Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants – Size 6 (Junior 16+kg) – Unisex – Jumbo Box – 46s

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Huggies® Ultimate Nappy-Pants are designed to make change time easier whether your active, wriggly baby is laying down or standing up.

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Easy resealable sides make it easy to slip them on and off for an easy nappy change. Featuring a new DryTouch® layer that quickly absorbs away wetness and an added gentle balm to help protect baby’s delicate skin.

The MotionFlex® technology provides soft stretchy side panels, and flexible leg elastics for a close, comfy fit for every twist, turn and wiggle. With up to 12 hours leakage protection Huggies®Ultimate Nappy-Pants are perfect both as a day and night nappy.

Huggies Nappy-Pants are available in three sizes; 4 (10 – 15KG), 5 (14 – 18KG) and 6 (16+KG). Please note packaging may vary.

  • Our driest Nappy-Pants featuring a New DryTouch Layer that quickly absorbs away wetness
  • Our most breathable Nappy-Pants, Huggies® Ultimate Nappy-Pants BreatheDry® cover has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash
  • Up to 12 hours leakeage protection perfect both as a day and overnight nappy
  • ow with added gentle balm to help protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Softer resealable sides, so you can easily slip them on and off like pants
SIZE 6 – 46 Nappy Pants



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22 reviews for Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants – Size 6 (Junior 16+kg) – Unisex – Jumbo Box – 46s

  1. Fallan

    Received these nappy pants as a gift and couldn’t be happier.

    They are super stretchy so easy to put on a moving wiggly toddler, and very absorbent.

    My daughters skin is dry and she moves freely in them.

    I’m impressed and would highly recommend


  2. Kelly D

    Was really excited to receive these and try them out. They are soft, light, and absorbent and really good on my bubs bum 🙂


  3. Emma V

    I was about to give up on nappies for my almost 2 year old son as he didn’t seem to fit any anymore. But was sent a sample of the ultimate nappy pants and am very happy to report we’ve had no leaking day or night!!


  4. Allison K

    I have tried these nappy pants with my son. They fit snugly and are comfortable for every day wear


  5. Christina M

    I have been using these for about a week now and everytime, I cannot get over just how soft they are to the touch.
    The side tears smoothly for easy removal.
    Night time absorbency is perfect.
    Since using these, we have had zero leaking and zero nappy rash.


  6. Jacqui s

    I received as a part of a free trial. A little larger in size, but they fit so well and are soft to the touch. I used as an overnight nappy pant and they did not leak.


  7. Danielle

    I received a box of nappies as a gift to try. I’ve always used Huggies Nappy Pants but haven’t tried this particular variety. I have been super impressed with them. My boy sometimes has wee accidents overnight but we didn’t have any while using this product which saved me so much washing. The nappy felt so soft compared to other nappies we’ve used in the past, and didn’t leave any red marks around his legs or tummy.


  8. Tanya

    These nappies are probably the best we’ve ever tried. We find that sizes usually seem to run a little on the smaller size for our little one but these fit her perfectly. They are incredibly soft and we haven’t had any issues with leaks or nappy rash. We will definitely be purchasing more.

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  9. Mrs P.

    I have used these nappy pants for about 2 weeks now and I am very happy with their high quality. They feel soft yet have a high absorbency and they didn’t sag when they were full. The 360 degree waistband fits very comfortably around my toddler’s waist and allows him to move about without any constrictions. I would definitely recommend them.


  10. Michelle

    These nappy pants are so good. It’s soft and doesn’t leave marks on my daughter. They are also very absorbent, doesn’t sag or give her nappy rash. Will continue using this product for my daughter.

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  11. Ashley

    Very soft and cushioning waistband, very soft touch feeling on the outside as well as comfortable feel from the inside. Hold up a lot of wee and not sagging at all. I’m very impressed. Also love the design and colour. Very well made and suitable for my energetic toddler who loves moving around a lot and easy tear on the side. But the tape on the back it’s easy to come off but it doesn’t bother me as I not normally use it to roll up the dirty nappy. Overall it’s the best nappy I have ever tried for my kids. Love the softness, great absorbency, holding shape wet very wet.


  12. Meg E

    I’ve never found a nappy that was so soft on my daughter’s skin. The waistband feels so gentle around her tummy. I love knowing how comfortable she is in this nappy and that her sensitive skin is being cared for.

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  13. Em W

    Received as a free trail but I’m so glad I did, these are 100 times better then before. They actually fit over the bum, which previous ones didn’t, so their sizing is much better which means no leaks even over night for a 2 year old who drinks alot of water. Will be purchasing in the future.


  14. Lainie J

    I have been using these nappy pants for almost 3 weeks now and they are by far the best I have come across and I am using them on my 4th child. I just can’t believe how soft they are, no red marks on the legs or anything. Super strechy which makes them fit perfectly. No issues with leaks. I highly recommend

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  15. K Wells

    So happy I tried these nappies. The fit and quality is by far the best for my son. They are easy to put on and get off a wriggling toddler. No leaks! Would definitely recommend this product and I will only be using this product for my choice of Nappies.


  16. Marianne T

    This is the only nappy we use now for bubba! It’s so convenient to use because of the nappy pants style and also easy to remove because of the removable bands-such a great feature! We also never had a leak which is great! The material is also soft so my son never had rashes .

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  17. Anita

    I’ve used this for a month and its been so wonderful on my daughter. No rash, it’s so so soft and delicate. One of the best in current aussie market. Overnight use is perfect. No leakage, absorbency is great.


  18. Anonymous

    These have been absolutely perfect on my daughters little sensitive bum.
    Soo so soft and flexible, Absolutely perfect for all her little adventures


  19. Rachel N

    Was fortunate to receive the new SlimFLEX version of the Huggies Nappy Pants, my toddler may not have noticed a difference but I sure have! Not only does it stay put, it really does move with their active little bodies no matter how hard they wriggle. One of my mum friends ran out of nappies and her son was trying to pull down his diaper (which was saggy) so I gave her one. When he had them on, he stopped trying to pull his nappy down and went on with his toddler life which was pretty incredible to see.


  20. Jennie

    Love the new slim fit flexi pants
    So fluffy and so easy to stretch and pull up over my sons chunky legs
    Sleeps 13 hrs over night and no leaks so far..
    If anyone having leakage problems they might want to make sure they pull out the bands around the legs because these took in when putting on and this is how leaking happens as my partner never pulls out and always has leaks when he changes him
    Much softer and stretchy around tummy as my son has reflux this helps him so much from spewing up when leaning on his tummy..
    Nappies are expensive
    But good product towards other brands I’ve tried including regular huggies…


  21. Miranda L

    Just when you think Huggies can’t get any better they release these! Super absorbent with the convenience of being a nappy pant that I can quickly put on to my little wriggler. They are super soft, absorbent enough to be worn over night, and have a convenient rip tab on the side that can be re-done up if you need to check bub but not change them,


  22. Prat

    Love the new 360 fit nappy pants
    no leaks and easy to pull up and off!!!
    Softness is great… my bub loves it and hasn’t stop himself crawling around the house until I stop him to do so!!!


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