Huggies Nappies & Pants (Size 5 – Walker) – Jumbo Box

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Huggies Ultimate disposable nappies feature a New DRYTOUCH® Layer, making them our driest nappies, with up to 12 hours leakage protection now suitable for both boys & girls.

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Our softest nappies featuring silk soft sides to provide protection from leaks and red marks around the legs as well as a soft and stretchy waistband for all-round comfortable and secure fit.

Clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash, Huggies Ultimate is our most breathable nappy and features Huggies’ Breathe Dry(R) Cover to allow air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry.

Huggies Ultimate Size 3 nappies are ideally sized for babies weighing between 6 and 11KG. Huggies Ultimate disposable nappy range is available in the following sizes; Size 1 Newborn (up to 5kg), Size 2 (4 – 8KG), Size 3 (6 – 11KG), Size 4 (10 – 15KG), and Size 5 (13 – 18KG). Please note packaging may vary.

  • Our Driest Nappy with a New DRYTOUCH® Layer and up to 12 hours Overnight Leakage Protection
  • Our best care for skin with an added gentle balm to help protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash
  • Our Softest and most Breathable Nappy – allows fresh air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry
  • Fun Disney classic designs and a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet

SIZE 5 – 52 Pack



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72 reviews for Huggies Nappies & Pants (Size 5 – Walker) – Jumbo Box

  1. sayeeda

    We used these for both our girl and boy. They were great. Never had any issues with leakage – even when they finally started to sleep through the night.



  2. delphine

    I absolutely love Huggies.
    They are super absorbable, and fit well.
    They are easy to put on my baby and the wetness indicator is super handy as a first time mom. (I’m aware other brands have this function, but these were the first brand i used)
    Ive tried other brands and these do not leak as much as other brands.



  3. selwyn

    These have to be the best out there. They are super absorbent. Fit great. Don’t smell and don’t leak! However when I can buy something very similar for a third of the price the choice is easy.



  4. tarah

    These are a reliable overnight nappy. We haven’t had a leak yet and my child is a squirmy tummy sleeper. They fit well and don’t leave red marks.



  5. kazem

    Huggies’ nappies are definitely the best fit. They provide the best leakage protection. We also appreciated the wetness indicator at various times, especially with a newborn for those first few days watching for wetness when we were unsure as the nappy could feel quite dry! It does draw the dampness away from baby’s skin and helps to prevent nappy rash occurring. They also prevent any unpleasant odour.



  6. chantalle

    Huggies ultra dry nappies are a great day or night nappy. They reliably keep my son leak free and comfortable over night and don’t allow any ‘explosions’. They are a great fit too.



  7. kazem

    Huggies’ nappies are definitely the best fit. They provide the best leakage protection. We also appreciated the wetness indicator at various times, especially with a newborn for those first few days watching for wetness when we were unsure as the nappy could feel quite dry! It does draw the dampness away from baby’s skin and helps to prevent nappy rash occurring. They also prevent any unpleasant odour.



  8. thornton

    The only newborn and infant nappies I have found that really don’t leak! And trust me that hard to find for a little boy. I love all the Disney patterns as well. Definitely worth the extra few dollars.



  9. twana

    Good protection, have only leaked once – but that was my fault, my little squirmer ended up with it on all skew. They have cute designs and it’s like christmas every time we get a new box to see if we have a different picture. The wetness indicator are great for quick sneaky check! Only downside is price, I usually look around for specials, but like others have said you do pay for quality.



  10. trixy

    Huggies nappies have been fantastic. They fit really well as a newborn when other brands were too big and we have had the least leaks with these compared to other brands. The new design with the wider pocket at the back has been a great change and has saved us many times! They are expensive but you can usually find them on special if you shop around.

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  11. alayne

    The huggies nappies truly are the best at fit, leak control and minimising irritation. Plus the wetness line on them are fantastic. When your bub is getting close to the suggested upper weight margin they are harder to put on and I find I go up a size earlier than suggested for that reason. The other thing is the cost. They are one of the most expensive nappies on the market but I guess they are just taking advantage of their good name and the fact that people will continue to buy them! Always a bonus when they are on sale 🙂



  12. mirilla

    We have tried a lot of nappies over the period of having children but have found Huggies nappies were certainly a go to brand in my house. I have used them on all 3 children and although expensive I have found them to be extremely reliable at containing all their messes. The wetness indicator was especially handy as you could see the change in the nappy without having to put a finger inside to feel for wetness.

