Huggies Ultimate Nappies (Size 1 Newborn 0-5kg) 216s – Monster Box

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This Nappies Direct “Monster Box” ™ has four packets of Huggies Ultimate Nappies 54s.

Australia’s No. 1 Newborn nappy with features specially designed for the comfort and protection of newborns. Huggies newborn nappies are clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash. Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby. Australia’s No. 1 Newborn nappy with features specially designed for the comfort and protection of newborns. Huggies newborn nappies are clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.

Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

The Ultimate Newborn nappy features:

  • Up to 12 hours protection, perfect for day and night usage.
  • A wetness indicator which turns from yellow to blue when wet making it easier to know when to change.
  • The revolutionary 3D UltraAbsorb® layer that draws runny bowel movements away from baby’s skin, leaving it cleaner and drier.

Huggies Ultimate disposable nappies are Huggies softest nappy featuring cotton-like softness to gently hug your baby. The Ultimate Newborn nappy features silky soft sides providing superior protection from leaks and red marks around the legs as well as a soft and stretchy waistband for all round protection. The Breathe Dry® cover makes the Ultimate nappy and diapers range Huggies most breathable and has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash. With up to 12 hours protection and a DryTouch® layer, that instantly absorbs wetness springing back dry the Ultimate nappy range for newborns is ideal both as a day and night nappy. Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

Huggies Ultimate Nappy Size Guide:
Size 1 (Newborn) up to 5kg
Size 2 (Infant) 4-8kg
Size 3 (Crawler) 6-11kg
Size 4 (Toddler) 10-15kg
Size 5 (Walker) 13-18kg

Huggies Ultimate Newborn Nappies (up to 5 kg) are different from all the other nappies on the market because they are designed especially for the delicate skin of a newborn baby. With the help of the unique Wetness Indicator, you will know when it is time to change the nappy. The Waistband Pocket also helps protect against runny bowel movements at the back. Thanks to Huggies, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing. They are the only nappy clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash and the only disposable nappy to be endorsed by Plunket. Huggies Newborn is the perfect nappy for both boys and girls.

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112 reviews for Huggies Ultimate Nappies (Size 1 Newborn 0-5kg) 216s – Monster Box

  1. heatherjohnstone (verified owner)

    Love these nappies- there’s a reason they’re so loved! These are the only ones bubs will sleep through in as they don’t leak (not unless I don’t put them on properly). Love the wetness indicator and cutie designs. They’re a bit more expensive than some other brands, but I find I use less nappies per day as they’re super absorbent. Haven’t had a nappy rash in them

  2. chelsea (verified owner)

    We received 3 different brand nappies from our baby shower, and used this brand first and as first time parents, we had nothing to compare it to, until we ran out and tried to use the 2 other brands and immediately went out and got more of these Huggies Ultimate. The main reasons were because we’ve had no accidental wee leaking out the back or sides, he doesn’t get irritated by them and the wetness indicator makes it so easy!

  3. liliane (verified owner)

    Was very happy with the quality and efficiency of this product. Size 1 lasted my baby until he was almost 6 weeks old, and the colour indicator was handy to know when the nappy was wet and due for a change. Didn’t leave any nappy rash which I was happy about.

  4. kathye (verified owner)

    These are hands down the best nappies I have used. I love the softness and are the only ones I will use if she has skin sensitivity. They don’t smell and will truly offer 12+ protection which is needed overnight. I have tried other nappies including those in the huggies range and find these to be far superior

  5. Megan S (verified owner)

    Love these nappies have tried a few different brands and these are by far the best no leakage,they are a little more expensive than other brands but defiantly worth the money love their designs they bring out too i currently have the summer edition they are very cute. Highly recommend

  6. Phebe N (verified owner)

    I bought this nappies for my baby since newborn, and also gifted other brands from friends. I can say that Huggies Ultimate Nappies is the thickest of all, means it contains more pee/poo. It does not leak as well due to the net on the side and back of the nappy. It is also soft on baby’s skin and leave no rash on it.

  7. samantha (verified owner)

    Love, love, love the Huggies ultimate range. Quality that is affordable for everyone. They’re sturdy, don’t leak, hold a fair amount of liquid and are so easy to use. I purchased them to use for my baby girl and she didn’t have a reaction to them as unfortunately she has had a reaction to several other brands. I just wish these were available when my first was born.

  8. Wendy H (verified owner)

    As a mum of 2 boys, I highly recommend the Huggies newborn nappies. These nappies fit well on both my boys, no leakage (especially those poo-namies occassions), and does not leave any marks on the thighs. The nappies are soft and absorbent and the wetness indicator is extremely helpful too. I have tried other brands of newborn nappies but will always go back to Huggies and recommend Huggies. No complaints and this is a great product

  9. aimee (verified owner)

    I love Huggies nappies. I’ve tried about 5 different other brands and keep going back to Huggies. I love the line that changes from yellow to blue when the nappy is wet, I love how they keep all liquids in with no leakage, I love the cute little Disney designs and I love how they cradle her bottom to fit her just right.

