Huggies Baby Wipes Jumbo 240s Pack – Fragrance Free & Cucumber with Aloe

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Shipper contains: 3 x 240s Pack

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Huggies 240s Wipes (Shipper) - $39.99


Save time and money when you buy by the shipper!

Shipper contains: 3 packs of Huggies Baby Wipes 240s (Shipper)

  • Huggies Baby Wipes are free from alcohol (means Ethanol and Isopropanol), soap, parabens and MI.
  • Huggies Triple Clean* Technology provides the ultimate combination of thickness, softness and absorbency.
  • Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and PH balanced
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  • Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

Huggies Fragrance Free baby wipe have Triple Clean* Technology to provide the ultimate combination of thickness, softness and absorbency for cleaner, healthier skin. They safely and gently protect against nappy rash by providing a complete clean that ensures nothing is left behind. Together with Huggies Nappies, Huggies baby wipes help protect babies delicate skin.




127 reviews for Huggies Baby Wipes Jumbo 240s Pack – Fragrance Free & Cucumber with Aloe

  1. Phebe N (verified owner)

    Just bought this few days ago and I found it has really great design and fit into my bag or very easy to hang into the pram for a day out. Although it cannot fill much wipes, but i think it is enough for a day usage. The clutch is easy to close and open which is a good thing. The slim design also let me able to carry it around easily, rather than the one-pack bulky wipes.

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  2. rhiannon (verified owner)

    Have used various different brands of baby wipes over the last five years but always come back to these ones: they are thick enough so you don’t accidentally put your finger through them and although they are slightly more expensive than some other brands I think they work out more cost effective because you don’t have to use nearly as many to get the job done. Neither of my kids have ever reacted to them either!

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  3. kirsty (verified owner)

    The Huggies Clutch ‘N’ Go Baby Wipes holder is one of the most handy items in my nappy bag. It’s compact and slots in easily while being able to hold enough wipes for a poo-nami and then some! The bag is waterproof and completely seals with the ziplock. I’ve had mine for ages and it’s still going strong.

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  4. Patricia C (verified owner)

    Great on the go product that is easy to refill and use. I love mine, however upon purchase, I replaced the wipes with the Huggies coconut oil ones as the standard product this pouch comes with is too dry for Bub. Apart from that it is definitely worth the purchase and reasonably priced.

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  5. jordan (verified owner)

    Soo handy and a must have! Love that it has a clip to clip onto the pram or a bag. Holds heaps of wipes too and is the perfect size to not take up too much room in the nappy bag. It also fits other wipes inside so you don’t have to just buy the Huggies ones

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  6. Bianca B (verified owner)

    These are my favourite wipes by far. I love the thickness of them, how well they absorb, and how they feel. My husband refuses to use any other wipes but these. The only thing I could fault is that sometimes they are hard to get out of the packet with one husband they get stuck (mainly when the packet is full).

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  7. gina (verified owner)

    I always choose wipes that is fragrance free for my kids. I love that this Huggies wipes has no nasty chemicals so safe for my kids sensitive skin. I love that unlike other wipes, you can easily pull each sheet one at a time. Bonus is the cute koala design.

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  8. maria (verified owner)

    I bought this pouch because a new packet of wipes had split open and I thought I can safe them by putting them in this pouch. So far i am very happy, it seems sturdy and has an easy opening. I thought it was a bit pricey but hopefully it will last a while.

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  9. tessa (verified owner)

    I’m not a fan of huggies nappies, but I did like these wipes and I use them often. They are good priced and my baby has had no issues with them.
    They’re not scented so they’re good for sensitive skin and I will keep using them.
    I recommend this product to you.

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  10. kate (verified owner)

    I use this tub for any packet of wipes I currently have in the go. The tub is quite large and can hold more than 1 packet. It is easy to refill and the jagged edge where the wipes come out help separate the wipes so a big clump doesn’t come out. The tub is a must have for a nursery set up.

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  11. keanu (verified owner)

    These huggies wipes are nice and thick. They are soft and just enough moisture without leaving bubs skin too wet. The resealable pack stops them drying out. I have never had a reaction in bubs sensitive skin using these fragrance free wipes. Sometimes they don’t always come out of the pack one after another.

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  12. samantha (verified owner)

    I love the fact that this is a reusable tub and that the refill wipes work out to be cheaper in the long run (not to mention also using less plastic packaging over time). I’m not the biggest fan of Huggies wipes so I purchase an alternative brand and refill the tub as usual. The tub also makes pulling wipes out a lot easier.

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  13. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    I love huggies wipes! They’re so soft, a good wetness and have a present scent. They are nice and soft on my sons skin and he’s never had a reaction. I like that you can buy them in bulk, tubs or individual, and that you can get them everywhere. Can never go wrong with huggies!

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  14. tahnika (verified owner)

    Love! Huggies are my go to for nappies and wipes! They are paraben free and nice and thick and are not too wet. I live that’s these ones are fragrance free. They are good for babies sensitive skin I have never had a problem with getting a rash using these wipes and they are cheap which is a plus

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  15. Valentina O (verified owner)

    I keep this in my nappy bag. I brought this about 2 years ago and it has been great. When I first bought it I hadn’t had my baby yet, but we kept it in the car to keep wet wipes. It kept the wet wipes moist and usable for a long time. Now that I have my baby I put his baby wipes in it and its great.

