Huggies Baby Wipes Fragrance Free Mega 400s

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Huggies Thick & Soft Baby Wipes Unscented Mega Pack Fragrance free with 400 wipes. Alcohol & Soap Free, Fragrance Free.

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A safe and gentle baby wipe is essential for your baby’s skin health. Mums look for a wipe that is gentle on their baby’s skin but also effective in dealing with any mess, as quickly and easily as possible. Huggies® Baby Wipes are the leading baby wipe, and with their unique thick & soft texture, gently clean to help protect baby’s skin.a



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212 reviews for Huggies Baby Wipes Fragrance Free Mega 400s

  1. tandie (verified owner)

    These wipes are excellent. I love them as they are fragrance free and very gentle to use on the skin. My little one has very sensitive skin and other wipes have left him with rashes but not the huggies ones. They aren’t to expensive and they usually come on sale which makes them even cheaper. It’s better to buy them in bulk rather then the small packs works out cheaper. They last a long time before they dry out, I’ve had them up to a year and they are still just as moist as when I bought them.

  2. evania (verified owner)

    I Love this product!
    We have tried a number of different wipes for our bub and you cant beat these Huggies wipes. They are worth every cent in my opinion!!
    They are the perfect amount of wet which makes it perfect for cleaning the smallest or messiest of situations, and they retain their wetness as long as you seal the bag or container you keep them in properly.
    They are soft, made of a light cottony feel product, as opposed to other cheaper products made of a more artificial or harsher cloth. I would liken it to a whole heap of cotton balls in water squashed and rolled into a wipe. They dont leave an irritation on bub, and they also help to minimise nappy rash because theres no yucky chemicals or fragrance in them.
    The wipes are not sticky and dont leave a sticky residue behind, and also leave bub or you feeling clean like you have just washed your hands or whatever with water.

  3. sarahshields93 (verified owner)

    We have only used Huggies wipes since coming home from hospital and so far no problems at all. We love how big and absorbent they are. We have some pretty big poo explosions and these never seems to fail us! We are yet to compare to anything else but are in no rush to either!

  4. kathye (verified owner)

    Huggies wipes have really become my go to, so innevitably I replaced the tatterred pack of (other brand) wipes living in my baby bag and replaced them with a snazzy, on the go, huggies wipes.
    Firstly, they really have tested and thought out the snap closure on these packs. Nothing with test your sanity like a pack of wipes that wont close properly when you have a screaming baby and body exrements about. They close properly every time and there is no “trick to it” like I found with some other brands.
    Secondly, the wipes really are some of the best quality there is. Again, Huggies really have parents sanity in mind when they have made sure when you pull a wipe out, one is coming out, not a continuous stream of attached wipes.
    Lastly, the reusable pack is good quality, easy to use, and not completely heinous.
    My only peeve is when I went to open them, the sealed pack of wipes said to simply tear along here — (line on packaging). I can assure you I tried to tear that in every direction and there was so give. Ended up cutting them open with a pair of scissors. It may have been a one off, lets see with the next pack.

  5. Stacey C (verified owner)

    The compact size and cute designs make this an absolute must have in my nappy bag! The wipes themselves are tough and moist. I have not had any issues with not closing the lid properly on the go and have had lots of compliments on the cute packaging

  6. manoj (verified owner)

    We bought this mainly because we wanted something that could hold our wet wipes when we were out and about. Buying small packets of wipes isn’t as affordable as buying the bulk packs, so this has been a good pouch for us to transfer some wipes from our bulk packs. The wipes themselves are of good quality and free from most nasties.

  7. jade (verified owner)

    Ive tried a fair few wipe holders especially for going out and this is by far the best design and best huggies especially have made to date. I love ours, so practical, easy to refill as we buy wipes in bulk when on sale. bright colours so its easy to spot. Its brilliant for all parents. Definitely a must have product.

  8. thanhhung (verified owner)

    I got the clutch as a present and have bought another 2 for the car and other nappy bag. Love that they are easy to refill with the bulk packs. The clutch keeps the wipes moist and fresh. Love the funky designs

  9. lala (verified owner)

    I love the Huggies wipes, they are thick and strong, there has been a couple times they have torn but it doesn’t happen enough for me to be unhappy with them. They have a good amount of moisture in them and I find they clean up messes with ease. I find myself using them not only for nappy changes but to clean the rest of my son, wipe down surfaces, remove my makeup, touch up errors with my fake tan, anything really. Whatever you can think of I have probably used these wipes for they’re great!

  10. guido (verified owner)

    Got this as a baby shower gift and it has been great! Not only does it have a practical use, it looks good and can make you feel just a little bit better about having to change a dirty nappy! Any wipes in there stay nice and fresh as well!!

  11. sarah (verified owner)

    Definitely prefer these wipes as they are thick and have enough moisture to clean babies bum. I always buy up when on special and always recommend these wipes to all my mummy friends. Theycan stick to each every 5-6 wipes but would still prefer these wipes over all the other wipes that I have tried. Also much better for people with sensitive skin.

  12. hakan (verified owner)

    The huggies bulk packs are always on sale so I often buy them on the weeks that I have to budget. I’ve never had a problem pop up with these wipes. I buy this pack then fill up my sons travel container then our huggies refillable container at home then still have plenty left. This pack lasts at least 2-3 weeks. There is other brands I’ve found a lot better but these are still good for what they are and they make change time easier with the quality of each wipe

  13. chanarra (verified owner)

    Great design with shape to fit in my baby bag, along with thousands of other things. Bright colours making it easy to find. Easy to re-fill. The wipe comes easily out with no force required. I use it daily, I also use it as a distraction for bub when I’m changing her bum.

  14. zulfikar (verified owner)

    We were using Huggies wipes for a while before we switch to another brand to due cost saving. Huggies wipes are good to use, gentle on bub bum and give her a good clean. It just weird that every 10 ish wipes the pieces are stucked together and it is just wasting wipes. It is good to buy the bulk pack and get the plastic tub that we can use for the refill.

  15. jeremiah (verified owner)

    I purchased this wipes pouch soon after my baby was born. It has been wonderful as it is easy to refill, the wipes come out easily with one hand too. Huggies wipes are my favourite. I like how the pouch is easy to close with the ziplock and it also has a carry handle, perfect when you’ve got a billion things plus a baby to carry.

  16. jessie (verified owner)

    Huggies wipes will always be the best. They are nice and think so you don’t end up with literal crap on your hands. They don’t irradiate bubba skin and they clean up everything! The only thing that annoys me is sometimes they get stuck together and keep pulling out. And occasionally they rip when you pull them out of the container but to be fair that is normally when I have probably over packed the container.

  17. christine (verified owner)

    I bought one of these after it was recommended to my by a friend. I previously had the slim plastic huggies travel pack but found the lid broke very easily and it never closed properly. This new travel pack is so great. Easy to refill, keeps wipes moist, closes well and love that I can hook the loop around the pram if I’m in a rush or in a change room that doesn’t have much space to put stuff down. The only probably I found was that they are easy to open for little fingers that find their way into your handbag/nappy bag lol. Great handy product to have for outings.

  18. Jade A (verified owner)

    This has to be the best wipes product I have brought. For about 7 months I use to buy the normal packet wipes and was getting frustrated that they would dry out or the packet would rip…then! I found this handy product and been in love ever since! The best feature has to be the zip lock area that you refill the wipes in and don’t have to worry about them drying out. I do wish there was more prints available.

  19. jersey (verified owner)

    These wipe clutches are very handy and come in fun designs making them a little bit stylish too 🙂 Easy to get your hands on from supermarkets and easily refilled. We have one for the baby bag and one for our bedroom and our Bub loves to play with the pack and chord too, so doubles as a light weight clean toy!!

  20. guido (verified owner)

    Got gifted a tub of wipes for my baby shower and absolutely love the tub! It is super handy around the house and I have seen other mums store all that they need to change a baby in them. I have since progressed to filling the tub with cheaper wipes as huggies are pricey but they are lovely thick wipes.

  21. lala (verified owner)

    How is it that Huggies is the only brand to make a tub for wipes? I may be wrong there but I don’t think I have seen another one, ever! I love these I have them everywhere around the house because they are super convenient. You can either refill the wipes or use the tub for storage, plus plus. I am a big fan of huggies wipes because they are so thick. The only thing I don’t like is that the do rip but it’s not a big enough minus for me to not buy them.