  10. Smita A (verified owner)

    These were the nappies provided by our hospital and I’ve not looked at another brand. It fit very well. It did not cause any rashes. Was gentle on bub’s skin. Looks cute with Vinnie the Pooh print. Design is straightforward and easy to use. It has Back written to indicate correct placement and is particularly helpful for first-time parents.

    The wetness indicator is very helpful. Only drawback was that at times, the nappy has been wet but the indicator had still not changed colour.

  11. teisha (verified owner)

    Huggies Ultimate Nappies are such fantastic nappies. I have used these multiple times and have had no issues at all while using them on Bub. They are a great fit, no leakages and great value for them. They are gentle on bubs skin and I would definitely recommend to other parents.

  12. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    Wonderful nappies! I received lots of these from my baby shower and I wouldn’t recommend any others. Easy to use, soft and comfortable, barely any leaks. The line on the front turns blue when your baby’s wet, which is very helpful for a new mum. Great to be able to buy in bulk as newborns go through quite a few nappies. My son has used Huggies from day dot and I wouldn’t use any others.

  13. Stacey V (verified owner)

    I was gifted a whole bunch at my baby shower, these were great in the beginning as bub was early. These were a bit smaller than the other nappies all Ihad to do was fold a bit down at the front at they fit snuggly. As a new Mum I found having the wet indicator line (yellow/dry – blue/wet) really handy. Hands down I will be using these for the next bub.

  14. nicole (verified owner)

    After trying so many different types of nappies I thought I’d try huggies ultimate, and wow. They are so soft and have such cute designs. The thing that really won me over was how well the held everything, NO LEAKS! finally. I also found that my son has hardly had nappy rash since we started using them. These are the ones I recommend to everyone now.

  15. Patricia C (verified owner)

    This is a great nappy for newborns that locks everything in. It has a strip on the front and back that changes colour to indicate moisture which is super helpful. I found it to be one of the best on the market and is reasonably priced especially when on sale. Highly recommend.

  16. kate (verified owner)

    I received a few boxes of different branded nappies at my baby shower and these were by far my favourite during the newborn stage and I continued purchase them until we made the move to cloth. My bub had lots of poosplosions during the first month and Huggies handled these the best hands down. Big fan of the wetness indicator too and the winnie the pooh and dumbo prints are too cute. We still use disposables for night sleeps, but I use a different brand as Huggies are too expensive and my baby will outgrow the sizes quickly.

  17. Valentina O (verified owner)

    These nappies were so amazing when I had my newborn. They were so soft and we found them to be true to size. I also liked how they come in a large quantity as we went through so many nappies the first couple of months. I also liked them so much that I bought a large box of them for my pregnant friend.

  18. Amanda G (verified owner)

    We used these exclusively for our newborn and never had any issues with them. They are soft and comfortable on baby’s legs and tummy. They had good absorption and contained movements well.
    Cute designs and priced fairly well when on sale. I will probably use huggies for the newborn phase when my new bub arrives.

  19. kerryn (verified owner)

    Huggies ultimates have definitely been the best nappy for our family. They are soft and comfy, and great for my toddler’s sensitive skin. They are super absorbent, we very rarely have any leakages. I love the wetness indicator and also the cute designs. Despite the higher price tag, I’ll never go back to the super dry nappies.

  20. anna (verified owner)

    We used the size 1 & 2 of these nappies with our son and never had a single issue with them.
    We never had a leakage and found the absorbency great ! They did not cause any rashes or marks and sizes fit as described on packaging. Tabs re sealabed the nappy when required and did not loose stick immediately like other brands we have come across.
    Would recommend these and would definately have no hesitations in purchasing this prpduct again.

  21. melanie (verified owner)

    This is the only nappy on the market that holds 12 hours of wee overnight for my son! They are so soft and comfortable and I love the gather at the back. Definitely not one of the cheaper nappies that are available but I will never use anything else overnight

  22. sueli (verified owner)

    I’ve used this on both my children and have had no issues. The size is great and fits comfortably around the legs and waist. The tabs are easy to use and stick well, unlike some other brands I tried. The absorbancy is great and we had no issues with leakage. Highly recommended.

  23. merrielle (verified owner)

    We tried several brands and found that these were a good fit (except when our baby lost weight initially and was around 3.2kg plus the stump is in the way (retrospectively would have bought 1-2 packs of premi nappies even though he wasnt). After that though these were great for fit, good on the skin and only leaked when he developed colitis (no nappies could with stand it).

