Our automatic straw is something different. Designed especially by us for Courtney who struggled to make the transition from bottle to sippy cup and straws – the auto straw allows children to drink continuously without bending their neck. The silicone ball on the end of the straw follows your child’s milk, water or juice around their bottle and draws the liquid up so they are able to drink while keeping their heads straight.

Perfect for all kids out there but especially brilliant for children with disabilities who struggle with drinking and are not quite ready for a cup, yet out grown their bottle. Not only does it make life easier for these special little people but allows them to have their independence without the pressure.

  • Allows children to feed in any position.
  • Reduce air swallowing.
  • All parts can be detached for cleaning.
  • This is an interchangeable accessory fits the all Haakaa wide neck bottles.
  • Suggested for babies over 4 months old.
  • Food grade stainless steel with silicone ball attachment.

Clean before and after each use. Although dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing this product with warm, soapy water and rinsing thoroughly. Do not use bleach-based agents to clean this product.

Caution: Check product condition regularly. Replace if this product shows any signs of damage. Do not store near any sharp objects. Only soft bristle brushes or soft sponges should be used to clean this product as hard scourers may scratch the surface. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

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