  22. Kate H (verified owner)

    These wipes are almost the best I have used! (And I have tried a lot)! They’re nice and thick so you don’t have to worry about it tearing at very inconvenient times! Haven’t found that ever dry out we keep them in the car in the spare nappy bag and they have been fine sitting in the sun everyday!
    All up I love these wipes they have a nice clean smell and very gentle on bubs skin

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  23. paige (verified owner)

    Huggies newborn wipes have been my favourite for those newbie nappies changes. I love the softness, thickness and absorbency of these wipes over other brands… being alcohol and parable free, I know they are super gentle on that new skin and the thickness means I don’t need to worry about any mess soaking through the wipe as I change bub. They are also gentle for cleaning up any spit-up, spew, milk overflow on bub’s little face.

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  24. maddisonmelkie (verified owner)

    ive got three of these and theyre so handy there sturdy and they have lasted 3 years without breaking im a happy customer 100% they are so handy for around the house like the kitchen or the baby room and with a flick of the button they open and you can just pull one out at a time. would recommend this highly.

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  25. breeannapavlenko (verified owner)

    You can usually find this product on special which is great. The clip allows you to hang it on pram, change table, bag. I hang mine from the high chair for easy clean up! It’s stylish and easy to use. It’s soft but durable. My baby even plays with it when I change her nappy- it distracts her from constantly rolling over. Great to have a couple to put in car and pram.

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  26. Ashlyn K (verified owner)

    I have found these wipes to be the best value for money. They are a good size, stay wet and are soft. I like that they are fragrance free. I’ve tried other cheaper brands but always come back to these because with the cheap ones I need to use more wipes.

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  27. kimberley (verified owner)

    I love Huggies they are very soft and gentle and don’t leave any skin irritation on my baby I love the tub that they come in easy to use and access without 1 million wipes coming out at once these are my favourite wipes so far the only thing is they are a little dry but I find most wipes are.

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  28. Ashlyn K (verified owner)

    I love that I can reuse the tub and purchase the large bag of wipes, which is cheaper than the smaller packets. It’s also less plastic, which is always a plus. We have two tubs that get moved around the house to wherever is needed. We’ve had our tubs for months and they’re still going strong

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  29. henrika (verified owner)

    We have one of these downstairs and one upstairs in bubs room. They are great! It is so easy to open one handed and pull one wipe out at a time. Nothing worse than trying to get wipes out and getting a whole handful – this product helps to avoid that!

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  30. darryl (verified owner)

    These tubs are a must! It’s great as you can buy a large packet of wipes and stock them in the reuseable tub.
    The tub is so easy to use it simply pops up and dispenses one wipe easily. It is much easier to use than the packets as the wipes don’t get stuck. I would recommend having these all over the house!

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  31. swathi0202 (verified owner)

    These wipes are very thick and quite wet. It is gentle on my little ones skin. I used them with both my kids. It has 80 wipes in it but it is easy to carry around and it doesn’t make my diaper bag heavy. Its a quality product for the price.

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  32. mentor (verified owner)

    This wipes tub is an essential for all change tables. It was one of my first purchases when setting up my table. They are easy to open, have a cute design suitable for a boy or girl and keep the wipes moist. When they have finished they easily fit other brand wipes too. I just keep them in the original packet but can buy wipe refills and use those too. I’ve had mine for 3 years now!

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  33. cassia (verified owner)

    These are a great gift for a baby shower. They are a must have in a nursery. Make changing bubs so much easier. Wipes stay moist in the sealed tub. They are also easily refilled which works out cheaper than purchasing single packs. The only downfall I would say is the wipes sometimes get stuck together and you end up pulling out a handful.

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  34. lloyd (verified owner)

    This is the perfect size for keeping a few spare wipes to the side for an emergency. The bag can be clipped onto other bags or prams etc to allow you to find them easier when you need them. The patterns are fun too. I have had no issue with this bag and it has made life easier than having to carry a full and heavy pack of wipes whenever we go out of the house.

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  35. meade (verified owner)

    These wipes work for us! My little one doesn’t seem to have a problems with them. They are soft on my baby and they never break. I think they are good value for money especially if you grab them on sale. I really like that the packet is resealable and it’s easy to fill up my clutch and go wipes and my wipes for my changetable. Will continue to buy these

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  36. melanie (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the huggies refill containers. They have a button to open the container and the wipes tear off! Rather than pulling 10 out at a time which I find is what happens with regular packet wipes. Soft and gentle for baby, with just enough moisture! More costly than other 80 wipe packets but you get a container you can continuously use so works out better.

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  37. cassia (verified owner)

    These huggies wipes are great. Not only are they non toxic so completely safe for my little boy they also are excellent quality. The wipes are soft, thick and moist. They are also fragrance free, I use these for nappy changes and for sick ups and keeping bubs hands clean, great wipes!

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  38. Claire K (verified owner)

    We love the Huggies Fragrance Free Wipes as they are gentle on our baby’s skin and they are thick so they can easily wipe up any mess. They do not irritate any nappy rash he has had. I love the reusable tub as it keeps the wipes fresh and moist.

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  39. amelita (verified owner)

    I was given this in a baby basket and they are amazing. THey are the perfect size for the nappy bag and you can shove a lot of wipes in there when you refill them. I do find huggies wipes to be too wet though and it’s annoying that they are joined together but otherwise this product is great for nappy bags and even in the car. Very handy to have

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  40. rozina (verified owner)

    I found these the best wipes for bub. They are thick and strong and have a great smell. They are gentle for sensitive skin and the only wipes I’ll use. Tried many others and they just pull apart when trying to use them. I’ve tried other brands but always go back to these

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  41. kasey (verified owner)

    I love these wipes. my son has sensitive skin and I was worried that these would react with his skin but 6 months in we have no issues. They are soft and love that they are fragrance free, we were given some terrible ones in the hospitals that were rough and stinky and didn’t do a good job at all and was so happy when I went and go these instead. They are also great at removing makeup and marks on furniture.

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  42. christian (verified owner)

    I love the clutch and go bag. It is the perfect size for the nappy bag and fits a perfect amount of wipes in it. Much better than carrying a full 80 pack of wipes around or buying expensive travel sized wipe packs that only contain 10 wipes. The bag has a cute design aswell and keeps the wipes nice and moist.

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  43. Teresa M (verified owner)

    This is a perfect size for the nappy bag. From the outside it looks like you can not fit many wipes in it but you can actually fit heaps which means not constantly refilling. I’ve so far used mine for 8months, it has kept wipes moist and I havent needed to replace it. Recommend this for every baby bag.

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  44. nashib (verified owner)

    I think it’s great that huggies have brought out the travel pouches. Much easier then packing a big heavy standard size pack of wipes especially when there’s a trillion other things a baby needs often feels like I’m lugging around a suit case lol. I like the cute designs and patterns, I haven’t found any other travel packs yet so this has a been a must have purchase for me. Very cheap to be honest to but great quality so definitely a win win.

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  45. cecelia M (verified owner)

    I have used multiple brands of wipes but Huggies fragrance free wipes happen to be my favourite. They have good amount of moisture to be able to clean with just one or two wipes. Thick enough and gentle on the baby’s skin. These can also be used to clean baby’s hands or any left overs after baby has had her food. Huggies wipes are the best.

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  46. reno (verified owner)

    Overall great wipe. Thick and soft. Great on sensitive skin. Love the fact they are fragrance free. Would definitely recommend although they are a little more expensive then most that do the same job. No irritation or red marks on the skin and quiet a decent size, a little larger then some.

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  47. lanna (verified owner)

    These pouches are super convenient to have on the go. I have a few stashed in the car, nappy bag, pram etc as you can never have too many baby wipes and never know where you will need them. I tend to refill with a different brand, but the pouches themselves are a great idea.

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  48. rachel (verified owner)

    I always get huggies wipes for when my son does a poo I find them very good because they are thicker than other brands of wipes. I also get the fragrance free so he doesnt get a rash. I also use them to wipe his face as they are very gentel on the skin.

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  49. mama (verified owner)

    We’ve tried a number of different brands for baby wipes- whatever is on special at the supermarket really. Huggies have been far and away the best for having consistent moisture levels throughout the pack. Other brands seem to have very wet wipes at the bottom of the pack but those at the top can be dry. Huggies are more consistently wet throughout and keep their wetness for the whole time the pack is opened as the snap-lock on the pack is also more effective than other brands.