  13. michael

    These nappies are very absorbent (great for overnight!), have cute Disney inspired designs on them, and they have an amazing feature whereby you can tell if they’re wet from their colour i.e. you don’t need to actually take the nappy off to check. We don’t use them all the time because they’re a bit costly.

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  14. caelan

    Newborn nappies are great very soft and absorbent. The tabs are good though you cannot reseal the tabs, which would be a benefit. The nappies hold a lot of wee before spilling out the sides. It is a great nappy to use during the night as it holds for a long time. I also have not experience any rash from use

  15. lizbuzz14

    We have tried many different brands of nappies but always came back to Huggies. Both our son and daughter have no issues with them, they are worth the little bit of extra money

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  16. duncan

    We have tried a few different brands, however keep coming back to huggies. Whilst they are a little more expensive, they just do the job better. More absorbent than other brands, and better fit around the legs, means less accidents! Never had a problem with nappy rash with huggies. If you buy in bulk when they’re on sale, they are definitely worth that little extra.

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  17. mum

    We have used these nappies in many sizes and they seem to be the best at holding everything in and they can stay on for 12 hours. We only use Huggies overnight for this reason. They are expensive but the big supermarkets have the boxes on special frequently so it’s not so bad. We love the wetness indicator too. My only quibble is I don’t understand why they are gendered nappies in pink and blue. We have used both boys’ and girls’ ones on the same kid and both work equally well. I wish they would just have one type like other brands.


  18. eleanore

    I find this to be the best nappy out of all the other ones I have tried. It is the most absorbent as it has a different material compared to the others where it keeps the baby’s bottom dry. This is the nappy I usually use for night time where I don’t change the child for about 10 hours. The only con about it is that it is quite expensive especially if it is not on special.



  19. sela

    we got Huggies as the first nappy for our baby and ever since then it’s been the most favourite and trusted one. We tried a few other as well for the price but couldn’t replace this. Simply love this diaper as it keeps the baby comfortable and dry. It never leaks.

  20. babb

    These are the best nappies I have used. The are the most absorbent and have the best leakage prevention, especially before babies start solids. I have found these nappies really do hold up to 12 hours of leakage protection as we have had them on our little one that long occasionally and they were very full but hadn’t leaked. They seem to be comfortable for our daughter too. They are more expensive and I buy a few boxes whenever they come on sale so that they aren’t so expensive. I used these nappies when going out and about when our daughter was under one to avoid leakage problems when we were out.



  21. randie

    First time mum, they are the best and worth the money, they always leave my sons bum dry never had a rash! I love the wet indicator at the front so convenient. Look for specials there seems to be a few lately I know there are cheaper out there but I have never had a problem with them so I will not be changing for costs.

  22. anatola

    Perfect fit everytime, no leaks bonus of “the blue line”

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  23. augusto

    I have a 10 week old and i have nothing but good things to say about these nappies. They fit well, keep in everything and are soft on my bubs bottom. We haven’t had any leakage or issues with nappy rash. I have tried a few other brands and i just don’t have the confidence in them that i do with huggies. 5 stars!!

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  24. stacey

    We’ve used Huggies Nappies in all sizes for both of our sons- both as babies and toddlers- and have always found them to be effective in keeping them dry and containing messes. Regardless of brand, you can always expect some leakages, but we’ve found them to be minimal with Huggies nappies. They’ve never reacted badly to their skin and they feel very soft. Admittedly, I have also used another brand of nappies lately for price savings, but if the Huggies nappies are on sale or if you can afford the little extra, they are a great nappy.


  25. sela

    we got Huggies as the first nappy for our baby and ever since then it’s been the most favourite and trusted one. We tried a few other as well for the price but couldn’t replace this. Simply love this diaper as it keeps the baby comfortable and dry. It never leaks.

  26. marci

    Love these nappies! Never leaks. My baby often has loose bowel movements and it absorbs it right up, my baby has never had nappy rash using these nappies and I never need to put cream on her bottom. The wetness indicator works perfectly and I don’t need to open the nappy to check but if I do the tabs are wonderful and stick back on as many times as you want often other nappies tabs don’t stick well once opened incense or twice. At night my baby sleeps 8 hours straight most nights and does not require a nappy change as the nappies are super absorbable which works out to save about of money as something of the cheaper alternatives don’t hold as much and often leak causing a lot more washing and a lot More nappy changed. Nappies are also popular and are often on special making them more affordable and I buy in bulk too.