  16. Valentina O (verified owner)

    My husband accidentally bout this tub instead of the other disposable wipes. But I am glad he bought it. I can buy the refill baby wipes now and just refill the tub. Its great. I like the lid as it keeps the wipes safe and also hides the actual wipes from my baby when he plays with the tub.

  17. Michelle L (verified owner)

    These are mine and hubby’s favourite go to. We were recommended by friends and true enough, it is thick and moist and so easy to use. We have tried others that tear easily but huggies would be my favourite. We prefer the fragrance free and it is so easily available at any local supermarket or chemist.

  18. samantha (verified owner)

    Really really handy! I have so many of these, one in each car, one in the swimming bag, nappy bag and in the pram basket. They’re a good size and you can really pack a lot of nappies inside so you’re not constantly having to fill them up. They are a bit expensive however they are quiet often on sale.

  19. sarah (verified owner)

    We tried a big range of wipes in the beginning of our parenting journey. After trying pretty much every brand out there, our ‘go to’ is Huggies wipes.
    They are thicker than other wipes, so you don’t have to use as many to clean those messy faces, hands (& tiny bottoms).
    We love the dispenser refill tubs too & have one in each of the vital rooms/locations for ease of cleaning messes.

  20. lyn (verified owner)

    The huggies wipes have always been my go to wipes. They’re very moist and thick. They clean very well and I prefer the fragrance free as I’m sensitive to some smells. None of my kids have ever had a reaction to them and they’re easy to get from supermarkets. I’ve tried other brands and these are definitely my favourite.

  21. Rita C (verified owner)

    Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are really good wipes. They are nice and moist and thick, they clean well and you really dont need to use lots of wipes to get the job done.
    I would recommend these wipes to all mums as they are affordable and a good quality product

  22. sarah (verified owner)

    These are by far the best wipes I have used! Such a good idea having the east rip on each wipe, you never grab out too many and only one at a time. Love the cute refill boxes too. Very gentle on baby’s skin and don’t leave excess moisture behind. Highly recommend these wipes to everyone

  23. abigail (verified owner)

    I love these! So handy to have and much easier than having to take an entire bulky packet of wipes. These fit well into the pockets of my nappy bag or handbag, and seal shut so they stay wet. Totally worth the price as you just keep refilling it. Nappy bag MUST HAVE

  24. Amy P (verified owner)

    Never leave home without it. It’s great to throw into my nappy bag or handbag for emergencies. Handy to have a button clasp string to attach to bag or pram too. I love the bright and colourful designs, the snap lock closure, and the soft packaging which means I can just stuff it into an already overflowing nappy bag

  25. fiona (verified owner)

    We have a few of these pouches on the go. I love that they are refillable, but a bit more compact than a full packet of wipes, it easily fits in my nappy bag. We also leave a spare in the pram and the car just incase! I find the packs seal well and keep the wipes just as moist as the original packets.

  26. adelheid (verified owner)

    Never leave home without it. It’s great to throw into my nappy bag or handbag for emergencies. Handy to have a button clasp string to attach to bag or pram too. I love the bright and colourful designs, the snap lock closure, and the soft packaging which means I can just stuff it into an already overflowing nappy bag

  27. ashleigh (verified owner)

    I have used Huggies wipes on both my son and my daughter and I would not use any other wipe on the market. These wipes are so moist, making any cleanups easy, they are also so soft on baby’s skin. I even use them as a makeup remover for myself.

  28. Vanessa S (verified owner)

    We have this for nappy wipes and quite like it. Love that it can be fully wiped down from germs and the handle comes in handy. It also seals really well. It’s good when you don’t want to take a big pack of wipes and fits in the baby bag quite well. I also sometimes will put 1 nappy inside so I just need to take this little bag if I go somewhere quick.

  29. zachariah (verified owner)

    We use these wipes daily on our baby and find they are both wet enough and strong enough to survive nappy changes! The fragrance free is suitable for sensitive skin types and provides a fresh scent after changing. The added bonus of these wipes coming in a bulk pack make this a cost effective wipe choice.

  30. Emily F (verified owner)

    Huggies fragrance free wipes is so far the only wipes I’ve been using since having my first baby. I tried using the other huggies wipes but my baby tend to have a skin reaction. So I switched back straight away to the fragrance free one. I like how it doesn’t have strong fragrance to it. And it’s thick. My baby has eczema so I’d stick to using this and would not even try any other brand at all.

  31. Louise K (verified owner)

    My partner brought this tub rather than our regular wipes and although I don’t love the wipes that cane in the tub (they were very thick) the tub itself is great. It keeps wipes moist and so easy to pop open and grab a wipe with only one hand during a change. Bub also loves looking at the colourful picture on the tub wish keeps her occupied during nappy change time which is an added bonus.