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  50. jenna (verified owner)

    I bought one of these to use in our nappy bag when my son was born. It’s a great size, holds enough wipes that I’m not having to constantly re-fill it and keeps the wipes in usable condition for weeks. I’ve had it for almost two and a half years and it’s still going strong!

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  51. azam (verified owner)

    The clutch and go is so amazing. It’s handy and easy to carry and out in your bag. I have used these since my baby was born. I refill them and leave on in the nappy bag all the time ready to go. It is also great for travelling, we used this in Bali when we went in our resorts

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  52. chloebrie (verified owner)

    I love this tub. It is so handy to have on the change table as you just pop the lid open with one hand instead of having to hold the pack and pull them out. It’s such a cute design too, suits my little ones nursery perfectly. I gave my mum one for her change table too!

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  53. aymie (verified owner)

    All I can say is AMAZING ! I have not used any other wipes since my son was born. And they are by far the best wipes ! They don’t burn his bottom or leave it wet. They don’t dry out or anything. They are great value for money , and you can get them in value packs !

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  54. annlorrain (verified owner)

    Huggies are seriously the best out there!! I like using thick large wipes that covers the entire area leaving it soft and supple and these do exactly that. Family gave me a whole range of wipes before my son was born And some of them were cheap products that were quite thin those ones were kind of like hand wipes to me as they didnt do a good job at nappy changes. Huggies I always go back to they do the best job well worth the investment I know they’re not cheap but if you get a multipack it works out better in the long run. I have boxes and boxes of Huggies stashed.

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  55. annlorrain (verified owner)

    Huggies baby wipes fragrance free tub is so handy! I have a lot of boxes of wipes that would dry out unless I take a heap put them in the tub to use. The tub keeps them soft and moist and is so handy to take around the house when I need to change bubs. The tub would also last a long tome being refillable and the designs are cute.

  56. rachelle (verified owner)

    I love the tub!! I have one in the nursery, the lounge room, our cars, the grandparents houses and cars, pretty much one in every room we go in, they’re so easy to refill, keep the moisture in as well as keep clean! The only down fall is that the refill packs don’t fit properly… should be 80 not 100.

  57. chloebrie (verified owner)

    The huggies clutch n go baby wipes are so handy to have. I take them everywhere with me, in the pram, in the car and have a couple at my mums house too. Love that they are so easy to refill and reseal! I get one for all my friends who are due for babies!

  58. con (verified owner)

    These are just brilliant. They are so handy to attach to your pram or nappy bag. I find myself always grabbing for wipes while I’m out and about with my babies. I love the cute and colourful designs and the price for one of these is great. Huggies did take these off the shelves for a while but I’m so glad they decided to bring them back.

  59. haiden (verified owner)

    I love these wipes and have used them on all of my children. They are thick, and don’t dry out easily. They are also good for any other spills or messes that need to be cleaned up, to carry with in the car or baby bag and to clean little faces.

  60. norris (verified owner)

    We love the huggies clutch and go! Very handy for when going out. It can be clipped anywhere depending on needs. I would usually clip it to the pram for when Bub is eating on the go. Would clip it to the nappy bag when changing nappy. The colours catch her attention so keeps a cheeky toddler entertained when changing nappy (big plus!). Zip is perfect so wipes don’t get dry.

  61. katleen (verified owner)

    I have purchased these Huggies nappies in the tub to store in the car before. It makes them easy to use and the wipes do not dry out easy.

  62. mumma (verified owner)

    Huggies baby wipes are a staple in our house. From nappies to grubby hands, they are so convenient in this tub. We keep a tub in our top kitchen drawer for easy access and always have a tub in the car. The actual wipes are nice and soft and think, so don’t tear easily like other wipes. They are gentle on sensitive skin too.

  63. tayla (verified owner)

    After trying numerous wipes these by far are my favourite. Nice thick wipe makes it quick and easy to clean up bub. Would be nice if they were slightly wetter as I sometimes find they can be a touch too dry. Nice and gentle on the skin causing no irritation

  64. meghana (verified owner)

    It is a must have product in every household with babies. It is easy to use and you can pull each wipe at a time not a 4 or 5 each time. I purchase 200 wipes refill pack every time they go on sale. It is much cheaper than purchasing individual small packs.

  65. france (verified owner)

    Fabulous wipes, great thickness, they’ve got just the right amount of moisture, they don’t dry out. They are gentle on little sensitive bums, I do mix between these and the coconut oil wipes and scented, I can never decide i love all the huggies wipes, I can’t go wrong!! I definitely do recommend these to other mums. They are great for wiping up hands and faces too!

  66. yvonne (verified owner)

    these are made really well, they come apart really easily and are made really thick which is what i really liked about these wipes and they are fragrance free, but the only down fall is these are much more expensive then the brand i currently buy being almost double the price for less.

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  67. yasmin (verified owner)

    This tub is perfect for holding wipes in the nursery and keeping wipes fresh! It is great because it hold heaps of wipes and the wipes are very easy to access one handed when changing a nappy. I have a plain white container in bubs nursery which I find great to put on top of bubs change table and it can match any nursery theme.

  68. alison (verified owner)

    Love this cute and convenient tub. Saves so much wastage as other packaging tends to leave you with a big wad of wipes when you just want to pull out one, this tub perfectly separates them for a simple and easy one handed pull. Also seals nicely to keep them fresh and moist.

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  69. tammy (verified owner)

    These are by far the best wipes on the planet. They are soft, absorbent and strong, particularly good for sick kids, with runny bums and noses! My hubby uses them to clean the bbq and just about everything! It is more economical to buy the 380 packs though, sometimes can get on special for $13/380pk from BIG W.

  70. lisa (verified owner)

    This reusable tub is a great product. I purchase the larger packs of wipes and fill it up as required which saves money. The lid keeps the wipes well sealed so they don’t dry out. We have several tubs around the house so wipes are always nearby. I would recommend this product to friends.

  71. garney (verified owner)

    I didn’t realise I would’ve liked this item as much as I do and wish I brought more.
    The huggies clutch n go baby wipes are so handy to have – I’m not a huge fan of the buggies wipes but because this is refillable I use my prefer brand
    I take this everywhere with me, in the pram, in the car and when it gets low I refill it.

  72. val (verified owner)

    I brought this tub on special while pregnant with my first. I loved it sitting on the change table and made it so much easier to change bubs nappy having to just press the button for the lid to lift up. Was so easy to keep topping it up with wipes. When my son outgrew his change table we use the box now as pencil holders for when we colour in. Such a handy thing!

  73. Micaela C (verified owner)

    I was gifted one of these as part of a baby shower present. Such a good gift! I’ve been carrying one of these pouches with me since my son was born and use it on a daily basis. Even now that my son is toilet trained, I still use it regularly to clean his face and hands. I love that it is refillable and reusable.

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  74. emma (verified owner)

    These are fantastic for traveling or being out & about. The size works brilliantly in a nappy bag and isn’t bulky. I love that it is refillable, so you can keep on using it. The packaging is eye catching and keeps the wipes wet & fresh. I currently have three – 1 for the nappy bag, 1 for the swimming bag and 1 for in the car.

  75. louise (verified owner)

    Great idea for at home on the change table. A very nice container to reuse. The wipe are thick and soft easy to pull out. Your can buy the refillables to go in it they are good but keep breaking when i put them out and have to dig around to get the next wipe out. But its a good product

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  76. vanity (verified owner)

    Buy this for the paxket but ditch the wipes!! I thought huggies were the ultimate, before i actually had a baby. I find these wipes to rip really easy. I much prefer other brands because, lets be hinest, no one wants to put a finger through the wipe!! If i get given a packet, i use them but use multiple to avoid disasters.

  77. shiema (verified owner)

    I used the wipes for my baby, I’m happy with it. It is thick and soft , my baby never got rush when using these wipes,
    The thickness make it more convenient and I say perfect for sensitive skins,
    It is good value for the money we pay especially when it’s on sale. I recommend it.

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  78. emma (verified owner)

    We use the Huggies large plastic tub when at home and have this clutch bag for when we are out and about. The wipes are both thick and absorbent and the clutch bag means it’s easily accessible and very convenient. Easily fits in my nappy bag or attaches to the pram.

  79. thad (verified owner)

    Great product! So thick that they hold a ton of moisture making it easy to clean in one go. They never seem to break apart and we haven’t ran into issues with his sensitive skin either!! Love that they are fragrance and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others, extremely sturdy!