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  27. ciara

    Definitely the best newborn nappy brand that i have used. Highly absorbant, meaning bub never experienced nappy rash. Stretchy waist band meaning it was very comfortable to wear for baby and fitted snugly. Very useful wettness indicator meaning i only needed to change bub when the colour changed. I would highly recommend this product.

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  28. Rachel C

    Huggies disposable nappies are the best we’ve tried so far. They have great absorbency and is very gentle on the skin. Even when the nappy is so full to the point of bursting, my child’s skin remains dry.

    I like the little soft bumps on the nappies. I also like the fit. Unlike some nappies, they don’t leave marks on my child’s legs.

    We only use Huggies for overnight wears. It is on the more expensive side of nappies and for this reason, we choose a cheaper alternative for daytime use.


  29. pascal

    After using a cheaper brand that left all the moisture sitting on the surface of the nappy our little bub aquired irritating rashes, we switched to huggies newborn, and her rash cleared up within 2 days. They are so good at absorbing the moisture and keeping it away from baby’s sensitive skin, and not once have we have an issue with leaking, they hold a lot of moisture. I also found they were a better fit than some other newborn brands that were a bit bulkier on such little babies!

  30. sarah

    I have used three stages of the Huggies nappies and I have been happy. The nappies are absorbant and I’ve only had very few times where there has been leakage, but that could have easily been my fault. My daughter has never had nappy rash and they are very soft and easy to use. The nappies are a bit more expensive, but I always try to stock up when they are on special.

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  31. lona

    As a newborn, we used Huggies day and night because of the wetness indicator which as first time parents, we found extremely helpful! As our baby got a bit older, we started using cheaper ones through the day but nothing passes Huggies for nighttime! They absorb soooo much and still don’t go on to pj’s. Yes they are more expensive, but for good reason! Because we only use at nighttime, a box will last ages!

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  32. suzi Z

    I have used three stages of the Huggies nappies and I have been happy. The nappies are absorbant and I’ve only had very few times where there has been leakage, but that could have easily been my fault. My daughter has never had nappy rash and they are very soft and easy to use. The nappies are a bit more expensive, but I always try to stock up when they are on special.

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  33. liz

    Huggies are the best nappies! Super absorbent and perfectly fitted to any size baby. I also love the colour change strip that shows when baby is wet. However, it is too expensive, so we only use at night time. It is the only brand that my boys can sleep through the night without leaks and/ or rashes.

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  34. ashleigh

    After trying multiple brands on both my daughters over time I always go back to huggies. Although quite a bit more expensive than most other brands I feel they are well worth it. Wetness indicator is very handy with newborn nappies as they aren’t always heavy and easy to feel if they are wet. They are super absorbent.

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  35. meredith

    These are my nappies of choice and true to their name do seem to leave bubs ultra dry. Although we have experienced the occasional poo leakage (as we have with all brands) any wee leakages have been extremely rare with these ones. The way that they are structured seems to compartmentalise the wee into the front part of the nappy (unless very full) which helps keep baby’s bottom nice and dry. The wetness indicator is also brilliant in the early days when not wanting to wake baby unnecessarily. Although they are more expensive than other brands they definitely work out to be better value for money considering that you use less and have less outfit changes due to leakages!

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  36. carlye

    These Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies are our go to nappies. After trying several different brands, which were cheaper than huggies, we keep going back to the huggies ultra dry nappies. They offer good protection with great absorbency, fit both our children very well. These nappies are soft on the skin and endorsed by the midwife association and are clinically proven to prevent nappy rash – added bonus. The nappies have winnie pooh pictures on them. They are expensive but well worth it as they are the best we have come across. Sometimes you pay for quality!

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  37. jamesmichael

    I use Huggies on my baby and I’m a fan. These nappies are super absorbent and great for overnight, even 12 hours! we rarely have leaks with these nappies. They have very cute designs on them too. The only downside is the price, as they are quite pricey for something that you use so much of. If you can find it on sale, then it’s a winner.


  38. vonda

    These nappies are seriously the best! I have had no problems at all with them ! Highly reccomened

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  39. vanya

    Best nappies we have used so far. Bit expensive but still can’t do without it and moreover not much of difference in price compared to other nappies that leak and things so messy. we use these nappies during night and when we go out. My baby stays happy always! So it’s our favourite one we would recommend to all.

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  40. judith

    Huggies is our choice for night time. We have tried several others and this is the most absorbent, doesn’t smell bad and has never leaked even after a 12 hour use. I don’t mind paying a bit more as it performs so well, although I try to buy extra when they are in discount. If we would use disposable nappies at day time as well, I would probably opt for something cheaper but as a night only it works great.