  24. josie (verified owner)

    Used the huggies newborn for both my babes, the only brand I found small and snug enough. Other brands I found to be a little bit more giving on size and we didn’t fit them straight away from birth. Never had a problem with huggies, very absorbent and cute on babies bum! 🙂

  25. sarah (verified owner)

    These nappies were a very good fit on my little boy. Absolutely love the colour change line to show when bub has a wet nappy, makes for no wasting. Super absorbent and haven’t had leakage no matter how heavy to wee. So glad my husband bought these for us to use on our son, we loved them so much we have moved onto the next size up!

  26. Sandra C (verified owner)

    Purchased these before Bub was born based on Huggies being a reputable brand and was not disappointed. Despite Bub being very small these fitted very well. These nappies have never leaked and have never caused any skin irritation. They are lovely and soft and easy to place around the umbilical cord.

  27. Gauri P (verified owner)

    I used Huggies new born nappies for my baby. I found them the best out of all the brands I used so far. Perfect size and super absorbent. Never had an accident. The wetness indicator is the best feature. You easily know if it’s time for a nappy change. My baby never had any nappy rash with these. I would recommend this to all new parents!

  28. amy (verified owner)

    Huggies Ultimate new born nappies was definitely our favourite nappies. Great for newborn babies. We love how the line changes colour. Helps us not to open the nappy to check Very soft and comfy. Super absorbent. We use them until he was 2 month old and had to go the one size up. Would recommend.

  29. Bianca B (verified owner)

    I have tried so many different brands of nappies and these Huggies ultimate ones are my favourite. They are nice and soft and seem to be the most absorbent. I think we have only had one overnight leak in the whole time I have used them. I would recommend these to other mothers.

  30. merissa (verified owner)

    The first go to for everyone I know, in every family I know. The nappy is very soft both inside and out – more so than 4 ply toilet paper. The elastic band at the waist is one of the best features, and the reason why I’ll always recommend these for the newborn stage – that small feature saves so many clothes. The leg bands hold in a fair amount themselves, saving a few things too. During the entire newborn period, I only had one “explosion” that wasn’t contained in these nappies (instead leaking out over the top) however my baby was being sat up at the time so it would have essentially funneled it up. Never a slight rash, however the moisture wicking works against you and dries poop out a little so the inner layers stick at times (gently pulling releases it). Very cute designs.

  31. alexandra (verified owner)

    We tried a few different newborn nappies and these are by far the easiest to put on and off and the most absorbent. The yellow line turns blue when the nappy is wet which makes it so much easier to determine whether the nappy needs changing in the wee hours of the morning. My 10 week old daughter hasn’t had any nappy rash as the nappy material is super soft and we haven’t had any leaks!

  32. Elli G (verified owner)

    I have been using for these two weeks now and they are going perfectly! They fit great and the blue line has been super helpful!
    No reactions to her skin either which has made being a first-time parent slightly easier!
    Definitely recommend, not expensive and work well!

  33. bee (verified owner)

    These are literally the ultimate Nappy and when they are on sale it is even better. Great overnight nappy with no leaks. I have used these since my daughter was born and they are super soft and stylish. I also love the wet indicator on the centre of the nappy.

  34. linda (verified owner)

    the Huggies nappies are great! I use this one for my son most of the time, it works great most of the time. But I dont know why sometimes the urine leaks out from his waist, it still happen sometimes, I guess it’s because the waist would loose when he moves a lot. otherwise it’s perfect.

  35. Tahlee B (verified owner)

    We tried a favorite cheaper brands of nappies and they were ok but nowhere near as good as these. We have had no blow outs at all and they have not caused any irritation on bub so far. Also we love the little pictures on the very cute. Highly recommended

  36. Megan T (verified owner)

    The best on the market. Other brands didn’t fit as well as these did on my newborn. I found these to be the most absorbent on the market, with the wetness indicator being the clearest I have seen. They were able to wick the wee away from my baby better than other brands.

  37. Natalie W (verified owner)

    We found these the best nappies for our newborn bub as they kept him dry and skin rash free. Most importantly they kept any poo explosions at bay.

    They are good quality and easy breathable.

    They are a bit more expensive but we found that they were best on the market for our newborn bub.

  38. alisha (verified owner)

    I got gifted a lot of these nappies when I had my son, they are a bit smaller in size compared to other nappies in the same size. They were great when he was a new born but found as he got bigger and older he would leak through a lot even with going up in sizes

  39. kristy (verified owner)

    We were eager to use these nappies as we had heard such good things about them. Although they were great & I can’t complain I find the cheaper nappies do the same job too (aldi & babylove) if I am unable to buy the cheaper nappies these are my 3rd option.