  80. user-5133 (verified owner)

    I love this product probably more than the wipes themselves. The wipes are easy to pull out of the tub and simply refill it to reuse it again. I like that it is so easy to press a button to flick thr lid up then fiddling with the sticky flap on other nappy wipes. The wipe refills can be bought on sale, 400 for 12.50.

  81. grant (verified owner)

    We started using these wipes as our son had a reaction to some other wipes that n the market. We have found them to be consistent and good quality. Have had other wipes that are so thin they tear as ur wiping, ur these are strong, quite wet and a decent size pack for a lowish price. Great to throw in the nappy bag and in the car!

  82. domenic (verified owner)

    After trying many different wipes, huggies wipes are my favorite, but buying them in individual packets are way too expensive. This tub allows me to buy refill packs – I usually get the 400 ones when on special, and it’s of such good value, so much cheaper and more affordable. The tub is abit expensive I reckon but for the long run it’s worth it. I have the tub at change table, it’s a sturdy box, the Disney edition is appealing to bub and catches her attention during changing (bonus). The tub can last forever…

    “Originally posted on”

  83. pru (verified owner)

    These wipes and case is fantastic. I use it in my nappy bag and also have one handy in the car. I love the pouch because you can buy wipes in bulk and fill this pouch and wipes box at home. Also doing my part to eliminate so much plastic in my house.

  84. jay (verified owner)

    Picked these up when on special and had to go back for more so convenient I have a pack in the baby bag,car, on the pram and in my handbag my husband even asked if I could grab one for him for his car. Really nice thick wipes that stay moist and cute convenient pack can be refilled.

  85. katie (verified owner)

    Perfect on the go wipe holder. It fits right into our nappy bag, easy go refill, easy to pull the wipe out and easy close lid. My husband says it’s a life saver and very practical. We have one for in the car and nappy bag in case we need to grab a wipe quickly. Also very affordable and efficient to refill. Definitely recommend for on the go parents.

    “Originally posted on”

  86. martica (verified owner)

    This little clutch is super cute and so very convenient to have handy! For me hanging it on the stroller handle gives me easy access to wipes when we are on the go! I think it is of good value as the clutch is durable, looks good and easy to refill. No need to replace often and is an even better deal if bought during promotion! Highly recommend this product!

  87. belinda (verified owner)

    These wipes are great! They are quite expensive so I only use them for number 2s. They are the right amount of thickness and also so absorbent ! Your fingers don’t poke through them like cheaper ones and therefore you don’t need to use as many. The click lid is great , the wipes don’t dry out at all!

  88. adelecoline7 (verified owner)

    I’ve had mine since my daughter was born 13 months ago and I still love it to this day. it lives on her change table and it keeps the wipes so fresh and easily accessible. It also keeps her entertained as she likes to hold it and play with it and hand me the wipes..

  89. Kelly (verified owner)

    Love these wipes. Cant use anything else that works anywhere near as well

    “Originally posted on”

  90. yvonne (verified owner)

    I found these really great wipes theyre very thick and seperated really well when pulled out of the box, the reusable box didnt last long the teeth to separate the wipes quickly wore out but i now use it as a crayon box. I found the wipes were really great for bubs skin as well.

    “Originally posted on”

  91. christabella (verified owner)

    Love these clutch and go wipes! The perfect amount of wipes that you need on a trip outside the house. I strongly dislike carrying a whole packet of wipes as it weighs down the baby bag. This is just the right amount of wipes that can be refilled when you need. This is especially handy as the clutch is waterproof and keeps the moisture in the packet.

  92. marieandree (verified owner)

    I love these wipes, thick and textured makes cleaning up fast. The wipes seperate to individual wipes easily without pulling out a heap so wastage is reduced. WE pop them into refill box at home and they stay moist for ages ages, no drying out like other brands. MY go to wipe for sure!

  93. amber (verified owner)

    I use these containers as its re usable and more practical than buying multiple 80 packs of wipes.

    Saves $$ buying wipes in bulk refill huggies boxes of 400 wipes = around $15.

    I have a container in the glove box / car , 2 in the house and a “huggies pouch” in the nappy bag.

  94. marta (verified owner)

    Wipes are quite thick and with enough wetness for the right absorbency to clean bums and for what most mums use it for.. everything!
    Wipe their hands, face, wipe floor or table or anything sticky. Comes in handy. Prefer the tub as its refillable and makes it super easy to grab another wipe.

  95. starlene (verified owner)

    I was very lucky and received two of these for my baby shower (since people have told me you no longer can buy them). If so it’s very sad as they are very handy it means you can buy wipes in bulk bags and just fill your clutch N go which saves you money. It also great as you can clip it on your pram to save you digging in your nappy bag. How many wipes you take is your choice you dont have to cart around a massive wipe pack.

  96. natai (verified owner)

    These are a perfect size for my handbag, nappy bag and car. Easy to refill and don’t dry out. These Huggies wipes are the best out there. We have tried so many different brands to try and save money however we end up using more wipes or they are thin and break or dry out so we are now sticking with Huggies. They are soft but thick and cause no irritation. They are also great to use to remove makeup.

    “Originally posted on”

  97. Samantha B (verified owner)

    The tub keep the Huggies Unscented baby wipes that come in the plastic tub are fabulous for keeping your wipes wet, tidy, and can even be re-filled when finished. The wipes itself is thick and fragrance free which is perfect for baby sensitive skin. And parents can buy the refill package of the wipes in 200 pieces which available in major supermarkets .

    “Originally posted on”

  98. laura (verified owner)

    This is a great tub! It holds a lot of wipes and shuts very well so they don’t dry out! I found the wipes easily torn but I refilled the container with another type of wipe and was much happier! I definitely recommend that each household invest in these tubs!

  99. aamy (verified owner)

    I love the convenience of this small travel size wipes clutch. The clutch has a cute pattern and ziplock opening to refill. I find it better than the old plastic type that’s Huggies used to do as that’s typed often cracked and broke in my bag

  100. kiarna (verified owner)

    These are the only wipes I carry in my nappy bag , they are so convenient and so easy to refill. Huggies wipes will truely always be my favourite they are perfectly thick and have the right amount of moisture if I were to recommend any wipes to people it would definitely have to be these !

  101. junko (verified owner)

    i am so glad Huggies put this back on production. this has been my the-way-to-go item since my 1st child.
    i use the combination of plastic tub at home, this clutch bag for out n about, and i buy 200 pack refill wipes to fill those 2 items, that’s my preferred way. and huggies wipes does best job to clean baby bottom with the right thickness and moisture.
    this bag itself lasts pretty well, stuffed permanently in my handbag, probably needs replacing about every 12- 18mths or so.
    (must be the reason why they once dropped from production line, because they didn’t sell that much!)
    so i’d give this to my friends entering into mommyhood, as i strongly feel to support this product to be available ongoingly!

  102. tammara (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with Huggies. We used the Huggies Baby Wipes Fragance Free Tub and we were very satisfied. The tub is very easy to use and keeps the wipes in good condition. Easy to refill with packets of Huggies wipes or even other brands. The only downsize I would say is the price.

  103. Samantha B (verified owner)

    Thick and moist wipe for baby faily usage. It’s thick so it may make the wiping off a bit tricky. We use it to wipe off toys and surface cleaning. It comes with 200 pieces package as well as the 80 pieces package. Recommended for parents , it is definitely a good buy!

    “Originally posted on”

  104. sarah (verified owner)

    We were blessed to receive a LOT of wipes at my baby shower so I’ve had the luxury of trying a lot of different brands.

    Huggies are up there in my top 3. I really believe you get what you pay for when it comes to wipes. While these are more expensive than others they are worth it (stock up on special) because they are thick enough, don’t tear and have the right amount of moisture to comfortably clean up the mess in one wipe usually!

    We have also not had any skin irritation issues with these wipes as they are very natural.

  105. natalie (verified owner)

    This is something every mum needs. No longer will I have to put wipes in a zip lock back so I can go to the shops. Only to find they have dried out. This bag alows you to carry a small about of wipes with you. With a easy zip lock section you just fill it up when the wipes get low. Good quality. Also has a handel that can atach to your nappy bag. Also looks super cute.

    “Originally posted on”

  106. teisha (verified owner)

    Since having my daughter I absolutely love huggies wipes. I have found them to be very gentle and durable on her soft skin. They do not irritate her skin like other wipes have done in the past (can even use on her hands and face). I would highly recommend these wipes to other mums.