  32. ranae (verified owner)

    great little travel pack. I have bought a couple of these and always have them stocked. Also keep one pack for the car. They are just light weight and convenient. So easy to repack and replace. Great to have and worth having one even just for on the go.

  33. tegan (verified owner)

    We use the Huggies clutch and go in our nappy bag. It comes in really handy to have a small number of wipes ready to go.

    The regular size packets can be quite bulky which is a bit of a pain.

    The clutch n go makes it easy and the wipes are refillable which is even better!

  34. jayde (verified owner)

    I love these tubs! I bought two before my daughter was born so we’d have one upstairs and one downstairs. So much easier and more convenient than a packet of wipes which I found were getting dried out quickly. Any brand of wipes can be used in these which is a huge bonus.

  35. ish (verified owner)

    I wanted something that I could keep in my nappy bag but won’t take up too much space and I came across this quite recently. I thought they looked quite cute as well so bought one the next time I was in the shops. I like that it comes with an attachment that I can use to attach it to the outside of my nappy bag which means when I need it urgently to wipe something I don’t have to go rummaging around in the bad. I’m planning to get a few more. 1 for the car, and 1 to put disinfectant wipes in.

  36. voort (verified owner)

    I was on the hunt for these for ages and was so happy when they were re released. These are convenient clutch pouches that don’t leak. They come with a small packet of wipes and you can refill the clutch with a decent amount when you have run out. The plastic is nice and thick and does not tear. The loop handle makes it really good to just attach onto the pram and go. I have purchased several of these and never leave home without.

  37. Nyree F (verified owner)

    Our baby suffered badly with curash and a couple of other baby wipes – leaving nasty red rashes on her bottom so we resorted to cotton wool and water, too afraid to try anything else, until a family member recommended these for sensitive skin and good value for money – we haven’t looked back!
    Good thick and large size means you don’t have any messy hands etc and you don’t have to use copious amounts to get everything clean
    They don’t dry out and leave the bottom fresh and rash free

  38. hayley (verified owner)

    The only wipes I ever use on my little one as they are fragrance free and nice and thick. I find that they always stay nice a wet and don’t dry out even when I transfer some of them into my travel container. They are great for sensitive little bums and also great for cleaning up little faces after snack time

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  39. steph (verified owner)

    We take this everywhere! Such a small accessory for your bag and yet so fashionable with a funky modern design so you can have it on show or even hanging from or in your own handbag. The opening never comes away from the packaging like so many store bought packs, and the prints make for interesting distraction during nappy changes too

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  40. porter (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love to get something for free when buying baby products! I always find receipt the reusable plastic tub with these wipes extremely useful! I have these tubs all are ounce my house for easy use with all my children. There really is nothing that compares with the quality of Huggies wipes.

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  41. Emily F (verified owner)

    Love this! I have too many in the house with me. Very handy. I hang one inside the car for easy grab when driving. One attached to the pram, one in my bag and everywhere else in the house where I need it. I wish they come it many more designs. For some reason there is always the same design/pattern that I could get every time I buy them.

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  42. Laura C (verified owner)

    Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are very good. They are thicker than some other brands and seem to clean better. Love that they are fragrance free and gentle on my daughters skin. Buggies is a brand I trusted and when I used them found them the best and will continue to buy them

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  43. dakota (verified owner)

    Of the several brands of wipes we have tried, these are a favourite in my household. They are the softest ones we have come across. Being non scented, they are great to use when changing diapers as well as cleaning hands and faces. The cute storage box also looks great in the nursery as it’s always sitting out on display and it’s very easy to refill.

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  44. Elli G (verified owner)

    These wipes are thicker than other brands, so it makes it easier to pick up those extra sticky bits. They have a simple fragrance and are nice and soft on the skin for bubs which is great. I also love the packaging is so easy to pull a wipe out and are easy to pop in the nappy bag or in the pram.

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  45. Emma T (verified owner)

    We prefer the huggies brand wipes over the others because they are thick and not too wet and easy to pull from the container with one hand. This container is not only practical, but as it comes in different designs, it looks good in the nursery too. I also find it is cheaper to buy the refill packs for this than the equivalent in the 80 packs of wipes.

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  46. coralie (verified owner)

    I love these boxes I have so many floating around my house and best of all your wipes Dnt dry out they stay wet but I also love that even if you Dnt want to use them for wipes anymore they are great for arts and crafts battles cords and there hard so stack well

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  47. claire (verified owner)

    We have tried a few different brands and huggies wipes were just better overall for their price. Thicker wipe which made wiping bottom easier. I found i used less of these wipes as well which is always a plus! I also like that they’re wet(moist) but not dripping! Some brands are known for this and it’s something I don’t like. Will always go back to huggies!

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  48. Anchal G (verified owner)

    Of the several brands of wipes we have tried, these are a favourite in my household. They are the softest ones we have come across. I love the gorgeous design on this Huggies wipes tub. Love the easy access to wipes from the lid of the tub. It’s also great as you can refill the box with a new packet.