  40. fiona (verified owner)

    These are by far our favourite nappies., and we tried multiple brands when bub was little. They are soft and hold a lot! We have never had an ‘explosion’, however we have had a small leak on a few occasions ( this may be due to bubby sleeping on his tummy though). We have never had a rash with these nappies. The cute designs are an added bonus!

  41. Angela S (verified owner)

    These are by far the best nappies on the market in terms of absorbency. I’ve been using these Huggies nappies on my son since he was a newborn. They were the best for overnight protection and live up to their 12hr claim. Huggies are great to deal with – once when there was a fault with a nappy and I reported it they phoned me back straight away, investigated the matter and also sent a voucher to purchase an entire new packet.
    It is a shame they are so expensive but if you can get them on sale it’s worth it. Now that my son is older we use Huggies at night time and cheaper brands in the day.

  42. Shawna J (verified owner)

    I love newborn Huggies nappies they’re great. I used to have 2 different versions of Huggies newborn one was quite small an older stock they had and the newer ones they have now are a bit larger. The thickness is great, it’s soft and not to bulky. It doesn’t leak as easily and is absorbent. I like that it has a wetness indicator and stretchy band. The designs are adorable.

  43. Louise K (verified owner)

    I loved the huggies newborn nappies. They my fitted my little one really well, with no leaks and no skin irritation. The wetness indicator was really handy especially in the early days to help know when the nappy was full. The cute designs were an added bonus. Would definitely buy again.

  44. Vanessa S (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved the huggies newborn nappies. They were so cute with their little Winnie the Pooh design. They are fantastic with soiled nappies As they are super absorbent and we never once had a leakage. I found the tabs to be really sticky which was great. Definitely recommend huggies nappies for newborns

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  45. simone (verified owner)

    The only nappies we use for our son! We went through so many nappy brands with our son trying to find the perfect balance of comfort, leakage protection and absorbency especially for nighttime use. Our son wet through every other nappy brand and has never wet through these! They are also very generous woth sizing meaning they are super comfortable and do not leave any marks unlike some other brands.

    “Originally posted on”

  46. ranae (verified owner)

    We love using these nappies. We have tried a lot but our little one has eczema and found so many nappies irritated his eczema even more. Now we use these we don’t have an issue with nappies. He also is quite a heavy wetter and have hardly had any issues with leaks. I think most of leaks we have had is from us not putting on properly or him rolling around so much in his sleep. He is 7 months and has only happened 3 times.

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  47. Mel D (verified owner)

    2. The Huggies ultimate newborn nappies are true to its name – best newborn nappy around! All of my kids used Huggies newborn nappies and I would not use any other brand ever. I have tried a few other newborn nappy brands that were cheaper but I have come back to Huggies every time. They capture it all, are comfortable and have enough padding. The wee indicator line down the front of the nappy is genius and so helpful when you’re constantly changing baby’s nappy in the newborn days.

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  48. steph (verified owner)

    Huggies nappies are the best fit and have the best technology to absorb even the worst runny bodily fluids! There are lots of different styles from Huggies but these are the best, and for the extra few dollars these are worth the peace of mind. Oh and less laundry another huge plus!

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  49. jacqui (verified owner)

    Absolutely love huggies. The new born nappies are so adorable and come in very handy packs to chuck in the hospital bag. They’re just so absorbent and the cute little prints on them are to die for. Loved these for both my son and daughter, would 10/10 recommendto any mum.

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  50. ashley (verified owner)

    As first time parents the nappy front was of great concern. Would they fit well, leak, give a rash? Huggies ultimate came highly recommended by family and friends. Plus was the nappy of choice at our hospital. So with such popularity felt like a safe choice to try first. We can see exactly why this brand is so popular, the quality and functionality is awesome! Our baby boy came at 36 weeks (2.94kg) and the sz 1 newborns fit him perfectly. They are soft and absorbent. He is prone to poonamis so we can say with certainty their is no issue with leakage. We also did not have 1 rash the whole time we used this size. Great nappy in all aspects

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  51. Lisa B (verified owner)

    Absolutely love huggies new born nappies, they look and feel so soft for their little bottoms, they come in different packs which is great as new borns go thru so many a day, we made sure we got a couple of boxes each shop before baby was born so we had plenty, and they are also a great baby shower gift

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  52. lyn (verified owner)

    These were the best nappies when bub was first born. They fit really well even though he was small. Super absorbent and hardly ever leaked. He stayed in size one for ages and even size two for a while, which was really good because we bought the nappies in bulk. Really easy to get on and take off, even when they’re wriggling about.