  107. jesikah (verified owner)

    We purchased this when it came back on the shelves and love it for the nappy bag. We top them up from the refill pack and have it in the nappy bag at all times. It is easy to top up and keeps yhe wipes wet, we have never had them dry out.

  108. courtney (verified owner)

    Fantastic wipes. Great that they are fragrant free and free from any nasty stuff. A little pricey but I have found them usually on sale quite a bit so I have bought them in bulk. Sometimes when they are pulled out they come out in clumps but I usually needed a few anyway!

  109. eliza (verified owner)

    The tub helps to keep the wipes moist and also aids in separating them effectively. I found the box to be a little flimsy as it broke after only a few re-fills. The teeth wear out quickly. The wipes themselves are thick and work effectively. I use these wipes on my babies face and hands as well and have had no issues with irritation.

    “Originally posted on”

  110. Kathryn S (verified owner)

    These are the best! I still have one of the old styles that’s been going for 3 years and still in great condition. They are perfect for the pram, car, everywhere! I’ve never had them dry out on me. So glad that Huggies listened to the public and re released them

  111. Kira M (verified owner)

    This tub is so handy. It makes it so much cheaper in the long run by buying wipes to put in the container then buying travel ones all the time. I keep my container in the top drawer of the change table drawers and it is a perfect size without taking up so much space. It is so easy to open with the button at the top and you can put any wipes in it. I think it can improve with the height of the container as the wipe packs you buy to put in the container, make it too full and don’t pull out easily. I’ve had to open the container lid to pull the wipes out many times. Other then that though I love it.

  112. teisha (verified owner)

    I love my Huggies Clutch ‘N’ Go. It fits a decent amount of wipes and the wipes come out nice and easy. Such a good size to fit inside your nappy bag, handbag or just to carry on the go. You can select from different patterns and I love that they are stylish.

  113. jeannie (verified owner)

    Even I’m not a fan of Huggies, I must say this clutch is the best!! It is very handy, size is just perfect to fit in handbags or diaper bags. The lock goes well and wipes will not get dry easily. It can hold quite lots of quantity of wipes. It’s easy to take out, each at a time and would not waste them at all. Highly recommended!

  114. amber (verified owner)

    So you might be wondering – why on Earth would I buy this refillable pouch when I can just buy one of the usual packs of 80 to dump in my bag? 1. This sleeve is made of durable plastic – so it is less likely to tear during a bumpy ride in the nappy bag or while you’re wrestling a wriggly baby. 2. It comes with a wristlet so that your hands are free to carry said wriggly baby and other supplies to the change room. 3. It is cheaper to buy the bulk boxes of huggies wet wipes instead of constantly buying the 80 sheet packs. You’ll also be using less plastic this way – while the wrapping of the single packs can be red-cycled, the hard plastic covers can’t. The bulk packs of wet wipes are packaged in ziplock bags. 4. This is easy to fill as the zip lock closure runs along the length of the pouch, not the breadth. If these reasons don’t grab you, the pretty packaging will!

  115. Natalie R (verified owner)

    This huggies wipes tub is super handy! I love that I am able to refill the tub, leaving less of an environmental footprint. The tub seems to be made quite well and is sturdy. Wipes come out easily. A great size to keep plenty of wipes on the go! Recommended.

  116. tracey (verified owner)

    Stores well. Easy to refill. Can purchase bulk wipes at a reasonable price. Wipes come out of the box reasonably easily. Would recommend.

  117. radhika (verified owner)

    I always find it easier to use huggies wipes over any other brand as I don’t have to use too many wipes to achieve the desired results. If I don’t need the entire wipe sometimes, it’s easy enough to tear it in half. It is gentle on the baby’s skin.

  118. Bridget R (verified owner)

    I am so glad I bought this box to store our wipes in at the change table. It is so handy and easy to use especially when you need to grab more wipes one handed. The wipes stay moist inside even if you leave the lid open. I have got the plain one but there are lots of different pictures and characters out too. We have had it for 6 months now and it is still going strong, no break or cracks at all.

  119. crazykimmy1999 (verified owner)

    I brought this tub so I could continue to buy refill packs and put them in here for the connivence of it. Its much better for the environment instead of always having separate wipes packets. And using this tub makes it easier to get the wipes out. Highly recommend getting one

  120. hayley (verified owner)

    These tubs are great for your change table, they are easy to refill and keep your wipes from drying out. I love that the fragrance free wipes are free from the usual skin irritants making them perfect for little bums and little faces. The thickness of the wipes is also another great selling point, they are hands down the thickest on the market.

  121. aine (verified owner)

    Huggies fragrance free wipes are very safe for baby skin. My baby developed eczema as a newborn and we had to use fragrance free products. Huggies fragrance free wipes was our first choice and we still trust it with our baby’s sensitive skin. We always trust huggies brand with her skin.

  122. Kim C (verified owner)

    So these wipes are the way I like my men, thick, rich and easily seperated. They have no smell like most of the “fragrance free” wipes. The wipes seem to last longer, they clean perfectly, are easy to use, no irritation. My twins love these and they are great value.

  123. Danielle R (verified owner)

    Although wasn’t able to pack in nappy bag so easily these were terrific at home and other places as it kept the wipes moist without drying out. Easy one touch lid and the wipes glided through so well without accidentally pulling too many out. They are super soft and thick

  124. Fiona F (verified owner)

    Great wipes pouch for on the go. Fits just about any where, car, pram, nappy bag. Also great that its refillable so less single use plastic.

    I have not found any wipes that clean as easy as Huggies wipes so great product and also easy to carry around. I have no issues recommending this product!!

  125. nadia (verified owner)

    So you might be wondering – why on Earth would I buy this refillable pouch when I can just buy one of the usual packs of 80 to dump in my bag?

    1. This sleeve is made of durable plastic – so it is less likely to tear during a bumpy ride in the nappy bag or while you’re wrestling a wriggly baby.

    2. It comes with a wristlet so that your hands are free to carry said wriggly baby and other supplies to the change room.

    3. It is cheaper to buy the bulk boxes of huggies wet wipes instead of constantly buying the 80 sheet packs. You’ll also be using less plastic this way – while the wrapping of the single packs can be red-cycled, the hard plastic covers can’t. The bulk packs of wet wipes are packaged in ziplock bags.

    4. This is easy to fill as the zip lock closure runs along the length of the pouch, not the breadth.

    If these reasons don’t grab you, the pretty packaging will!

  126. megan (verified owner)

    I was gifted one of these and love how handy they are to keep in the pram. The packet designs are fun. The wipes are thick and moist. The handle is convenient for carrying when your hands are full or to attach to something. Thid is a great buy and I recommend it.

  127. hafsa (verified owner)

    I have used different brand wipes but the wipes are so entwined that it is difficult to separate them but this is not the case with huggies. It is easier to separate all the wipes in huggies. I bought it on sale. I love these wipes and also use to wipe makeup.

  128. kimmy (verified owner)

    The clutch and go refillable pouches are fantastic! I love all the designs and colours, they’re easy to refill and compact enough to fit in your nappy bag or even just a handbag! We have a few on the go in our household! I did hear that huggies have discontinued this line which would be disappointing!

  129. louise (verified owner)

    I used these wipes for when im out the resealable lid makes it easier to open and close the wipes to keep them moist. They are nice and thick and soft. They dont smell bad and they feel really nice and smooth on the skin. They are nice and moist and are easy to use.

  130. cait (verified owner)

    We love the fragrance free wipes, they are thick, soft, absorbent and kind to sensitive skin, and the tubs make life so much easier, allowing you to pull out single wipes one handed, which can be challenging with the packets! We keep one on the change table, one in the car and one at the Grandies place!

  131. madison (verified owner)

    These wipes are a winner! Super thick and gentle on the skin. I use them on myself as well so I am very happy with the product. They are affordable and honestly can be used for so many different purposes not just for your baby. Very happy with this product and will continue to use.

  132. ilyssa (verified owner)

    This Huggies baby wipes tub is incredibly handy. It keeps the wipes fresh and moist. Perfect to use on the little ones skin as there are no nasties. They box is easy to pop open and close during nappy changing time. These baby wipes are really good quality and durable.

  133. Sarah Z (verified owner)

    My mum brought me this and I love it so much. It’s so handy for not only nappy change time but I hang it on the pram and it’s perfect for any moment such as my daughter has just started eating solids and needs a baby wipe all the time. It’s convenient and handy. The wipes stay nice and moist.