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  41. Tayla M

    Working in a childcare that always used baby love I would of just used baby love on my first born but after trying huggies I would never use another brand of nappies! My 3 month old hasn’t been sleeping through the night and has never leaked through the nappy or been left with red marks. The waistband is very comfortable and the nappies come with a very reliable and easy to read wetness indicator.

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  42. selcuk A

    I was given a pack of these in hospital and I really liked the huggies newborn nappies as they were the only disposable nappy that fit my scrawny baby. I like that they had the wetness indicator, perfect for partners and grandparent who aren’t use to disposables. We did have some leaks (liquid poo up back) but I think we would of got them with any nappy. Happy with this product.

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  43. lois

    Huggies is always a great nappy! As soon as he was out of newborn size we never had any leaks. Apparently because the newborns isn’t gender specific there’s more room for error. I stock up whenever they are on sale because they aren’t the cheapest but they are definitely worth the splurge!

    “Originally posted on”

  44. baby

    We love these nappies and stock up when they are on special as they can be expensive compared to other brands.
    The feel very soft on baby’s skin and are super absorbing. We have had less blow outs with these nappies and will always use them if we are going out.


  45. emily

    Simply put; this is the best nappy on the market. I would much rather pay the price for a quality product then deal with leakages and bad smells. Not once have I had leakages even over night. I like how they trap the smell in and you can never smell urine or poop. They are soft and comfy and never given my bub a rash or irritation. I LOVE HUGGIES NAPPIES!!!!

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  46. doc

    i have used huggies newborn nappies for both of my children and found that they are a long way in front of cheaper brands.
    i have used some cheaper brands which resulted in leaking from the sides. huggies nappies are a lot better fitting and are wonderful in preventing the wet feeling on babies skin.

    “Originally posted on”

  47. nakita

    I have found huggies to be the best over the years, my baby didnt have any leaks or pooplosions when wearing huggies (did with every other brand i used), they dont smell after baby has used bladder like alot of others do. The wetness indicator is really handy. Now only use huggies and dont even bother with other brands!!

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  48. lauraavanrijn

    I use both cloth and a variety of disposable nappies. These nappies are great, we have never had a leak or ‘poonami’ with these. Our little boy did have pretty cubby legs though. They are great for overnight, you don’t have the stress of leaking nappies halfway through the night and then having to change sheets when you are half asleep.

    “Originally posted on”

  49. alain

    These nappies are great for daytime and night time ! They are really fantastic and absorbent . I have tried baby love and other cheaper brands and always end up regretting my decision and changing back to reliable buggies nappies . Even though they are more expensive , you get great quality nappies that last a lot longer than cheaper alternitives

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  50. porter

    Great nappies! For newborns and they fit extremely well. Was able to trust that if put on correctly there wouldn’t be any leaks overnight as well as during the day. They are a touch expensive but are definitely worth it as we never had the big explosions that people talk about while using them. Very easy to use and the tabs affix easily. Good product

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  51. eliezer

    Best of the best. I received a pack as a gift and used them for the first few weeks before trying the cheaper brands. Comparatively the Huggies nappies were luxury so when they came on sale I purchased. I never used the others and now he’s the next I’ve up I never will

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  52. amanda

    Nappy pants are a godsend for people whose toddlers cannot sit still during a change. These are the first ones I tried because I have been using the Huggies ultimate regular style nappies. I can’t fault these for anything except that they are rarely on sale. Whenever they are, I buy them. They are comfortable and absorbent and stretching yourself that baby can move and it won’t leave any red marks.




  53. hollie

    Lots of other nappies I tried on my first 2 they’d always leak but know it’s just my son in the nappies and I switched to huggies and they are great don’t leak at all and don’t give him a nappy rash which is a bonus and don’t leave red marks on the legs

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  54. mum

    Great for toilet training & great for overnight nappies. They’re easy for our boy to pull up & down & easy to tear off on the sides if needed when they do a nasty poo. We’ve had very few leaks & no red marks. They’re super soft, stretchy & our boy loves the print designs on them which make them fun for him too.




  55. swathi0202

    It’s a really good product. Absorbs the wetness and my daughter doesn’t feel uncomfortable with these nappies. No diaper rash till now. I have used huggies diapers from the day my daughter was born. Tried different types of huggies nappies and I am happy with all. From newborn till size 5 nappies.

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  56. Samantha B

    Huggies is one of the two brand that i bought for my baby. Tried ultimate nappy pant on him this week and it works quite ok. So far no leakage problem at all. One thing I don’t like about the nappy , is that isn’t fit that well on him compare to tape nappy. But pant easier when he is cranky and refuse to stay until change is done.




