Chicco – Well-Being Silicone Teats (2pk)


Regular Flow – 0m
Medium Flow – 2m
Adjustable Flow – 2m
Fast Flow – 4m
Food Flow – 6m

Proven anti-colic effect: anti-colic valve is designed to prevent from air swallowing, helping to reduce irritability, reflux and colic after feeding.

Satin textured soft silicone, extra velvet effect for pleasant feeding.

Additional information:

  • BPA free
  • Made in Italy

The full range of Well-Being will help to make the transition to bottle feeding easier!
Here at Chicco we’re passionate about evolving through research, we strive to create the perfect products for you and your baby or toddler.
Please read about our Chicco Observatory to see how invested we are in your future.

Package Includes:

1 x Well-Being Silicone Teats (2pk)




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