  134. Bec C (verified owner)

    This tub is brilliantly for our nappy change table. It sits in the caddy well and holds plenty of wipes. I like that it is refillable so we can buy bulk wipes on special and there is not so much packaging to go into landfill. It does a great job at keeping the wipes moist, never had them dry out!

  135. bri (verified owner)

    I swore by these with my first child and nothing has changed. The wipes are thick and moist making for easy, drama free changing. The big box of refill wipes saves money and I’m a fan of buying in bulk. The tubs also have adorable pictures that babies are mesmerised by, keeping them entertained briefly whilst changing.

  136. user-4881 (verified owner)

    Nice and thick wipes, always good to have them around. They separate easily (as some brands does not). Gentle and moist for my bub bottom. And the lid keep on good as well, as sometimes other brands might come off easily when we use it frequently.
    They go on special often so we stock up every time.

  137. rach (verified owner)

    Huggies wipes are really thick and durable. The pricing is slightly higher but you certainly get what you pay for. Fragrance free ensures there are no rashes or extra dry tooshes. They are also handy for a quick face and hand wipe if you don’t have a washer on hand.

    “Originally posted on”

  138. chantel s (verified owner)

    Bought for a friend for baby shower along with other stuff made a great addition.

  139. martica (verified owner)

    This is the only wipe I’ve used on my 7 month old from his birth. It has never irritated his bottom and is soft and thick. I also like the fact that it is fragrance free which means without any further drying nasties! I purchase these in the 400 bulk packs when they go on sale and are good value for money! Overall win-win!

  140. susannah (verified owner)

    I was given these when our bubs was first born, I used them and was surprised how thick they were. They were very absorbent and did their job wonderfully, and were great for the runnier number 2s! I do prefer another brand as they are a bit more fragranced but would definitely use these again if I was unable to get my normal ones.

    “Originally posted on”

  141. chantalgallagher (verified owner)

    Definitely love that I bought this wipes come out of box easy unlike using other packet wipes and the wipes are thick and soft which make it easier wiping because there soft on baby’s bottom and she doesn’t complain when I use these compared to other wipe brands out there

  142. Louise C (verified owner)

    I received these in a baby shower hamper and now I’m hooked! They are a great thickness, they tear off well from the packet and they smell great. The wetness I find is just right too. They’re also a great price compared to other wipes. My baby has never had a reaction so I always recommend these to my friends.

  143. channing (verified owner)

    We’ve used these Huggies wipes from day dot with our bub and love them. Not too dry, not too wet, they help make nappie changes a breeze. They’re also great for a quick wipe down of face and hands after solid feeds and inbetween bath time. Usually pretty easy to find on sale, so we always stock up!

    “Originally posted on”

  144. vicuong (verified owner)

    After trying many different brands of wipes, the Huggies Fragrance Free wipes are my favourite. I feel comfortable knowing they have no nasty chemicals and they are super sensitive for my sons sensitive skin. I find they are a good thickness and wetness for ease of wiping. I wouldn’t bother using other brands as these are the best!

  145. user-4881 (verified owner)

    Is a great product to use at home. I got one 3yrs ago when I purchased in the bulk pack wipes at Costco. Good that it keeps wipes wet and it easily separate the wipes. I like you can practically place any baby wipes in it to use.
    Was going to keep using, but now costco bulk pack is in packet of 80wipes not a big bag anymore.

    “Originally posted on”

  146. mum (verified owner)

    I was given this from another mother who clearly knew what she was doing. This is so helpful to have in my nappy bag and so good that it can be refilled. Even super handy to keep in hubby’s car for any emergencies. Every mum should have one of these

    “Originally posted on”

  147. adelheid (verified owner)

    You definitely can’t go wrong with these baby wipes. Good size and thickness for cleaning up those poo-splosions! Also great for wiping baby’s face and hands after eating solids. Being frangrance-free these are so good for baby’s sensitive skin. I’ve tried other brands but you can’t go past Huggies. The plastic tub keeps in the moisture and can be refilled over and over again. Value for money.

    “Originally posted on”

  148. stephaniefrench (verified owner)

    I love these huggies wipes they are perfect i would not use no other brand i have just recently stocked up on them while they were on sale the wipes tear off easily the huggie’s fragrance free wipes are my favourite gentle on skin worth every cent have recommened them to my friends and family

    “Originally posted on”

  149. cass (verified owner)

    Purchased this from my local supermarket as soon as I seen it. I was so excited to find one. Ever so handy, I have this is my handbag at all times. Easy to use, easy to refill, fits a fair few wipes in there. Clutch is easy to handle, and the pattern is nice also. Absolutely love it.

  150. morgan (verified owner)

    We loved using these Huggies fragrance free wipes. We found them very thick and soft compared with other brands. They are more expensive however we found that less of them was required to clean up the mess. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a way to clean up efficiently.

    “Originally posted on”

  151. katleen (verified owner)

    I love these wipes and the handy cover case. I have purchased them a couple of times and like have the convenience of having the little clutch bag. I really like the quality of the wipes and the design of the clutch bag. It is handy for the pram and car.

  152. gusti (verified owner)

    I was given this for my baby shower and I love it! So convenient, and so easy to find in the baby bag due to the bright colours!. I am guttered to hear that they have been discontinued. To be able to refill and attach it to the pram to make it easier when you are out and about without a nappy bag it fantastic!

    “Originally posted on”

  153. carmina (verified owner)

    This is such a convenient item to have at the change table! Its great as now I can buy the fragrance free wipes in bulk and just restock the tub when were needing more. The wipes themselves are really thick which is great and the tub keeps them really moist, ready for use!

    “Originally posted on”

  154. kalina (verified owner)

    These are good wipes, great thickness and wetness. Definitely makes cleaning up big explosions easier. Our baby has never had a reaction from these and they are reasonably priced. We alternate between these wipes and the gentle touch depending which ones are on special. Can’t really tell a difference between the two wipes.

    “Originally posted on”

  155. naomibutcher95 (verified owner)

    I love the huggies clutch and go wipes – they are perfect for clipping onto the pram or handbag when you won’t be out for long. The clutch is super convenient and makes change time much easier to get the wipes out and very accessible. The wipes are soft and gentle on bubs bottom and the clutch is easy to refill like the tubs.

  156. amber (verified owner)

    So you might be wondering – why on Earth would I buy this refillable pouch when I can just buy one of the usual packs of 80 to dump in my bag? 1. This sleeve is made of durable plastic – so it is less likely to tear during a bumpy ride in the nappy bag or while you’re wrestling a wriggly baby. 2. It comes with a wristlet so that your hands are free to carry said wriggly baby and other supplies to the change room. 3. It is cheaper to buy the bulk boxes of huggies wet wipes instead of constantly buying the 80 sheet packs. You’ll also be using less plastic this way – while the wrapping of the single packs can be red-cycled, the hard plastic covers can’t. The bulk packs of wet wipes are packaged in ziplock bags. 4. This is easy to fill as the zip lock closure runs along the length of the pouch, not the breadth. If these reasons don’t grab you, the pretty packaging will!

    “Originally posted on”

  157. Samantha D (verified owner)

    I love this for my nappy bag! I hated how much plastic I was using, and also how bulky the 80 pack wipes were.. and then I found this! I love that it’s refillable, and reusable.
    You can definitely fit double the recommended 30 wipes in easily as the bottom expands.

    “Originally posted on”

  158. walliw (verified owner)

    This wipe clutch is awesome, it holds a fair few nappies that are easy to replenish. It has an easy zip at the top, which you can replace the wipes and it has a folded stretch bottom so you can fit in a fair few wipes. It has a handle to you can easily hold it, attach it to your nappy bag etc. Recommend highly.

    “Originally posted on”

  159. tat (verified owner)

    This baby wipes tub is very convenient for storing baby wipes. The tub itself is cute, with the Disney characters decorating it. I find it keeps the wipes nice and moist, and is also easy to refill. We buy the large refill packs and then just fill the tub 3/4 full so it is easy enough to get the wipes out.

  160. eoghan (verified owner)

    I love this hand free tub, it’s such a fantastic idea and so great for those messy nappy changes. I love that I can just push the button and have a wipe handy instead of having to handle the whole packet and let go of bub when she is trying to flail her legs about with mess everywhere. The only issue I have is that when you refill it, at first it is a bit tight and the wipes don’t feed through as well, but other than that its amazing.

