Wide Neck Breast Milk Storage Container Set


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Are you a new mum who is expressing milk? Haakaa Wide Neck Glass Bottles are made from shock and temperature resistant borosilicate glass, which makes them 100% safe to freeze or heat and perfect for storing breast milk. The unique shape allows the bottle to be held close to the body, allowing dads to enjoy the closeness of feeding their children that is normally reserved for mums.

The Haakaa milk storage set contains 4 x 180ml wide neck glass bottles complete with 4 x food grade silicone sealing disks.

Don’t ruin your hard work by freezing and heating your clean, natural and precious milk in a plastic bottle. Research suggests that all plastics may leach chemicals if they are frozen, scratched or heated. At certain exposure levels, some of these chemicals (such as BPA and BPS) may cause cancer, with infants and young children being most at risk.


  • Made of borosilicate glass and resistant to shock temperatures.
  • Ergonomic design, making them easy to hold, fill, and clean.
  • Designed for both large and small expressed breast milk feeds.
  • Compatible with all Haakaa wide neck bottle accessories.
  • Teats ranging from slow to large flows are available here.
  • BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead-free
Cleaning & Care
Clean after each use. Although dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing your storage bottles with warm soapy water and rinsing thoroughly. This bottle can be sterilised with any steam sterilising system or boiling water. Do not use bleach-based agents to clean this product.Caution: Check bottle and nipple condition regularly – replace if this product shows any signs of damage. Infants are to be supervised at all times while using this product. Please do not use this product for anything other than its intended use. As this product is made of glass, it may break if dropped. If it is dropped and doesn’t break, there may be hairline fractures in the glass that may compromise the bottle’s structural integrity and temperature-resistant qualities. Do not expose this product to extreme heat or shock temperatures if dropped in any way.

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