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The Chicco Well-Being Glass Bottle with Silicone Teat is dedicated to lively mums who are full of energy and careful when choosing the bottles that they feed their babies with, but also keen on turning feed-times into an enjoyable occasion.  The Chicco teats are made of ultra-soft silicone and smooth, to ensure a natural feel while feeding. The special silicone “mother” effect of the Chicco teat, the softness and flexibility of the teat helps to reproduce the natural sucking and can help facilitate switching between breast and bottle feeding.


Clear and pure glass
Maintains temperature longer
Silicone physiological teat with anti-colic valve, normal flow
Anti-leakage cap
Wide neck for easy cleaning and filling
Compatible with all Chicco teats

Various Package Options Available

Well-Being Glass Bottle – 0m+ 150ml:

1 x Well-Being Glass Bottle – 0m+ 150ml

Well-Being Glass Bottle – 0m+ 240ml:

1 x Well-Being Glass Bottle – 0m+ 240ml

Additional information

Baby Age & Stage
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