Huggies Nappies (Size 3 – Crawler) – Jumbo Box

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Huggies Ultimate disposable nappies feature a New DRYTOUCH® Layer, making them our driest nappies, with up to 12 hours leakage protection now suitable for both boys & girls.

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Our softest nappies featuring silk soft sides to provide protection from leaks and red marks around the legs as well as a soft and stretchy waistband for all-round comfortable and secure fit.

Clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash, Huggies Ultimate is our most breathable nappy and features Huggies’ Breathe Dry(R) Cover to allow air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry.

Huggies Ultimate Size 3 nappies are ideally sized for babies weighing between 6 and 11KG. Huggies Ultimate disposable nappy range is available in the following sizes; Size 1 Newborn (up to 5kg), Size 2 (4 – 8KG), Size 3 (6 – 11KG), Size 4 (10 – 15KG), and Size 5 (13 – 18KG). Please note packaging may vary.

  • Our Driest Nappy with a New DRYTOUCH® Layer and up to 12 hours Overnight Leakage Protection
  • Our best care for skin with an added gentle balm to help protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash
  • Our Softest and most Breathable Nappy – allows fresh air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry
  • Fun Disney classic designs and a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet

SIZE 3 – 72 Pack



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38 reviews for Huggies Nappies (Size 3 – Crawler) – Jumbo Box

  1. emily (verified owner)

    We tried several brands of nappies when bubs was born and these were by far the best! Very rarely leaked. Baby was comfortable and no marks were left on his skin.

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  2. carmina (verified owner)

    I was given a pack of Huggies newborn nappies for my baby shower and that is what the hospital first put our Bub in. We haven’t started from huggies since day one! I think they are very soft on the skin, rarely have leakage and I can almost always buy them on sale! Would only even use huggies!

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  3. coop (verified owner)

    I have started buying HUGGIES ULTRA DRY NAPPIES after my daughter turned a toddler and I liked very much. First of all, it seems very comfortable to her. It fits good, it is soft and suitable to sensitive skin. Moreover, the drawings are very cute, mainly because I leave her just with the nappies in the hot days. No leaks, excellent to sleep.

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  4. Cat17 (verified owner)

    I bought these about a week ago and I absolutely love them, they look more comfortable than the previous nappies we used. They last very well over night too, no leaks.

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  5. Al (verified owner)

    These nappies are seriously the best ones. Worth the extra cost. You don’t have to worry about spills or leaks and the are excellent for a 12hour night sleep.

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  6. damon (verified owner)

    I have tried eco-friendly and cloth nappies but unfortunately these seem to be the only ones my boy doesn’t leak out of! I can now leave him all night and not have to change him. We are trying to do Elimination Communication but these are great when we have a miss and keeps explosions in the confines of the nappy.

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  7. kaiching (verified owner)

    Ok, there is no introduction of this brand. This is one of the popular brand and it’s Ultra dry range is very good and popular for babies, toddlers. Currently i am using jumbo pack for my daughter. These nappies are very soft and stretchable. It works great on my daughter , no issues of leaking, rashes or redness. Works great in night time. Easily available in supermarkets. Happy with the product.

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  8. Stevo50 (verified owner)

    I bought the for my grand daughter ( only ones she can use ) as they were on special and I wanted to join the Huggies Club for her and my daughter

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  9. nicola (verified owner)

    The first nappies I used on my newborn and I loved them.
    They were absorbant, good quality and didn’t cause nappy rash. The downside is they are a bit more expensive than other brands but as they are high quality I personally don’t mind spending the extra $$
    They are also readily available at any chemist or supermarket which is handy

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  10. terrijo (verified owner)

    We use these on and off, probably would use all the time if they weren’t twice the price of regular nappies. They seem more comfortable around the waist with the soft elastic. The only thing i find is they seem to hang down a bit low between baby’s legs and look a bit dorky, bit it doesn’t seem a discomfort to him.