    “Originally posted on”

  53. renae (verified owner)

    You can’t go past Huggies, we’ve tried many different nappies for designs, patterns & $$ but we just keep going back to these guys. They hold well, no rashes, perfect sizing. We managed to use the newborn until bub was 6.5kg and we could of maybe kept using them but we ran out. Definitely a winner in my family. We won’t try any more now we found the best brand

    “Originally posted on”

  54. porter (verified owner)

    Do you really need to say anything more than amazing for these nappies! They really are the ultimate when choosing to put your child in a nappy. They are softer than the other Huggies nappies yet have the added advantage of being super absorbent! I only buy this brand/type for my daughters

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  55. Shawna J (verified owner)

    Love Ultimate Huggies nappies. They work great and don’t leak as easily. The nappy quality is great; it’s thick, soft and comfortable for the baby. It isn’t irritable to the baby and has a stretchy back which fits perfectly to the baby. The price is great especially when it’s on sale.

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  56. Nanae K (verified owner)

    I love Huggies nappies. They are so soft and gentle on my baby’s delicate skin. The waist band is stretchy and fits well. The nappies are thick and absorbent, and hardly ever leak. The wetness indicator is also useful. I love the really cute design with Disney characters. These nappies are more expensive than other brands but I think they are worth it. I buy them when they go on sale at supermarkets.

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  57. Patricia C (verified owner)

    These nappies have been my go to for Bub as they are super absorbent, easy to put on and also have the indicator on them that changes colour to make it easier to determine if it needs changing. The price point is also pretty good and even better when you can catch it on sale. The material is soft on babies bottom and I find that it doesn’t irritate the skin. Highly recommend.

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  58. natalie (verified owner)

    We love using these nappies we find they fit our really well. The wetness indicator on these nappies are really handy and we have found that one nappy can hold two or three ways no problem. In our time using these nappies we’ve only had a handful of leaks when they have been extremely full. Little bit more expensive than some nappies However if you buy them in bulk they work out to be quite cost-effective.

    “Originally posted on”

  59. dakota (verified owner)

    Very happy with these nappies. They are a bit cheaper than the essentials range and come in larger packets so you can bulk buy them. These fit really well and don’t seem to leak as much (if at all) as some other brands we’ve tried. We tend to use these nappies more for night time use when we change diapers less as they hold more and last longer. They have a cute gender neutral design on them too.

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  60. Brooke J (verified owner)

    Great nappies never had an issue with them for my baby! They do hold a lot of liquid, when I first had my baby I was unsure of using them but once he was in them I realised how great they were and wouldn’t turn back now! The designs are so cute I love the new toy story designs that have come out

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  61. Amanda G (verified owner)

    We used these nappies for quite a while as we loved how soft they were. Really comfortable for bub and they are highly absorbant, which meant we had next to no leaks at bedtime. No issues with huggies and trust the brand to provide great nappies which are cute too!

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  62. Marianna K (verified owner)

    When your baby is a newborn, you always want the best for them. And these nappies are undeniably the best. They are super absorbent and sensitive to the skin. They are quite pricey though, which made me stop using them after the newborn stage and move to a more affordable option.

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  63. user-12233 (verified owner)

    We use these as our night nappies because they last throughout unlike other brands. I noticed that they hold a lot of liquid and rarely leak. We did have some leaks as our baby was growing out of the size but I have learned to predict this now! It’s all about learning on the job and sometimes you just need to have the more expensive brand to get the item that is better quality.

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  64. Jenna D (verified owner)

    After trying what felt like every single brand of nappy on the market we concluded that these were by far the best nappies for our little one. They fit well, there were still a couple of little accidents but not as many as other brands had and we found that she had less nappy rash with these also.

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  65. Lisa B (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these nappies I have never had a fault with any size over 6 years with two kids, they all are now starting to come out with different patterns and colours, in each different sizes they have had new colours and patterns, they fit well and they hold lots

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  66. Jessie H (verified owner)

    I’ve been using these since my newborn has been born. They are great quality, haven’t leaked and a bonus with cute characters on them – Pooh bear and if you’re lucky to find the toy story ones from Woolworths! Love this brand and will continue to use huggies nappies as my baby continues to grow up !

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  67. Lauren M (verified owner)

    Brilliant newborn nappy, nice and soft on newborn skin. Love the holding capacity and leakage protection. Great size for newborns, they fit really well without leaving imprints on skin. Good amount in each packet too. These are my top recommended newborn nappy, and an ideal nappy for gifting new parents.

    “Originally posted on”

  68. bindi (verified owner)

    I have used these nappies since my little girl was born and honestly find it the best product on the market, i really love it! I have yet to have a leakage from this nappy and I find it really good to use as well! Im going to continue using this standard and quality of the huggies nappies for sure!