  57. yvonne

    these are great if your baby has got the hang of undoing their nappy because the seal is more hidden and discreet, and theyre great for toilet training letting your baby get the hang of taking on and off their undies/nappy. i like how soft and breathable these nappies are and that they have re-sealable sides making them easier to get of at changing time.




  58. Charmaine S

    I think you can never attain a best fit with a stretchy pull-up, however, these are the best we have come across. They stay up even when full to give you time to get to a change table without a huge mess ensuing. We have had an occasional leak around the legs but I think that’s just due to the nature of a pull up not being the best fit and not actually because of the level of absorbency.




  59. dannika

    These are great when your toddler decides they don’t want to wear normal nappies we have tried many nappies pant including the cheaper huggies brand but we found the rest would start to fall down once they were wet where the ultimate nappy pant didn’t so while they are a bit more expensive they ended up being better value for money since I wasn’t having to change them every hour

    “Originally posted on”



  60. kerry

    My all time favorite nappy pants!
    absolutely love how silky these are. They are so soft I can’t fault them.
    They fit nice and snug but do not cut in around the legs or waist.
    They are super absorbent and we’ve never had a leak, even using them overnight for a heavy wetter.

    They’re a little pricey, but worth it, and are often on special

    “Originally posted on”



  61. Danielle R

    These are the best nappies on the market. The hold so much and my boys never got any rashes they hugged the legs and were true to sizing. They always have the cutest little designs and we’re the perfect nappy especially after my son had surgery. The crystals never come out and went everywhere and it somewhat contained smells




  62. porter

    Nothing more really needs to be said about these nappies. I used them with my eldest daughter once she got on the move and they are proving to be just as good if not better the second time round. They are super easy to slip on and you can pull the sides out across their bottoms to prevent any pesky leaking which I only discovered later. If a’big’ incident should occur I just rip open the sides and remove the nappy that way so as not to drag any contents over my daughter. Wonderful soft nappies.

    “Originally posted on”



  63. Natalie W

    I purchased these nappies as a back up to the ones we normally would purchase as they were out of stock and I was pleasently suprised.

    They were easy to put on, take off and we have had no leakages thus far.

    We mainly use these overnight and we have had no issues.

    They are so much easier to put on my little one when he is wriggling around on the floor.

    “Originally posted on”



  64. Kira M

    These are great nappy pants. Very absorbant, easy to pull up and take down and the size is great. I love the extra sticky tab on the back thay makes it super easy to dispose of. My daughter loves the mini mouse design too. I wish they had the tabs on the side like the old design so you can take them off easily if nubs soils it.

    “Originally posted on”



  65. Joanne L

    We buy these when they are on special as they are too expensive and we use alternatives that do the job. No night time leaks, great for my son to learn to put on and take off himself. Great packaging and easy to find in store. I would highly recommend.



  66. Wendy H

    Great nappy pants – reliable and absorbent. Soft and my bubs have no issues with these nappy pants – no rashes or red marks. Easily available from supermarkets etc. And are on specials from time to time. But I find these nappy pants a bit pricier than the ultimate ones (and I tend to buy and use the ultimate nappy pants more)



  67. Renee

    I’ve been using the ultimate range since my 21month old was a newborn occasionally I would try other brands that were cheaper but it worked out to be more expensive as we we went through more.
    I buy 1 box a week of the huggies ultimates and I don’t need to stress about rashes and irritations they really do keep baby’s bums dryer for longer.



  68. Liz C

    These really are ‘ultimate’ – supremely soft and stretch and do an incredible job of absorbing. Even the design which can be quite dated or garish with Huggies is subtle.



  69. Rösie M

    These are the brand of pull-ups that we have been using since we started toilet training.

    They fit well, unlike other brands that seem to ride up one side of the bum.
    They are easy for our toddler to take on and off when he needs to go to the toilet.
    Good Value for money, if you buy on special!

    “Originally posted on”

  70. Anonymous

    My 2 year old daughter lived in these loved them which made toilet training so hard now my twin boys 1 year old wear boys huggies and I can trust that they will stay dry all night and be comfortable we go through so many nappies and I won’t change at all

  71. Haley

    We were gifted a box of nappy pants a couple of months ago and they have been great. They are absorbent enough for overnight use and are easy to put on, great for toddlers that like to get changed on the run

  72. bubblesm24 (verified owner)

    Love these have always been my go to with my daughter as she’s reacted to every other nappy out there

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