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The world’s most flexible, simple and effective babywrap suitable newborn to 2 years plus. So easy to use.

The Safe T Sleep helps prevent injuries without restricting breathing or natural movements. It allows natural, flexible movement yet gives security for baby, plus peace of mind for you!

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Since 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept safely in the original, tested, Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap.

The ingenious, simple wrap design of the SAFE T SLEEP™ SLEEPWRAP® product keeps your baby sleeping in a comfortable and safe sleeping position.

Made from washable 100% organic cotton.

What is the Sleepwrap useful for?

With younger babies, we recommend the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap for helping keep babies safely on their back, in the recommended back sleeping position. This is especially useful for babies who are wearly rollers or are very wriggly while still within the SIDS risk period.

We also recommend the Sleepwrap for babies who continue to need to be swaddled, so they don’t roll into their tummy while swaddled.

With older and very mobile babies, the Sleepwrap is very useful for keeping your baby in a safe and relaxed sleep position. We often hear about babies starting to sleep through the night once they are sleeping in a Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap, as they are staying in a comfortable position all night.

Transition from Swaddling:

As your baby starts to adjust to not being swaddled, the Sleepwrap provides a familiar and comforting ’wrap’ sensation around the tummy. It is a sleep association that helps learn to sleep unswaddled and works very well with a sleeping bag too.

Can the Sleepwrap be used with a swaddle or sleeping bag?

Yes it works very well with either a regular swaddling wrap, a fitted wrap such as a Miracle Blanket or a sleeping bag.

What size bed is this for?

You can use the Classic Sleepwrap on beds from bassinet to single bed. It comes in 2 parts and is very adjustable.

What age should I introduce the Safe T Sleep?

You can use a Safe T Sleep from birth! However it is most commonly introduced some time between 3 to 9 months, either for safe back-sleeping or to reduce circus tricks all around the cot. We have had customers introduce the Sleepwrap up to 1 year old.

It fts easily up to a 2 year old.

How does the Classic model differ from the Travel Sleepwrap?

Both can be used from bassinet to single bed, so the Classic is also very useful for taking on holidays. However the Travel model can be used up to King Size beds, so it useful for safer co-sleeping or travel when you will only have a larger bed. If you are using a Sleepwrap when co-sleeping, please ensure you follow safe co-sleeping guidelines, such as not using any adult bedding, baby away from pillows and not sleeping on a soft surface.

International safer sleeping recommendations include:

Put your healthy baby on its back to sleep (and alternate baby’s head position at each sleep)
Keep face and head clear
Do not let babies get too hot

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap helps you achieve these and more!

The safety and comfort of the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is borne out by years of success in the market place and the endorsements and recommendations of Parents, Caregivers and Health Professionals.

Plus; Practical Peace of Mind and Portable Safety – It’s a bed in a bag!

The Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap is the world’smost practical, affordable, compact alternative to the portable cot.




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