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  69. Steph G (verified owner)

    They are so absorbable, fit really well. The straps stay stuck on and the flaps around the legs hep keep in any explosions. They are gentle on his skin. Just great! Tried another brand and they were so thin and no where near as absorbent. The line to let you know when it’s wet is so handy, but sometimes I find it doesn’t always work when it’s wet- but maybe these were just a little bit older. Love these!

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  70. Lana H (verified owner)

    Since Bella has been born I have always favoured Huggies over other brands. I did try an Aldi alternative which was poor in quality and could not absorb the same amount as a Huggies nappy. I love the quality and trust the brand. It’s great for sensitive skin and stretches well around the waist.

    “Originally posted on”

  71. Cecilia T (verified owner)

    These nappies are fabulous , they are super absorbent, fix tightly and securely and the wetness indicator in ultra-handy.
    We were gifted a whole stock of these nappies and after 3 wks they simply didn’t fit anymore. The elastic around the legs make for super secure holds on number 2s as well!

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  72. Kim S (verified owner)

    Huggies wins again for us. We used the newborns and now into the sz 2 and soon into sz3.

    They are super cute Disney designs for the sz 2 and firm fitting for my chunky little bud.

    We haven’t had any leaks, roomy and lots of stretch in the tags. Good sized absorbent nappies. Cant complain at all.

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  73. Noor H (verified owner)

    this range of buggies ultimate are by far the best nappies I have so far used on my little one, they are overall quite soft and very absorbent. she’s never had a nappy rash with this one, and can last through the night without that damp feeling on the outside, 100% recomend

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  74. Chithrika R (verified owner)

    These are fantastic nappies, we use these alongside the baby love brand and find them really great with containing everything within them. Great throughout and loved using them and will continue to do so – great nappy overall and very well designed to contour to my girls needs. Great from newborn stage as well.

    “Originally posted on”

  75. Kitty B (verified owner)

    We have tried a lot of different nappy brands with our first baby but Huggies are the strong favourite and is all we have used for the second. They fit really well and they do the job really well. The wetness indicator is super helpful. They’re breathable and they last a long time. We are really happy with Huggies nappies and wipes.

    “Originally posted on”

  76. Nurdiyana T (verified owner)

    These are amazing! Really absorbent (bubs does not cry when she has a wet nappy at all! We literally have to check often – thats how absorbent it really is), soft, wet line indicators are clear and NO LEAKING!!!! We tried several other brands and they either cause nappy rash or are really rough or leaks. But this as well as the Aldi branded Mamia nappies are honestly the best ones! Only con is that if your bubba goes through them really quickly, it is a lot more expensive than the Aldi one.

    “Originally posted on”

  77. Stacey M (verified owner)

    I have used this product for both my children. I cannot fault the product, we have not had any leaking issues, no rasping issues ( our family has very sensitive skin ), they are very easy to read with the indicator line on them too.
    Definitely worth every cent, I would highly recommend this product to family and friends.

    “Originally posted on”

  78. Uma K (verified owner)

    I simply love this Nappy. My first starting Nappy for my beautiful baby. I have been using Huggies from Newborn and I am using size 3 now. It is so soft and very smooth for my baby. I do not have to worry about the Rash. And when I use it did not get any leakage. Will be using only this Nappy for my baby and recommend all.

    “Originally posted on”

  79. Lauren C (verified owner)

    These ticked ever box for a newborn nappy. They are soft, absorbent and didn’t leak. I used these with my son and loved them. He had no reaction to the nappies ingredients and they don’t smell like urine as others do. The wetness indicator is also a great feature for a nappy.

    “Originally posted on”

  80. Hayley T (verified owner)

    I’ve been using huggies nappies the day my daughter was born. I cannot fault these nappies one bit. They have a generous allowance in sizing, they dont tear if you stick the tabs in the wrong spot and the absorbency is amazing! My 2 month old sleeps through the night anywhere from 8-11hours and we do not do a change in this time and not a single leak to date. Plus her little bum is still dry like the nappy could still absorb more!

    “Originally posted on”

  81. Jessica K (verified owner)

    Great nappies! Huggies newborn nappies are such a great product! They fit great on my newborn, are easy to fold down the tops as to not irriate the belly button area when first born. The wetness indicator is such a helpful tool, especially for first time parents. The absorbancy is fantastic(no leaks!) and doesnt irritate babies skin

    “Originally posted on”

  82. Teresa Matthews (verified owner)

    . Very very happy with my purchase fast delivery highly recommended great price

  83. Tori K (verified owner)

    We used these the whole time bub was in Newborn and infant size as we found they were the best for that sensitive newborn bottom and they didn’t leak. They are a bit on the pricey side though which is why we switched to cheaper nappies during the day (from size 3) and use Huggies at night time.

