one now. Highly recommend

  26. Janelle C (verified owner)

    Great deal exactly the same as all the other huggies nappies

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