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  11. evania (verified owner)

    At about 10 months old my son dediced that he wanted to roll over onto his tummy at every single nappy change which drove me and my hubby insane so we decided to give the Huggies Nappy Pants a go…. and they were Amazing!!! Quite easy to put on when your baby is wriggling and laying on their tummy refusing to roll back over. We have had some extra struggles with getting one leg in and then as soon as we start to get the other leg in the first one pops back out again but thats more to do with the toddler than the nappy! Be sure to get the right size because if not they hang around the crotch area and there may be an easier possibility of leakage. They hold a reasonable amount of wee for a water loving toddler, and so easy to take off by just ripping down the sides to take it off.

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  12. reno (verified owner)

    These are great when you are on the go and need to do a quick nappy change. The tabs on the side still undo like usual nappies however can simply step in and pull up. Have noticed they do leak a little with number two’s but noting drastic. Standard huggies nappies are still my go to however when these are on sale we tried out. Once we start toilet training may be a good transition also.

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  13. tammy (verified owner)

    Around 3 years of age, my son who used to wriggle to the point of exhaustion during nappy changes, decided he would start undoing his own nappies, standing up. Another mum suggested pull ups and as I used huggies already it seemed a natural choice. They are a bit more expensive, but after trying some of the cheaper alternative brands, these were the only ones which didn’t leak overnight.

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  14. garney (verified owner)

    I have always used huggies for my children as I find the quality is much better than another brands, with these nappies I find baby love out does huggies on the nappy pants.
    I find my son leaks when nappies are on him and by the morning it really is heavy at the front.
    The sizing is great for
    Kids with little waist

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  15. adelecoline7 (verified owner)

    Everyone kept telling me when I was pregnant that these are an absolute must have with a newborn baby and I didn’t really get why you would pay this much for nappies that have to be changed every couple of hours.. Well how wrong I was to question them!
    These are hands down THE best nappies for a newborn. All the others we tried leaked or left nasty rashes and marks on her hips.
    And they go on special on the shops often enough 😉


  16. katie (verified owner)

    I’m pretty sure I have tried every brand of nappy on the market and have always returned to Huggies. I much prefer their fit on my children, especially when they are newborns. I’ve had no issues with Huggies leaking and currently use nappy pants overnight for my 3 year old and Crawler size for my 8 month old. The only word of caution (and this seems to be all brands) is that when your baby is on the cusp of the weight guidelines, I would always go up a size.


  17. claire (verified owner)

    Love Huggies nappies – I don’t use any other brand – have had no issues with allergies or leakage. Love the cute designs as I love Disney so Pooh bear and Mickey Mouse I adore . They fit baby well. I would recommend to all my friends to use Huggies brand. Currently using newborn still but love the fact that you move into boy and girl as they wee differently


  18. MadMid39 (verified owner)

    Fits well no leaks pretty design my daughter just loves them, thanks

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  19. wendeline (verified owner)

    I find these good for mr 2 throughout the day I just rip the sides to take off

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  20. eunice (verified owner)

    We started these when bub just couldnt lay still for a nappy change. They’re super easy to pull up and on, and easy enough to rip off. They seem a really good fit, tucks up nice and high and bub looks comfy in them. No red marks at the bands or anything.

    We tried them at night as well but found it leaked a couple of times so we stick to using them for daytime only. The leak was from the upper sides where it’s mostly the blue elastic band part and no real nappy there. Otherwise, we’ve had no leaks in the day, even the runny teething poos were well contained.

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  21. tat (verified owner)

    We have been using these nappy pants overnight since we toilet-trained in the day. They are comfortable and absorbent and my son loves the Disney prints on them. He can easily put them on and pull them down when needed. They have leaked sometimes (when worn from 7pm-7am) but most nights they have been fine.

  22. amanda (verified owner)

    I always buy nappy pants for my son because it makes change time much easier! These are my second favourite brand. They are soft and absorbent and easy to change. They also have a little tab at the back so you can wrap them up when you are done. My only complaint is that they are a bit narrower than other brands.

  23. rozina (verified owner)

    Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants last a long time. My baby can have one on for 12 hours over night and not have a blow out. They also have a sticky tab that makes the nappy roll up once you take it off. They work great, However I have had a few nappys tear at the back when putting them on my baby so I think they need to work on the strenth of the nappy to fix that issue.