    “Originally posted on”

  84. Siobhan F (verified owner)

    We have been using Huggies on and off between cloth nappies and have never had an issue. Our bub is 6 months old. He sometimes sleeps through the night but always wakes up dry and he has never had
    any issues with nappy rash. A great option for anyone looking to use disposable nappies

    “Originally posted on”

  85. Jaelee S (verified owner)

    I never had problem with these nappies, I did try others that were cheaper but always went back to them. The weight guide on them were true to the size of my little ones. An when they started to sleep through the night there were no leaks nor did it give my child a rash. The tabs didn’t rip when trying to be quick likes others I tried.

    “Originally posted on”

  86. Chloe T (verified owner)

    I loved using huggies nappies. The one and only brand I could trust for quality for nappies. I tried all the cheap brands and they never held much fluid and had to be changed more regularly unlike huggies they would last the whole time my baby slept no bed wetting or spillage.worth the bang for your buck!

    “Originally posted on”

  87. Sakinah A (verified owner)

    I used Huggies ultimate fully in the early newborn period before using it as night time only. We had no issues with rash, very absorbent that even when the diapers is full, the inner surface is still dry to touch.
    Con: A bit pricey.
    Conclusion: To save money, I would use it for early newborn period and then use it for night time.

    “Originally posted on”

  88. Emilyah S (verified owner)

    Huggies nappies seem to work really well with my newborn twins skin. No diaper rash like some other brands give. As well as this, they’re quite absorbent and never seems to be leakage, allowing to sleep better and make for easier clean up when changing their nappies. Overall, one of my favourite nappy brands

    “Originally posted on”

  89. Eldjie C (verified owner)

    We used huggies ultimates from day one and found they were the vest nappies for our baby. These nappies had great absorbancy and was gentle on the skin and we had no issues with nappy rash etc. We still use huggies ultimates to this day. While they are a little more expensive than other brands we found that they were the best for our baby.

    “Originally posted on”

  90. Susan W (verified owner)

    We love buying huggies for our grandkids. The quality is so soft and luxurious. They don’t leak and seem to really hold the fluid output wich is so important with newborns and their sleep the last thing you want to be doing is changing everything in the middle of the night.

    “Originally posted on”

  91. Georgina S (verified owner)

    We tried so many other brands of nappies before choosing to use these for my bubs! They’re very absorbent without irritating baby when her nappy is full, wetness indicator, good for sensitive skin, hardly any blow outs. Cute designs on the nappies. The tabs are very strong. Bit on the expensive side so I stock up when on sale. Bonus is that they’re found pretty much anywhere.

    “Originally posted on”

  92. Susan W (verified owner)

    I love huggies brand their nappies have never let us down. They hold so well with the fluid output and feel amazing in texture. The elastic isn’t too tight on their little thighs . The quality in the nappies are very well worth the price you pay for them. We buy bulk when on sale

    “Originally posted on”

  93. Julie P (verified owner)

    After baby number 2, I knew that Huggies would be the only brand I’d use. They have a protective barrier and won’t leak (unless you don’t put them on properly) and provide 12 hours protection! They don’t give any irritations whatsoever. The nappies come with wet line indicator, yellow when dry and turns blue when wet. Perfect for first time parents!

    “Originally posted on”

  94. Nicole B (verified owner)

    These nappies kept my bub nice and dry over night, other brands would leak but never had an over night leak in this particular huggies nappy for my baby boy. The tabs are sturdy, the nappy feels like good quality when touching it. Great trusted brand and will always use Huggies again.

    “Originally posted on”

  95. Pip G (verified owner)

    This was perfect for my newborn son. Never leaked and no rashes. I loved the wetness indicator which showed me when he was wet and I needed to change his nappy. I have only ever used Huggies on him. It was the same nappy we received in the hospital. Great Nappy.

    “Originally posted on”

  96. Madison G (verified owner)

    We’re just moving out of the newborn size nappy and have found these fantastic. Very rarely any leaks, and on the occasions this has happened I doubt anything would have contained the mess!
    We tried other brands but found they were more prone to leaks, particularly up the back.
    Love the wetness indicator on the front.
    I would not change anything about these nappies, I feel they are worth the money.

    “Originally posted on”

  97. Amy K (verified owner)

    This nappy has been great for our son. I have found them to be soft and really absorbent – both for wees and poos. So far I haven’t experienced any problems with leakage nor has it caused any rashes. They are also super cute with the fun Winnie the Pooh print.

    “Originally posted on”

  98. Paige J (verified owner)

    Used these with my daughter when she was a newborn and definitely plan to use them on my second daughter due next year never had a leak day or night and never any problems with rashes, can get them anywhere and just perfect for little baby bums always will be my go to nappies.

