Huggies DryNites (2 – 15 years) for Boys & Girls

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Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants have been specifically designed for night time bed wetting and comes in a wide range of age groups. They offer trusted overnight absorbency and security for girls at all stages of their journey to dryness. DryNites Pyjama Pants also feature extra protection where girls need it most with a discreet fit that sits nice and trim underneath pyjamas. This helps children to maintain their self-esteem and confidence during their journey to being dry during the night time.

  • Discreet, comfortable and absorbent form of bedtime protection
  • Designed for night time and bedwetting use, ensuring a comfortable, secure and snug fit in any sleeping position
  • Unique Leak Lock System that quickly draws and locks away moisture into the super absorbent core
  • Tailored absorbency, with targeted protection in the areas where girls need it most
  • Soft cloth-like and stretchy sides to fit like underwear

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Bedwetting is more common than you think, affecting up to 15% of kids aged 5yrs

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2-4 yrs (13-20 kg)
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30 reviews for Huggies DryNites (2 – 15 years) for Boys & Girls

  1. subramaniam (verified owner)

    We used these nappy pants with our eldest for around 12 months. It would seem sometimes like it was one step forwards and then two steps back at night time, so these Dry Nights were a lifesaver! My daughter did not wet them each night, but it seemed to come and go in waves. These nappy pants gave her the confidence to stay at relatives houses, and towards the end of the 12 months, she found herself waking up to go to the toilet, but she still liked the safety net of the pants for when she was sleepy and took a while to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The size was fantastic and she found them comfortable.

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  2. christina (verified owner)

    Most of my friends with older children use this exact nappy for them at night time. It offers a great relief for knowing that they won’t wake up wet during the night. They are super comfortable for little ones and they have a good absorbency as well so you have a good guarantee of your kids staying dry.

  3. stacie (verified owner)

    With our daughter she used to have the occasional accident at night, especially when she was sleeping at someone elses house or had a friend over. These Huggies DryNites Pyjama Pants were just what we needed. They catched any accident and stopped her pyjamas and bed sheets from getting wet. They also fit well and looked alot like undies so it wasn’t obvious that she was wearing nappy pants. These DryNites gave our daughter alot more confidence at night.

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  4. jade (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased these for both of my daughters for night time as they weren’t quite ready to be using there undies as most children at the start. These were fantastic, no complains. We only used these for a short time with both daughters as when changing in the morning we noticed they were dry so opted for the the huggies night time bed mats and undies and never looked back !

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  5. mumma (verified owner)

    These are so great for night time, especially when your kids are still not making it to the toilet in the night. Very reliable and absorbent! I don’t recall ever having a leak with these, and it was easy to pull up for the kids to do by themselves. They love the designs, too! I just wish these came in a smaller size!

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  6. Bernadette (verified owner)

    I don’t currently have a child of my own but i have a nephew Jay who i think would benefit from this product and it is sponsored by characters that are most appealing to children

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  7. maddisonmelkie (verified owner)

    these nappys for night time are super fantastic they are really comfortable and seem to work wonders at night, i have had no complaints and would highly recommend these if your looking for something super comfy and someting that holds lots of wees. they have a super cute picture on the front to entice your little ones and we love them.

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  8. aamy (verified owner)

    These have been around forever, I even remember using them myself as a child bed wetter. A discrete way for the child to be able to manage clean up on their own. More recently I used them on my daughter from age 3 just for a few months until she stayed dry all night. They hold enough liquid, she says they’re comfy and they come with fun princess designs. She calls them “princess pants”

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  9. garney (verified owner)

    If your child is petite like mine these aren’t the best as I find the sizing is massive.
    My son is completely toilet trained but needs extra assistance at night and we were hoping these would be great but unfortunately they don’t fit him.
    I like the characters on the front and are less baby themed which is great

  10. marieandree (verified owner)

    Our son toilet trained easily during the day but during the night he was a bit hit and miss. These aren’t a ‘nappy’ as such so he was happy to wear them, they gave him the confidence to stay at relatives houses without the worry of soaking through their bedding. They are easy to pull up and down with the stretchy waistband,

  11. kristina (verified owner)

    My daughter with special needs uses these nappies. I find them amazing as they absorb so much she never wakes up wet and we also use them during the day with no problems. They never leave marks around her. We switched to these as she is a larger girl and fits no other nappies and have been more then impressed

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  12. Teresa M (verified owner)

    My son tends to wet through his standard nappy each night so I thought maybe drynites would be more absorbent and therefore keep his pjs from getting wet. They didnt seem to help, I didnt find them more absorbent and they are much more expensive, i would just stick to normal nappies.

  13. susannah (verified owner)

    We have used these for a couple of weeks, they are a great absorbent pant and my daughter loved the design. However I think I will go back to the ordinary nappy pants as they are better value for money and do a very similar job. One thing that really bugged me was that there was no tab on the back like the regular nappy pants for neater disposal!!