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  49. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    I have always loved having huggies nappy wipes. These are the most useful for me, the wipes are the perfect thickness and softness to wipe a sensitive baby bum. I usually purchase the fragrance free to prevent any irritation (if may be). I know I can alway rely on using this brand over any other. Highly recommend!

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  50. Kirrilly C (verified owner)

    These wipes have been great for keeping in our nappy bag.
    I love the fact that they are fragrance-free, and aren’t too wet. Some other wipes are dripping when you pull them out!
    They have a great clip seal to keep the wipes fresh, and they aren’t bad on price either. I find these don’t leave a residue on our bub which some other brands do.

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  51. Jessie H (verified owner)

    We love these wipes. They clean very well, making sure there’s nothing left over whereas other brands of wipes I have used I have had trouble trying to clean my sons bum perfectly. I will definitely continue to buy this brand as my son gets older. I would recommend these wipes for all parents

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  52. Casey I (verified owner)

    These huggies travel pack wipes are a must have. Make great gift for a first time mum. Keeps wipes moist and very easy to use. I take them everywhere with us. They can clip on to nappy bag or pram. The wipes are gentle on the skin and left no marks or irritations.

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  53. Ashley A (verified owner)

    These wipes are the best. They clean well, they smell fresh and are very moist. The wipes are very thick and good sized. I have never had an issue with these wipes. They never leave a rash. I use them on my baby and my toddler and will never change brand after using these wipes.

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  54. Sheeba (verified owner)

    Huggies Fragrance Free Baby Wipe cleans well, It has a good amount of moisture so you won’t need too much.
    They are fragrance free ,personally I preferred to use scented wipes
    as your bub smell nice after nappy change.
    But I tried these too. You can purchase it from Chemist ware house.Sometimes they are on special so you get a better deal.

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  55. Amanda L (verified owner)

    We love these wipes and usually buy the refill 400 wipe pack when on special for $10. They are thick and great for my son’s sensitive eczema prone skin. When you pull out a wipe only one comes out (doesn’t happen with all the wipes out there!). A bit more expensive than some other brands but worth it!

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  56. Blythe F (verified owner)

    I love how you can refill this! I buy bulk wipes, rather than the single packs and this is great and easy to refill. The wipes don’t dry out at all. So easy and convenient plus cost effective! Highly recommend. I’ll be buying a few more to leave in the car and in my hand bag.

  57. Melissa E (verified owner)

    I love my wipe container, it is easy to refill and use, you can put a packet and a half of wipes in it so you never have to wait until it’s almost empty to refill (and get caught short mid nappy change.) The wipes are the best, thick, wet enough and clean up all messes with ease. One of the best things I brought while pregnant.

  58. Toni M (verified owner)

    I love my huggies refill container. Its super handy to keep next to the change table and so easy to pop open for quick access. Refill packs are on special regularly so its easy to stock up on wipes. Wipes are always kept moist inside the container. You can usually find a very cute design printed on the containers too.

  59. Cecilia T (verified owner)

    Believe it or not, we are grateful all the time for having received this in a gift hamper when our bub was born. It’s an essential in the nappy bag and so secure to keep your wipes moist.
    The clutch is super easy to clean and with it’s colorful design, is easy to spot in a big nappy bag. Our nappy bag has a dispenser slot function and this fits perfectly there.

  60. Cecilia T (verified owner)

    I absolutely love using this! It’s super easy to tap for the lid to top up, has nice round corners and edges in case bub decides to get adventurous during change time and is super easy to clean.
    It’s not heavy so doesn’t add unnecessary weight to our nappy caddy that hangs off our change table tray.

  61. Kim S (verified owner)

    This was a dash and grab purchase and one that we now buy with purpose. Such a practical must have for any car trip or day trip with little ones.

    No harsh smells, enough in the pack for multiple baby related spills, seals up well, not super pricey and a reputable brand.

  62. Chithrika R (verified owner)

    These are the trusted wipes in our house, they are fragrance free and are thick and clean up really well. Love using them on my little girl and use them all the time. They are fantastic and reliable brand and always find that they clean up their bottom with one or two wipes.

  63. Chithrika R (verified owner)

    Great tub to have on hand at all time, i have one in the nursery, downstairs and in the bedroom. Such a handy tub and easier than using the packets, but also use the packets when i run out of the refills with this one. Every family i know uses these.

  64. Noor H (verified owner)

    this little clutch was one of the first things I purchased for my little one, after a few looks at different stores I finally was able to obtain one ! its the perfect little pouch to slip into your bag and have with you were ever you go, I have about 3 now, one in my car, one for the pram and one in my handbag. I’m not too fond of the buggies wipes inside they always seem a tad dry but its easy to insert what ever branded wipe you prefer.

  65. Asha A (verified owner)

    Took me a long time to find a refillable wipes pouch and this one is the best! I bought two so that I could keep one in the pram and one in the nappy bag. The wipes pack works perfectly and seals really well! I love being able to refill the pouch with just enough wipes as it doesn’t take up much space and I don’t have to lug around a massive pack of wipes all day!

  66. Melissa E (verified owner)

    This is one of my used purchases I brought before having a baby. It is convenient, easy to use and great in your baby bag or pram. It holds heaps of wipes! I find the clip super useful to clip into a loop in my baby bag or in my pram for easy access.