    “Originally posted on”

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great nappies! Soft seem comfortable as he doesn’t complain and haven’t had a leak yet. The Disney designed are super cute as well and nappies are good fit with easy use to put on, take off. I buy in bulk on sale as you pay more for quality I think. These are definitely good quality

    “Originally posted on”

  100. Huey Chyi N (verified owner)

    After Huggies Ultimate newborn nappies, we then move on to the next stage under ultimate nappies. Rarely have leaking problems. Most of the time, we used it for night time and when we are going out for long time. However, we felt like the nappies cannot fit up to the weight stated in the range given. We have to change to the next stage earlier. Overall, It is a great quality nappy with the price you pay, so better stock up more whenever there is any promotion.

    “Originally posted on”

  101. Klaudine G (verified owner)

    We used Ultimate range for our first baby and super glad with how it made our baby comfortable every day and night. It has the softest material I’ve used. We only used this when bub is not crawling yet because the nappy pants are better when bub is already mobile. It has very cute design and good wetness indicator. We didn’t experience any leaks with Ultimate nappies. Also, its materials are firm so it doesn’t really sag after long use.

    “Originally posted on”

  102. Alyce B (verified owner)

    We purchased these nappies on special prior to the arrival of our daughter. We found them to be fantastic. We never had any leaks with them and we found that they were slightly bigger than the Baby Love nappies and she lasted in the size 1 longer. They lasted overnight, when our daughter started to sleep through the night.I love the wetness indicator on the nappies. Highly recommend.

    “Originally posted on”

  103. Jacqui G (verified owner)

    Great nappies for my newborn. Fit her perfectly from the start until about 2 months didn’t have a single leak. Fit great under her suits.
    Only advise would be to make sure you have the leg elastics pulled out to avoid leaks.
    Chose to size up at about 4.5-5kgs as we weren’t likely to use a full box again and used the huggies size 2.

    “Originally posted on”

  104. Miranda L (verified owner)

    These nappies are the best I have ever used. I wish these had been around for my first two babies! They easily last all night with no leaks. The cover is even soft and feels luxurious. Being so absorbent I find I use less nappies per day compared to cheaper nappies.

    “Originally posted on”

  105. Sofie R (verified owner)

    We have used Huggies Ultimate since day 1. We have tried other Nappies and Huggies Ultra Dry with our son. He has sensitive skin and not one single nappy rash or reaction to these Nappies in over 3 years. Every other nappy we have tried, has been unsuccessful. Cannot recommend these Nappies any higher, they are hands down a parents saviour

    “Originally posted on”

  106. Jessica B (verified owner)

    I started using Huggins nappies from day one and I really liked them. They fit well and were so soft with cute little Disney designs. I have used quiet a lot of brands and I find Huggies overall a great nappy and they cute designs change with each size. My little one has had no reaction to Huggies and she is always dry. The wetness indicator is fantastic too.

    “Originally posted on”

  107. Annemarie E (verified owner)

    I did get the bulk pack of these but have had them since the start as recommended/required for bubs first few weeks. Made sure I had enough for 10-12 each day and most days was needed. They are easy to use, keep Bub dry and are a good deal if bought in bulk.

    “Originally posted on”

  108. Alex E (verified owner)

    After trying a couple of different brands, Huggies newborn nappies are definitely the best. Although they can be slightly more expensive, they are the most absorbent and are the least likely to leak. Given how many nappies you go through each day, the less accidents the better! Would highly recommend this product.

  109. Heather N (verified owner)

    I am super budget conscious and shudder to spend more on items than I absolutely must – there are few exceptions to this, but Huggies nappies have made their way in.
    I was gifted several boxes of the newborn nappies by my gorgeous neighbour who had over purchased for her own baby. I myself had on hand a small pack of Little One’s and Rascal + Friends I had been using thus far.
    Using Huggies was a luxury at first, but I quickly realised that as these nappies work the best – best fit, best on the skin, best absorbency – it was a no brainer, and actually the most budget friendly option. You go through less nappies when they do their job really well.
    As we had so many boxes form our neighbour I stretched using these out well past when I should have, lol, but with pretty good success! I am now a convert, and happily spend the extra!
    Budget Conscious Buyers: Big W & Baby Bunting regularly stock the bulk packs which are your best value for money option. However when these come on special at the supermarket this is the time to grab them as they are an even better price per item.

  110. Talia Giorgio (verified owner)

    Awesome nappies wouldnt use any other. very gentle on the skin perfect fit

  111. Lauren Jennett (verified owner)

    Awesome nappies, great and convenient that they come in bulk

  112. Lauren Jennett (verified owner)

    Great value for money and awesome they come in bulk

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