  14. louise (verified owner)

    These are comfortable and easy to pull up and off. Love the picture that come on the nappie. They are nice and thick but not bulky. They hold the abit not to many accident in them. When they are full they dont fall down. Fits nicely around the wrist with the stretchy band nice.

  15. tatum (verified owner)

    I bought these nappies for my son once he started toilet training.
    He still wears these nappies at night time and undies during the day.
    I love that these have characters on them like undies.
    They are super absorbent and have no leakages at night time.
    They are also really soft on the sides and are just like undies so my son can still pull them down if he needs to go to the bathroom.

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  16. zena (verified owner)

    This product is great! Never a wet bed and no complaints about comfort my daughter loves the frozen pattern so that’s an added bonus ontop of the quality and comfort. I have tried many others and they do not hold as much liquid as these. Would highly suggest if the child drinks a lot and wets a lot through the night.

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  17. morgan (verified owner)

    We tried these drynite pyjama pants as a way to convince our son to transition into a night time only nappy. He did use them for a while however he often wet through which defeated the purpose of them. We also found them much more expensive compared with nappy pants so we switched back to nappy pants for night time.

  18. keanu (verified owner)

    I got these for my son after trying a bunch of different options. I wish I had tried sooner. They are a good fit and comfortable, my son never complains about them. Being a pull up they are easy to get on and off. My son has never woken up wet while wearing these dry nights. Down side they are expensive for a small pack of only 12.

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  19. jamie (verified owner)

    I found these nappies to be excellent with great designs for my son and can hold a lot during the night. They are good if toilet training as they are pull ups and do hold a lot. The downside would be the price for the nappies. I would recommend these.

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  20. ramsey (verified owner)

    Great product these Huggies Pyjama Pants for boys. They never leaked and were so comfortable for my son to wear during the day and night. They are stretchy on the sides so it makes pulling them up and down easy. They are a bit pricey although the best pull ups I’ve tried on my son. Come in a pack of 16. Ages 4 – 7 years and weight of 17 – 30kg. Has a blue mark on the back which tells you it’s the back of pull up. Cool Spiderman design on them.

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  21. Mel D (verified owner)

    I find Huggies Drynights night time pants are the best fit for my boys. They not only fit well (plenty of room) they absorb so much liquid and do not leak. My boys like the spiderman design on the nappy so they get excited about wearing to bed at night.

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  22. Lisa B (verified owner)

    These are great pull ups for little ones, they have cute patterns on them and some have superhero’s and princesses on them for anyone’s favourite character, they don’t look like a nappy which is great but they work all like a nappy, they hold a lot when over night accidents occur.

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  23. Yaninka M (verified owner)

    We’ve tried several different overnight nappy pants and these have been the best so far. I still end up changing the nappy at least once overnight for my three year old, but they last longer than any of the other nappy pants that state that they should last for up to 12 hours

  24. Talina F (verified owner)

    We recently switched from Nappy Pants to these overnight for my 3 year old. She is day trained and I found the Nappy Pants just did not hold enough and left her feeling wet – plus they stank by the morning! These do not smell even after 12 hours sleep, which is a winner here.

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  25. Jim v (verified owner)

    Side seams tore easily. Couldn’t repair. Tried gluing, sticky tape No go.
    Wasted about 10 nappy pants

  26. Ava S (verified owner)

    The Drynites 8-15 are amazing my 14 year old daughter still has troubles at night. She is an extremely heavy wetter and all other products we tried she went through them. The nappy looks cute and she doesn’t mind wearing then they hold a lot and have good leak guards on the side. The only issue is when she sleeps with friends they are pretty easy to notice.

  27. Mary W (verified owner)

    I only recently started using these for my 3 year old who has just recently been toilet trained but still needs to wear a pull up at night. These are amazing!!! My daughter still has milk before bed so she tends to pee through the night. My daughter hasn’t leaked at all since using these drynights. They are so durable. They are on the expensive side but worth every dollar!! And having frozen is a bonus as my daughter is obsessed with frozen at the moment. Highly recommend these if your child pees a lot through the night as they hold a lot.

  28. Tegan S (verified owner)

    Huggies drynites are super easy to use – they are just like undies only they are absorbent. My son is quite big for his age and these are great for the night time – he is still practising at staying dry at night. Like all Huggies nappies and pull ups, sizes do run smaller than the packet states. But they are highly absorbent, discreet – great for older kids, and appear to be comfy to wear.

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I brought this a month ago and my son didn’t want to wear them but then I said to him that it’s fine to wear them and he said Ok I Will give them a try. He would pee his bed all of the time if we didn’t put a nappy on him. Lucky we found drynites for him and they are great.

  30. Gemma (verified owner)

    We are finding we are having frequent leaks requiring full bedding change. We never had this problem in the huggies nappies which we loved but sized out of.

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