  67. Hannah J (verified owner)

    I love this little pack of wipes. They look great and they’re very convenient when out and about. I like that I can refill them too. With regard to the wipes they are a good size and they keep their moisture. My baby has quite sensitive skin but these wipes don’t irritate him either.

  68. Lauren C (verified owner)

    I bought this tub because i wanted it for my change table, it was worth every cent. It held a lot of wipes and it was very easy to use. The ease of use was important when you have a wriggling baby on the change table. I loves the cute designs on the tub too.

  69. Nurdiyana T (verified owner)

    This has been extremely handy to have in the pram, diaper bag and car! It’s not just refillable but also been great with keeping wet wipes from going dry when left in the car (we’ve had a lot of other wet wipes in their packets go dry after a week left, sealed, in the car) especially now as we got into Summer. It’s also easy to wipe in case baby gets sick all over the pouch or you’ve spilled coffee all over it!!

  70. Cassi P (verified owner)

    I keep returning to these wipes, my little ones, do not react to these, they wipe well and do not break, the lid is easy to use and very functional. We have also found saving the lids once the wipes are finished excellent for craft activite, especially memory games. Will contiune to use these wounderful fragrance free wipes for many years to come.

  71. Cheryl C (verified owner)

    Great for storing in my nappy bag when I go out and saves me from having to take bulky packs of wipes everywhere. Easy to refill. Has a quality zip lock on the pouch which keeps the wipes fresh and moist. Would highly recommend this product to Mums on the go.

  72. Georgina S (verified owner)

    Can’t go wrong with these wipes. Fantastic moisture level, kind to sensitive skin and a really good size wipe. I also use these on my daughters face with no skin reaction. Cute pattern. Bought 1 single packet and loved them so much I now buy in bulk and use in a re-usable pop up container. You definitely get your value for money!

  73. Ebony H (verified owner)

    This is a perfect wipe carrier for the nappy bag! It’s refillable and can fit a whole packet of wipes into it. It has a zip lock so it’s easy to open and close, and waterproof which is always a plus! It’s the perfect gift to give as well as it’s such a necessity.

  74. Amy H (verified owner)

    The handiest little pouch for wipes. Great for use in the nappy bag or under the pram for those just incase moments. The soft flexible material ensures it is not bulky.
    We buy huggies in a bulk pack and refill when required. The zip lock allows you to easily refill the pouch when needed but reseals to prevent wipes from drying out.

  75. Simone U (verified owner)

    I love my refillable Huggies wipes box. It is quite durable and keeps the wipes nice and moist. The container allows you to easily snap off the wipes during explosive situations with a swift moving crawler. The box comes in cute seasonal designs and plain boxes are available too. I’ve been using mine for about a year and it’s still going strong, even after bub smashes it around.

  76. Georgina S (verified owner)

    Really handy to store in your nappy bag or to have in the car (I do both), saves you from lugging around a whole packet of nappies. Zip lock is sturdy, keeping in the moisture. Easy to refill with just the right amount of wipes you need. The wipes are a good size and of good quality. Safe to use on sensitive skin.

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  77. Sakinah A (verified owner)

    This is the best wipes I’ve found so far because of the material is of great quality. It holds quite a bit of moisture and because of the material it doesn’t feel wet. I don’t need much of this everytime I change because of the texture helps me cleaning efficiently. I feel less guilty to the environment as well as the material looks like it’s made from paper. No issues to my baby skin so far. Price a bit on the high side which fits the quality.

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  78. Mags G (verified owner)

    I actually bought the tub to store my wipes in bubs nursery. It keeps the wipes moist as I found without the tub they were drying out very fast! Makes changing nappies an easier process especially when bub gets older and can’t sit still! I also keep a tub in the boot of my car for emergencies!

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  79. Fathima A (verified owner)

    We brought the container home with us from the hospital…haha but it is still in perfect condition 6 months later. We love the unscented wipes, they are so gentle for baby. We tend to buy the smaller packs though and two of them fit in this container (a little snugly). Would not change to any other brand!

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  80. Caitlin R (verified owner)

    I have one in the car, back of my sons pram and also in our nappy bag. They are convenient and conventional. My mother has also got herself one for her car and I’m going to get one for my partners mother to have for when she has bubs, the wipes don’t dry out and my little one can play with it without ripping it open and wasting any wipes

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  81. Kathleen Y (verified owner)

    I bought this tub when I had my first baby four years ago and it is still going strong! We place this next to the change table and it is so convenient. It has sufficient capacity, hence eliminating the need the refill often. Wipes always remain moist, as long as the top is closed properly.

    “Originally posted on”

  82. Nurdiyana T (verified owner)

    We just received this as a gift and it’s so good! It’s unscented but still leaves a bit of freshness behind. It’s soft for bubs and keeps moist. It’s so handy to have by the change table and also looks to be easy to refill. Not too sure how long before we’ll need to refill this, but im sure it wont be soon!