  24. belinda (verified owner)

    I have recently just started to use these because my daughter is so difficult when it comes to change time! The nappy pants are soo much easier as she can stand up and just put her legs in – saves so much time and hassle! So far no leakages or rashes which is great

  25. aymie (verified owner)

    I love Huggies but having a toddler who a big bottom I found it didn’t fit quite right around the bottom. Other then that I love these pull ups. Huggies is such a great brand that I can never fault apart from them not being wide enough the fit properly.

  26. meghana (verified owner)

    These nappies fit my little one well. They don’t leak even left all night on. They are true to size and won’t leave any marks. Easy to pull up and can remove easily by tearing the sides. Bonus they have minnie mouse design on them and my 20 month old loves it.

  27. lyra (verified owner)

    I hoard huggies everytime its on half price. with all the nappy brands I tried probably this is the best but… from my experience, my daughter peed on bed evem with this nappy on. i think if too much wee, it leaks. I like this because its easy to put it on and took it out.

  28. mrs (verified owner)

    We have used huggies from the start. I absolutely love them! I have tried other nappies but Huggies are my favourite. I found huggies much more superior to the rest, they fit better, bubs moves easy and seems super comfy. We had no leakages and holds in numbers 2 well too!

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  29. mrs (verified owner)

    We have used huggies from the start. I absolutely love them! I have tried other nappies but Huggies are my favourite. I found huggies much more superior to the rest, they fit better, bubs moves easy and seems super comfy. We had no leakages and holds in numbers 2 well too!

    “Originally posted on”

  30. aamy (verified owner)

    I love Huggies. I love that the newborn nappies seem softer. Easy mould around babies bum. I like that it has the wetness indicator so u can see how wet the nappy is. My children have sensitive skin and all three of them were fine in the Huggies range of nappies.,


  31. brianna (verified owner)

    we Were given boxes of huggies nappies before we had our daughter and were incredibly happy with how they performed we chose to keep buying them as she grew up. My daughter suffers with severe eczema so we have had to chance products multiple times but can always count on huggies nappies to do the job without making her rash worse or upsetting her skin.


  32. Mummabee90 (verified owner)

    I have not found a fault with the buggies nappies! They are a little thinner then the old style but my little one has not leaked through. They hold well and have not had any issues


  33. marieandree (verified owner)

    These are generally our go to nappy, we’ve tried others but always come back to them. They are super absorbent and easily last all night. The wetness detector is great for overnight, saving unnecessary changes. The nappy fits wells and doesn’t leave red marks around the legs. There are cheaper nappies but I am happy to pay for these.


  34. noslab (verified owner)

    I love Huggies nappies. Have tried a few home brands and always come back to Huggies. I feel they are soft for my baby’s bottom, the designs are always cute and I have few leakages. They are super absorbent and can handle overnight wee’s without any issues. Easy to know how much wee is there with the absorbency indicator.


  35. ilyssa (verified owner)

    These Huggies nappies are perfect for babies as they are durable and absorbent. They allow the little one to move around comfortably and are gentle on the skin. I use Huggies nappies and my little one never gets irritated or sore from them. They are more expensive than other nappies but the quality is outstanding.


  36. kimmy (verified owner)

    Although these are some of the more expensive nappies out there, you definitely get what you pay for! I’ve found huggies nappies to be the most absorbent out of all the ones I’ve tried! They just feel softer on bubs sensitive skin too! I often try other brands but always end up back at huggies!


  37. susannah (verified owner)

    We have used huggies from the start. I was given several other brands of first size nappies to try but I always found the huggies were much more superior to the rest, they fit better, bubs moves easy and seems super comfy. We had no leakages and holds in numbers 2 well too!

    “Originally posted on”

  38. laura (verified owner)

    Huggies newborn Nappies are by far the best on the market they are comfortable, they are super absorbent and very soft. I have had minimal leakage throughout the kids use of them. With a boy and a girl we had incredible results with both. They didn’t leave any rubbing marks and breath well as neither child suffered much nappy rash throughout their use in this sized nappy.


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