  161. heatherjohnstone (verified owner)

    Love this bag! They have some cool designs and it really is durable and decent quality. Has been thrown around and chewed on for months and still keeps wipes moist. I love that it’s so easy to refill. Even though it’s not cheap initial layout, it saves money (and plastic) in the long run when you refill it.

    “Originally posted on”

  162. karel (verified owner)

    I absolutely love our Huggies Clutch N Go. It lives in my nappy bag and is just the best way to store wipes. I was given this as a gift for my baby shower and have used it every day since my baby has arrived. It keeps the wipes moist, super easy to open and shut and fits a great amount of wipes in it. They come in lots of great bright colours making it easy to find in your nappy bag and appealing to your babies eye. This is seriously one of the best baby products that I own.

  163. nicola (verified owner)

    Thick, moist and gentle on the skin. absolutely everything you could want in a baby wipe. Fragrance free is a big bonus. Knowing these wipes are gentle on my child’s skin and have no nasties is so important to me. I always have and always will trust Huggies as they have never let me down

    “Originally posted on”

  164. kaiching (verified owner)

    I have tried all different flavours of Huggies wipes but Fragrance free wipes are the best. They are super thick and wet. The size of each wipe is big so you don’t need to use so many wipe to clean babies poo and they are very gentle on babies sensitive skin. It is fragrance free wipes. I always try to buy bulk or in sale but they work great and definitely recommend to others.

    “Originally posted on”

  165. kirsty (verified owner)

    The Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are super absorbent, moist and soothing. Lots of other brands feel too dry or have so much fragrance they really smell too strong. I like how gentle these wipes are especially for newborn bums. These are more pricey than some other brands but I find that I use less wipes with Huggies..

    “Originally posted on”

  166. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    I got 2 huggies tubs free with a nappy purchase and I think they’re great. I find when you get low in a packet, they get hard to pull the wipes out. It takes a little more than an 80 pack and you can use any wipes in them. I love the fun designs they have and once you buy one, you’ve got it for ages!

    “Originally posted on”

  167. saba (verified owner)

    Huggies wipes… are AMAZING!! They are thick and so soft on bubs bottom. They don’t tear as easy as other brands then wiping those stubborn poos and doesn’t make bub bottom red and sore like other brand do. I also found I don’t go through as many wipes when using huggies as they are highly absorbent. Based on my experience I highly recommend huggies wipes to anyone!

    “Originally posted on”

  168. fwpreg (verified owner)

    I purchased mine 3 years ago and it’s still in great condition and working great ,I love the convenience of having it on my pram for those moments you need a wipe in a hurry ,I just tend to forget to refill it sometimes but I do love it and can recommend it

    “Originally posted on”

  169. Valentina O (verified owner)

    I keep this in my nappy bag. I brought this about 2 years ago and it has been great. When I first bought it I hadn’t had my baby yet, but we kept it in the car to keep wet wipes. It kept the wet wipes moist and usable for a long time. Now that I have my baby I put his baby wipes in it and its great.

    “Originally posted on”

  170. agatha (verified owner)

    We have tried so many wipes brands but we always keep coming back to Huggies. They are a household staple now. We buy in bulk for home use and we buy the pack for our nappy bag. It has the right amount of moisture. We prefer fragrance free at all times to lessen the chances of irritation. It cleans really well. We tend to use less wipes because they’re that effective in cleaning baby’s bum and other sticky body parts. Two thumbs up!

    “Originally posted on”

  171. agatha (verified owner)

    We have tried other baby wipes brand but we always go back to Huggies. We prefer the fragrance free ones. Doesn’t irritate baby’s skin and it’s not too moist and doesn’t dry too fast. We use it to wipe bub’s hands and face as well. We always carry them around wherever we go.

    “Originally posted on”

  172. carmina (verified owner)

    I bought this little Huggies pouch because it was the perfect size for my nappy bag. I love that I can just refill the wipes as I go and it just zip locks closed. I have never had any leaks or it opening in the bag which I think is great.

    “Originally posted on”

  173. lyn (verified owner)

    I was given a Tupperware wipes tub and was really disappointed. Then I tried the huggies one and have never looked back. It keeps wipes moist, fits just over a packet and has lovely designs. It’s not very expensive for something you can reuse and I’ve found it at most of the big supermarkets.

    “Originally posted on”

  174. Ora D (verified owner)

    I originally bought a hard wet wipe pouch but it held barely any wipes. I swapped to this huggies pouch early one. It is brilliant. Easy to use and keeps the wipe wet and doesnt let them dry out.
    Additional the colour and design means it’s easy to find in the nappy bag.

    “Originally posted on”

  175. Louise K (verified owner)

    We love these resealable wipe packs from huggies. They are super convienent for when you are out and about. The snap handle fits securely around the pram do I never have to worry about not having wipes. The pack seals really well so the wipes stay moist and it’s easy to refill either with huggies or any other wipes you have at home.

    “Originally posted on”

  176. cassandra (verified owner)

    These huggies clutches are of really good quality and they are so durable with being thrown in and out of your nappy bag. I have found other brands to crumple and the zip lock to break. I use the refillable Huggies wipes in the huggies tub at home, and it’s convenient to use these cluthes to fill the refillable ones on the go. I believe it is much more affordable this way and saves on so much plastic waste buying individual packets plus the refillable ones are of much better value. These handy clutches keep the wipes moist even if you don’t close the lid properly, like I have done! I find the clutch quite inexpensive for what it is as you can use it over and over again! Such cute little designs as well.

  177. maximus (verified owner)

    We have multiple tubs around the house, in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even living areas for convenience. Fantastic wipes and the refill option keeps them convenient, easy to refill and cost effective. They keep the wipes fresh and they do not dry out. The tub it’s self is easy to wipe over and keep hygienic and clean.

    “Originally posted on”

  178. kacey (verified owner)

    The huggies clutches are so convenient and I love that I can attach them to my pram. They also are really durable, I can throw it around anywhere and it doesn’t break. I also like that they are better for the environment and you just need to buy refills rather than using more plastic.

  179. malanie (verified owner)

    The quality of these wipes are amazing. I love the thickness of these wipes, especially for those big explosions. This product is affordable and easy to find, it’s also often on sale. I would highly recommend this product. I also love that there are no strong smells in this product.

    “Originally posted on”

  180. jersey (verified owner)

    We have multiple of these in our house as they are so handy. With the ability to refill with ease, the pop up lid, the fact that the box itself is wipeable and it’s also lightweight so can be transported, I find these excellent. A definite must have in the house for babies and toddlers!

    “Originally posted on”

  181. cassandra (verified owner)

    These are my favourite wipes! I love them! To be honest any huggies wipe is my favourite. They are so soft and thick they are fantastic. They may be a little more expensive but if you. It then in bulk on sale it’s not bad at all. Must have item for any mum.

  182. almeda (verified owner)

    Love the size of the tub and the ease-of-use with the pop-up lid. The tub keeps my wipes moist and clean for bub and I love that I save a bit of money being able to buy bulk packs instead of individual packets each time. Fragrance free is the only kind of wipes I buy, and Huggies wipes are easily the best out there: soft, thick and strong, they are the only wipes I’ve tried that stand up to the big messes!

    “Originally posted on”

  183. Belinda M (verified owner)

    Ive never had issues with these wipes ive used them since my 1st baby with no issues and still use them on him Ive tried different cheaper brands and i didnt find them thick enough like the huggies. However in saying that now with my second baby his skin is not loving it. I dont know why or what the reason is. Since changing them to a different brand his skin is good. But i still use these wipes on my older bubs. Each baby skin and tosh is different.

    “Originally posted on”

  184. Meaghan H (verified owner)

    When this came back on the market I went quickly to the shops to purchase! I was told by a friend that they are well and truly worth the money and I agree. They are much easier to use then normal wipe packets when out and about. The Clutch n Go is really easy to refill and I love that it has a strap so can be hung off the nappy bag or pram. I love the bag so much we now have 4!

  185. tahlia (verified owner)

    I have used Huggies wipes for all 3 of my babies but prefer to go with wipes that have the least chemical ingredients. I have switched around brands several times but returned to Huggies fragrance free as a happy medium and for cost reasons.
    They are the softest and thickest wipe I have found that stay moist but aren’t overly wet or soapy.
    They are often on sale making them good value for money and I like that they come in larger bulk refill packs, tubs or pop up packets making them really convenient.

