The Medela Valves & Membranes pack contains extras for your Medela Breast Pump to keep it running as it should. The replacement parts are easily fitted. Note: It fits Spectra Premium Breast Shield and Freemie Milk Collection Cups as well. Replacement valves and membranes that fit many breast pumps in the Medela range. Additional parts are conveniently designed for applying and using. Part of Medelas range of high-tech breastfeeding equipment.

Extra parts for use with all Medela breastpumps and Kits. Consisting of 2 valve heads and 6 valve membranes..

These are sold in a packet which has 2 x Yellow Valve, and 6 x White Membranes.

Often the membrane needs to be replaced on a breast pump as they get wear and tear when you use the breast pump. And these tiny little pieces control the entire pump performance and section – they are so vital.

You may notice that the suction on your breast pump has decreased, so try replacing the membrane. This little disc controls the effectiveness of the whole breast pump, and is often the simplest and easiest solution.




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