    “Originally posted on”

  83. Julie P (verified owner)

    These wipes are by far the best I’ve used. Not only are they thicker but they absorb all kinds of mess. The cute print that is embossed on the wipes is pretty cool. You can tell from the packaging how thick the wipes are compared to other brands. They are fragrance free and don’t irritate my kid’s bottoms.

    “Originally posted on”

  84. Kathleen Y (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this clutch and go! It is very handy and convenient to carry around. It is refillable, which is fantastic, as wipes are usually better value when purchased in bulk. It has rather large capacity too, which means you don’t have to refill the wipes very often. The strap on the side allows u to hang it anywhere when doing nappy change.

    “Originally posted on”

  85. Debrah B (verified owner)

    I really like these Huggies Water wipes .They are great to keep in the car for trips out they can be used for everything from wiping baby from head to toe to cleaning up messes .Although they are very thin they still do a great job and have no nasty chemicals so are kind on babies skin

    “Originally posted on”

  86. Pip G (verified owner)

    This is a must for every change table. It makes change time so much easier with easy dispensing. They are refillable so it lasts forever. We still have ours 8month on. We have one with Winnie the Pooh designs that is super cute in the nursery. Plus we love how gentle Huggies Baby Wipes are.

    “Originally posted on”

  87. Neha M (verified owner)

    I was recommended to use this by my GP, have been using it from day1. Have no regrets, it is fragrance and alcohol free meaning it is skin friendly for sesnitive bubs as well. Can buy individual packs or refills. We stock both for convinience. Lid sticks well and wipes stay wet for long.

    “Originally posted on”

  88. Amy K (verified owner)

    This product is well worth purchasing and an essential for our change table. The dispenser is easy to open and easily retrieve wipes. The wipes themselves are soft and gentle on the skin, even when a number of them needed to be used. The dispenser is also easy to be refilled. The fun print also makes it a nice addition to the space.

    “Originally posted on”

  89. Gen C (verified owner)

    I have several of these in the house, in the change table, lounge, bedroom. The tub is of good weight so you are able to pull wipes easy and the tub stays in place unlike with the sachet ones where you need your other hand to hold it down. Also snap opening is a breeze, and dispenses wipes one by one with one hand, helpful when trying to change a wriggly baby. And love the designs especially Pooh!

    “Originally posted on”

  90. Rhiann G (verified owner)

    These wipes have been amazing for my son and havent caused any sensitivity towards his eczema. Being fragrance and alcohol free is also a major plus! I also love that you can buy these in the bulk box which means less last minutes trips to the shops when the first packet runs out.

    “Originally posted on”

  91. Klaudine G (verified owner)

    I’ve almost all Huggies products and this one I used when my baby’s a newborn. I think their nose are sensitive so I opted for everything fragrance free. But when my bub grew, his poop became more smelly so I changed to a fragrance ones. This wipes are wet enough and cleanse well. Just the right size in a diaper bag. Not too heavy. This is good as baby shower gift!

    “Originally posted on”

  92. Huey Chyi N (verified owner)

    We received a few packs of sample of this fragrance free baby wipes while in hospital. It is soft and very thick compare to another cheaper brand. Most importantly, it is skin friendly to baby where it is fragrance free, soap free and parabens free. I am very happy with this Huggies baby wipes, but also feel that another cheaper brand baby wipe did a great job too.

    “Originally posted on”

  93. Jacqui G (verified owner)

    These wipes are great for bubs sensitive skin, they are thick enough to handle even the grossest mess but very soft for delicate skin.
    We use them on Bub and ourselves, very handy for camping and outings to clean up any spills.
    Packet stays sealed and wipes fresh quite easily. Wipes can be separated with one hand, which is very handy when your wrestling Bub

    “Originally posted on”

  94. Renee A (verified owner)

    I bought this because it’s so cute and the big huggies wipes were taking up too much room in my baby bag. It’s cute, compact and really handy. The strap attached makes it easy to hold without a bag. And you can fit any sort of wipes in it really.

    “Originally posted on”

  95. Peta W (verified owner)

    Great for sensitive skin and extremely moist allowing for easy clean ups. Due to the thickness of the wipe you don’t need to use many making it a cost effective choice when purchasing wipes. Hard to go past huggies for both affordability and durability! No brainer, huggies all the way

    “Originally posted on”

  96. Sarah M (verified owner)

    One of the best investments I could of ever made as a mum. This travel pouch has saved me on countless occasions out of the house, whether it is at the local Cafe, a family members house or just the occasional blow out in the back of the car I know I’m always covered when I have my travel pouch of wipes with me. It fits heaps of wipes in while still being compact and stylish I would 10/10 recommend this product to every new parent time and time again!

    “Originally posted on”

  97. Taleen P (verified owner)

    These wipes are heavy duty. Real thick and not oily. They make a great wipe to have when eating out to clean and wipe hands/face. It’s fragrance free so it suits my babies sensitive skin, and I love knowing it doesn’t have synthetic fragrances wiped all over their hands and face which they would chew/suck on and hence consume. I can pinch it out of the pack and pull easily as it’s not as stuck to the other wipes, like other packs can be. I love that it can be used to restock my portable huggies clutch n go wallet.