  186. norris (verified owner)

    We use Huggies fragance free wipes since baby was born. Never had an issue with them. I feel they are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and work exactly as I want. They don’t leave any residues or sticky skin. I Guess it depends on baby’s skin, based on my experience I really recommend these wipes.

    “Originally posted on”

  187. idalina (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these awhile back and it’s still going strong. I like that its convenient and that it always keeps the wipes wet. I have also found that the wipes tend to seperate easier coming out of this tub than most packs and you only get one at a time rather than 5 or so sticking together. Also good that you can refill with any brand of wipes, doesn’t just have to be Huggies refill wipes.
    A cute and stylish design that goes well in my baby girls nursery.

  188. jayde (verified owner)

    I love these wipes! We buy the bulk box and find it very affordable as it lasts so long. I love the thickness of the wipes and that there isn’t too much liquid on them. I’ve had that problem with other brands. These are defiantly my favourites, I’m so glad I tried them.

    “Originally posted on”

  189. stephanie (verified owner)

    This little carry case was on my ‘must have’ list. I find it so much easier to carry this pouch rather than a pack of wipes. I like that I can open the pouch to refill it. The window on the front is easy to open one handed during awkward changes. I love that I can wipe the pouch clean when needed. The print is super cute too.

  190. leonora (verified owner)

    I have tried a few different brands of wipes to find the ones that we like best and ended up back with huggies. I love how thick and soft the wipes feel and have never had a problem with the wipes tearing or coming apart. I also love the dispenser as it is so easy to use. Overall I love how easily these wipes clean 🙂

    “Originally posted on”

  191. emmalynn (verified owner)

    I have been using these wipes since bub was born. They clean well and are soft on her skin. I love that it doesn’t have any fragrance. The box is very handy as you can just refill and keep using it. It kept the wipes from being dry and super easy to use

    “Originally posted on”

  192. karen (verified owner)

    Started using these wipes in hospital and have tried others since but I keep coming back to Huggies because the wipes are just so thick. The tub keeps the wipes moist and is very easy to take one wipe out at a time. Never had a reaction on bubs bum.

    “Originally posted on”

  193. merrill (verified owner)

    So handy for dispensing wipes! These are great and ensure only one at a time is dispensed. It keeps them fresh and moist, and hold a generous amount so you are not always refilling. With refills available and often on sale this is the most convenient and cost effective way to use wipes.

    “Originally posted on”

  194. colly (verified owner)

    I have used these since my little one was born. The tub makes it so easy to get the wipes out and it is easy to refill with new huggies wipes when emptied. The wipes are thick and very soft on my bubs bottom. I definitely reccomend these for quality and I always stock up when I see them on sale to make the price reasonable.

    “Originally posted on”

  195. Elli G (verified owner)

    These wipes are thicker than other brands, so it makes it easier to pick up those extra sticky bits. They have a simple fragrance and are nice and soft on the skin for bubs which is great. I also love the packaging is so easy to pull a wipe out.

    “Originally posted on”

  196. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    I love this so much!! This is one of the most handiest things to carry with you on the go in your nappy bag or even in your handbag, it also has a strap you can hang off your pram. So easy to use and refill as well and also sustainable. The material is durable and won’t fall apart on you and love the design of it, very fun and creates a statement. Can’t recommend highly enough. A must get for your nappy bag

    “Originally posted on”

  197. Ashley A (verified owner)

    I have these tubs throughout my house so no matter where we are or what accident occurs I have access to wipes. The container is great as it always keeps the wipes moist and protected. The wipes are excellent, they are thick and my baby has never had a reaction to them.

    “Originally posted on”

  198. Cecilia T (verified owner)

    Believe it or not, we are grateful all the time for having received this in a gift hamper when our bub was born. It’s an essential in the nappy bag and so secure to keep your wipes moist.
    The clutch is super easy to clean and with it’s colorful design, is easy to spot in a big nappy bag. Our nappy bag has a dispenser slot function and this fits perfectly there.

    “Originally posted on”

  199. Lauren C (verified owner)

    I love this travel pack for baby wipes. It’s perfect for when you are out and about and do not want to take a whole packet of wipes with you. The bag is made of good quality material and the lid locks securely. Another big plus is you can use different wipes too.

    “Originally posted on”

  200. Chithrika R (verified owner)

    These are the trusted wipes in our house, they are fragrance free and are thick and clean up really well. Love using them on my little girl and use them all the time. They are fantastic and reliable brand and always find that they clean up their bottom with one or two wipes.

    “Originally posted on”

  201. Amy H (verified owner)

    Great wipes. Thick and durable. These resealable packs are so handy to have in the car, they seal well and don’t allow the wipes to dry out , unlike some other packs that just have the sticker seal! I love that they are unscented, no nasty fragrances or perfumes that are not required.

    “Originally posted on”

  202. Sarah M (verified owner)

    One of the best investments I could of ever made as a mum. This travel pouch has saved me on countless occasions out of the house, whether it is at the local Cafe, a family members house or just the occasional blow out in the back of the car I know I’m always covered when I have my travel pouch of wipes with me. It fits heaps of wipes in while still being compact and stylish I would 10/10 recommend this product to every new parent time and time again!

    “Originally posted on”

  203. Taleen P (verified owner)

    I love this product. I love being able to refill it and not waste plastic. I love that I control how much goes in so it can fit in the side of the baby bag. I love that it slides in the side of the baby bag. Baby can play, eat and chew it as a distraction when changing nappy and it doesn’t have sharp edges like the plastic disposable ones.

    “Originally posted on”

  204. Toni Astle (verified owner)

    love these wipes NICE AND THICK and great for sensitive skin babas.

  205. Jess B (verified owner)

    Huggies have an amazing baby wipe. They never dry out (when lid is closed) and always seem so moist and long lasting. The wipe is also thick and gentle on babies or infants alike. My preference is always to use Huggies baby wipes for the gentleness and quality. This size also fits well in a nappy bag or bag.

    “Originally posted on”

  206. Courtney H (verified owner)

    These were the first wipes I tried on my newborn and after trying out cheaper alternatives I honestly think these wipes are worth the money.

    They’re so much thicker and softer than cheaper alternatives, and even though they aren’t biodegradable, you use less wipes per change so an arguably smaller contribution to landfill.

    They don’t leave a greasy residue as I’ve found other wipes to do, and never cause any rashes or irritations on my little one.

    Have only had them dry out once and this was because I left them in the Ute tray in the Huggies travel pouch.

    “Originally posted on”

  207. Jessica Y (verified owner)

    This is one of the cutest clutches ever. It is not the cheapest but Huggies is actually one of my favourite brands of wipes to buy as it is super comfortable and absorbent. The clutch makes it really easy when you are out and attaches to your pram. It is just a little annoying when you need a refill, buy the refill pack! Save you money.

    “Originally posted on”

  208. Stacy T (verified owner)

    I have two of these tubs in my house. I buy Huggies wipes in the big bulk lots and then fill the tubs. The tubs are so easy to grab a wipe out of, especially when you’re wrangling a #2 with little one and your other hand is holding their legs and bum out of it. The lid clips in nicely (almost satisfying) when you fill it up and the little bit where you dispense the wipes from is tried and tested – never skips a beat!!

    “Originally posted on”

  209. Alex E (verified owner)

    This refill box is fantastic for wipes. We have it sitting on the change table and it is definitely an essential item. It is still going strong 6 months later and showing no sign of any wear and tear. It is very easy to fill and access wipes even in the middle of the night!

    “Originally posted on”

  210. John Edgecombe (verified owner)

    Great product, normally order in Bulk. Be sure to have a couple of the pop up boxes handy as well.

  211. Suzanne Crooke (verified owner)

    Love these wipes! I only ever use these as they are thick and soft in babies skin

  212. Suzanne Crooke (verified owner)

    I love Huggies wipes. They are thick and soft and not overly wet. I will only use Huggies wipes on my girls.

  213. What you must know about Huggies wipes – News Plana

    […] Huggies wipes are very important for anyone once they become a parent. It is one of the most important parts of your child for cleaning the child on a timely basis. Unfortunately, there are times when the wipes get missed out from the list of shopping items. Only once your child makes himself dirty, and his diaper is the time when you realize the need for having wipes. After that, you start having a lot of wipes handy at all times.  […]

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