  98. Shannon H (verified owner)

    Have used these Fragrance Free Huggies wipes with both my kids for over 4 years now. They are the best in the market.
    Fragrance free and sensitive on little bums.
    Great price point and easy to use packet that can easy packed into nappy bag for trips out and about.
    Great product big fan

  99. Amy R (verified owner)

    How cute is this?! I purchased it the other day as a backup for in our car. My partner always seems to use our baby wipes now for his hands when they’re dirty so I wanted something refillable that we always have there and we are both extremely happy with this. Fits nicely in the glovebox and isn’t too bulky. Easy to open and use.

  100. Sindy L (verified owner)

    We got this in hospital and I am so glad we did. I have tried other brands but keep coming back to this. The wipes don’t stick, they are gentle on the skin and excellent value for money. I have also bought the 400 refill and it works well with the tub.

  101. Marie R (verified owner)

    I use Huggies regularly! I find them really good when cleaning up. They are big, thick and soft enough on soft skin. I find they rarely dry out and have them all over the house! I would say they are definitely worth their money and think they are great on bubs!

  102. Stephanie Y (verified owner)

    Handy sized pack for all your wet wipe needs. We keep this in the stroller for use on the go as it’s small enough to carry around. The seal picks moisture in so you won’t find yourself such with dry wipes and the packaging is recyclable through RedCycle so it’s better for the environment .

  103. Jessica M (verified owner)

    We were searching for a brand that would be good for our son with excema. We started using huggies and have nor had any,issues. So thick and nice on the skin, he doesn’t break out in a,rash. We are so happy to have used these with no reactions. Fantastic wipes

  104. Kylie B (verified owner)

    I love the Huggies fragrance free wipes! They are super soft, moist and thick. There is no fragrance which means it is safer to use on the babies bottoms. I love the fact you can also buy these is bulk refill boxes. I cannot fault these wipes at all. Probably the best quality wipes on the market.

  105. Bernadette R (verified owner)

    The Huggies clutch and go has been perfect for us. Easily attaches to pram, so they are always available when your out and about. The wipes still have moisture even after a few months of no use. Very convenient to have on pram incase you have ran out in the nappy bag. Love ours and use it quite frequently. Just need to remember to restock. Doesn’t quite fit a whole packet of wipes though.

  106. Emmy J (verified owner)

    We love using huggies fragrance free wipes. They come in the the 80 pack perfect for the nappy bag and the refill pack for the tubs . We love that they are Fragrance free, alcohol free and soap free. We have no issues with rash’s or irritation on our babies skin unlike other brands. They are perfect when using the refillable tubs.

  107. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    Huggies brand wipes are a great choice of wipes. I love this product of Huggies, it’s my favourite wipes so far, never change to another brand. It’s fragrance free, strong friendly and very soft and gentle with baby’s skin. It’s affordable too. My little one has never had a reaction from this.

  108. Katrina T (verified owner)

    I love this huggies wipes as they are soft and gentle on the skin of my baby. I also love that is hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin and does not contain any harsh chemicals such as soap, alcohol and parabens. I would recommend this product and it has a good value for money.

  109. Samantha F (verified owner)

    We have tried alot of different wipes over the first couple of months, and by far this has to be the best one we tried. From single packets to the refill packets, every wipe is always so moist right down to the last wipe in the packet. They are thick enough so your finger doesn’t go through them while using them unlike alot of other wipes. Being fragrance free is an absolute bonus! A big selling point for me personally is the fact there are no parabens, no soap, no mi, no alcohol (ethanol & isopropanol) and no phenoxyethanol! I love the fact no matter which supermarket I go to I can always find them, from single packets, to packs of 3, small boxes and ever a big box! My cupboard is always full of them.
    They are super soft on baby’s skin and wipes away any mess amazing! I couldnt recommend this product any more! I love these huggies fragrance free baby wipes!

    “Originally posted on”

  110. Jess B (verified owner)

    I have always used the boxes for my children’s nappy changes. They are cost effective because I buy the refillable wipes in bulk. One criticism is that they were recently difficult to find (the box itself) but normally you would only buy this once (had to buy a new one as had lost my last one between having babies). This box stays on the change table draw for easy night time (or any time) use.

    “Originally posted on”

  111. Jordan H (verified owner)

    Have tried a few different brands of wipes since having our daughter four months ago and we come back to these every time.
    – fragrance free
    – gentle on baby’s skin
    – can refill container to save on plastic packaging.
    – cheap refills available on Amazon.
    – cleans mess without being too wet or dry.
    – None!

    “Originally posted on”

  112. Anupreet K (verified owner)

    Hii all … I am Anu and i have 4 month baby. During my pregnancy I was soo worried before i was started shopping for hospital bag . As this is my first baby i have no experience of baby brands. But i am thankful to the hospital when i was going for my appointments they have given me some sample of huggies baby wipes which i have kept in my hospital bag. I have been using huggies baby wipes since from that time till now . I will say They are awesome . They are very gentle to baby skin and also clean perfectly.

    “Originally posted on”

  113. Mel G (verified owner)

    These wipes are extra thick and strong and make it easy to wipe bub without worrying if the wipe will tear. Fragrance free is kinder on babys skin. I usually use these with the refillable box and wipes come freely out one by one most of the time. Wipes stay moist for a long time if lid is kept shut.

    “Originally posted on”

  114. Courtney H (verified owner)

    This refillable tub is an excellent product. Makes purchasing wipes much more economical, and better for the environment as one big bag of wipes will fill this container twice, therefore contributing less packaging waste.

    Fits perfectly in the top drawer of my change table, very easy and convenient pop top lid which seals and keeps the moisture in the wipes. Have never had issues with the wipes drying out in this container.

    Huggies baby wipes are superior quality. They are thick and soft and do not leave oily residues as other wipes can. We have never had issues with nappy rash or irritation. Usually only have to use one per change as they are absorbent and tough.

    Cannot recommend highly enough.

    “Originally posted on”

  115. Natalee S (verified owner)

    The reason I love these wipes is because they are the right thickness for wiping bums, faces, hands. Always have enough wetness as well. After trying so many brands within the 6 year gap of my children I’m back to using huggies wipes for the fact they are the softest for baby skin and even for little dirty faces.

    “Originally posted on”

  116. Kim R (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these for my home, one in my sons room and the other in the lounge. These tubs are so handy to have around the house for as and when needed. They are easy to refill and can be filled with any brand of wipes.
    I would 100% recommend.

    “Originally posted on”

  117. Jessica Y (verified owner)

    Buy this on sale! It is not the cheapest but Huggies is actually one of my favourite brands of wipes to buy as it is super comfortable and absorbent. The small pack makes it really easy when you are out and just put in your pram bag. It does tend to run out quick so have a few packs.

    “Originally posted on”

  118. Stacey B (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these when my daughter was young and always had it attached to the pram now since my youngest has come along we have one attached to the pram, one on the stroller, one in the car and 2 in the nappy bags, they are the perfect size and are re fillable so we don’t need to carry around a big pack of wipes. They are great and I would recommend them for any parent

    “Originally posted on”

  119. Stacy T (verified owner)

    Baby two is here and I’ve found myself using these wipes again. I’ve tried a few others but they’re either too dry, too wet or break easily. Nobody wants that while you’re in the middle of cleaning up your baby. The Huggies fragrance free wipes always seem to work with me in cleaning up baby. They’re a good size. The moisture is just enough too. They’re great for wiping up bums and faces!

    “Originally posted on”

  120. Melinda L (verified owner)

    Tried many wipes in the first few months and kept getting frustrated that they wouldn’t come out easily. This dispenser is genuine one handed use and you get one wipe at a time. My bub has sensitive skin and has never reacted which is a plus. Lovely thick wipe. We use these every day

    “Originally posted on”

  121. Michelle S (verified owner)

    We actually have just used Huggies wipes for the first time, we love how thick and absorbent they are, we love that they are fragrance free as sometimes that can be overwhelming, we loved that they come to easily out of the pack and we love the price!! So affordable!! We found these available in the supermarket!!

    “Originally posted on”

  122. Louise C (verified owner)

    We have two of these Huggies Wipe Tubs, one in the nursery and the other near the high chair. They are the absolute best! The wipes stay moist and the sturdy container is great. It’s really easy to replenish the wipes. I also love the pretty patterns that you can buy!

    “Originally posted on”

  123. Keanie T (verified owner)

    I love the tub! Not that fussed about the wipes inside but the tub itself is amazing! I also love the fact you can get different styles on your tubs! It just keeps things a bit more fun having that choice!
    This tub is amazing and keeps the wipes full of moisture! I’ve never had a single wipe dry out whilst using this!
    The lid ensure that you don’t pull out more than one wipe at a time! And it actually works!
    The refill packs to buy for this tub are great and so easy to put in. Literally grab a handful, put them in the tub, Put one wipe up ready to go and you’re done!
    Couldn’t live without this product! Makes life easier and cheaper!

    “Originally posted on”

  124. Alex E (verified owner)

    We have been using these wipes ever since our baby was born and have had no problems with them. They are gentle on his skin, absorbe well and don’t seem to tear easily. They can dry out a little sometimes but if you add a little water then there are no problems.

    “Originally posted on”

  125. Jen S (verified owner)

    My favourite wipes. So thick and soft, not to mention nice and wet when compared to other brands. They also come apart out of the packet nice and easy with a one handed pull. I definitely use less wipes when we have these in the house. Even though I use less when I have them I can’t justify buying them when they’re at full price, I buy on sale.

    “Originally posted on”

  126. Kelsey S (verified owner)

    Our go to wipes. Love that they are so thick and absorbent. Makes cleaning a dirty bottom super easy! Have never had an issue with these wipes ripping or tearing, and bubs has never reacted. Also like the nice packaging, makes them seem that extra bit nicer then other brands

    “Originally posted on”

  127. letitiaw (verified owner)

    These wipes are amazing, smell amazing as well as nice and thick 👌

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