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This Nappies Direct “Monster Box” ™ has three packets of Huggies Ultra Dry Junior Nappies 30s for boys. That’s 90 Nappies- what a deal!

Huggies Ultra Dry disposable nappies provides comfortable soft protection with up to 12 hours overnight leakage protection and tailored absorbency in the front as well as soft and secure side shields.

Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

Huggies Junior Nappies for Boys (16kg and over) have been created for growing baby boys. Huggies Nappies prevent leaks through innovative and ground-breaking technology.

  • Up to 12 hours protection from leakages, perfect for night and day usage.
  • Soft and secure side shields for superior protection against leaks.
  • A patented DryTouch® Layer that instantly absorbs wetness, springing back dry.
  • Gender specific design with targeted absorption in the middle for girls and front for boys.

With targeted absorbency for boys Huggies Ultra Dry disposable nappies provides comfortable soft protection for boys with up to 12 hours overnight leakage protection and tailored absorbency in the front as well as soft and secure side shields. Huggies Ultra Dry has an all over highly breathable cover that allows fresh air to circulate around your baby’s bottom, so skin stays drier. By keeping your baby’s bottom dry, only Huggies Nappies are clinically proven to prevent nappy rash. The revolutionary patented DryTouch® Layer absorbs wetness and spring back dry in seconds leaving cushiony protection between baby’s skin and the mess.

Huggies Ultra Dry nappies are available in four sizes:
Size 3 (Crawler) 6-11kg
Size 4 (Toddler) 10-15kg
Size 5 (Walker) 13-18kg
Size 6 (Junior) 16kg+

Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

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58 reviews for Huggies – Nappies & Pants (Size 6 – Junior) – Monster Box

  1. milena

    I love Huggies, they would have to be the best disposable nappy on the market in my view. I used them when my baby was first born ( for the first month or so) and then started using cloth nappies and I still do use cloth but sometimes it is so good just to pull out a disposable to use especially if she has a touch of gastro. So much easier to dispose of then having to wash disgusting smelling poo off the bamboo liners. Yuck!! I love that huggies are so absorbent and they actually hold everything in the nappy instead of it leaking out on to me or my baby’s clothing so that I don’t have to wash poo off other items of clothing. I recommend if you are using disposables pay the little extra and get Huggies you will be doing yourself and your baby a big favour.

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  2. ruby

    They really the only nappy I trust on the market, I have never had a leak or a problem ever with these nappies I have tried every brand on the market and nothing compares to buggies however they are the most expensive but I always look out for when they come on special at Woolworths and I love the twelve hours protection guarantee gives me peace of mind at night

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  3. ezmeralda

    We were provided Huggies in the hospital, and haven’t looked back. Before my son was born I bought Huggies and Pampas, I wasn’t sure which would suit but we all preferred Huggies by far. They are good quality, very absorbent, 7 months on have held in every explosion so far and best of all no nappy rash.

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  4. carlee

    We started using huggies since this was provided in our hospital and we were so happy with it we decided to stick with it. i absolutely love the wetness Indicator, it definitely helps new mummies to know when it’s time to change the bub. My son is now using the toddler size and we haven’t had a leak with this even AFter 12 hours! So happy with this product, well worth the price and I love the Winnie the Pooh designs!

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  5. phoebe

    These were the nappies given to us to use in hospital and it just made sense to continue using them as they did everything they said on the box and baby was happy. They hold in the ‘mess’ and are extremely easy to use for first time parents, definitely recommend!

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  6. julie

    I’ve been using huggies nappies since my baby was a newborn and not once have they leaked. They did well holding in all the runny newborn poops and we haven’t had any problems overnight either. We are currently using the crawler size and they’ve are such a good fit. The absorbency is excellent as well. My baby is prone to getting eczema and nappy rash and even when left on over night and they are filled to capacity she still has a dry bum. We have had no problems with her getting nappy rash since only using the nappies.

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  7. izabella

    I don’t use these nappies full time but these nappies are fantastic at keeping Bub dry. They last all night. They are more expensive than others but well worth the investment. Especially recommend them for long car rides or outings where you dont want to be held back by the need to constantly change nappies.

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  8. evania

    The best advice we were given as new parents with regards to Nappies was to use one brand that worked for you and stick to that brand. We sampled a few, obviously the cheaper options, until we found the right one and we kept finding ourselves comparing them all to huggies so they’re now the only ones we use.
    The shape of the nappy fits perfect to the shape of their little bums, the side elastic doesnt dig in to the sides of their legs and the grip tabs are easy to pull and use for super quick nappy changes as well. We had a significant reduction in nappy rash while using Huggies and we also had no wee or poo leaks either which was suprising for a newborn.
    the feel of the nappy is also that of quality, it doesnt feel thin like yucky stuff coudl leak through and the inside lining is also nice and soft and feels like it would be very comfy. I know that the price is a little bit more for these compared to other brands but if you want to keep your child comfortable and free of skin irritants etc I would highly recommend! Just stock up when they are on special!

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  9. tandie

    Huggies nappies are the best on the market. I have tried countless cheaper brands and always come back to these ones. My little one wears them overnight and never leaks. Even when he wakes up his skin is dry so they absorb very well. They don’t leave red marks, and are very soft on the skin. Well worth the price!

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  10. nananne

    Such a reliable nappy – they have great absorbency and the inner lining is nice and soft and seems to draw the moisture away from the skin. I think this is why our little one hasn’t had any redness or rash while using these nappies. They’re great at keeping leakages to a rare minimum and I love the wetness indicator. It’s a vertical line on the nappy that changes colour when that section of the nappy is wet or dirty (so you know what you’re in for before you open it!).

    “Originally posted on”

  11. ninno

    These Huggies nappies are excellent because they fitted well on my son and we also did not need to change him through the night. We didn’t want to wake him up so these nappies were good because they last the entire night. They are an expensive nappy but they are definitely worth it because you don’t need as many changes.

    “Originally posted on”

  12. clio

    We used the newborn nappies when our son was born in hospital as well as at home. They are very absorbant and he sleeps through the night without waking from feeling wet.
    With the newborn nappies we did have a few poo explosions out the sides but with the next size up we have had no troubles!
    I love the wetness indicator and they never leave him with a rash. They can be quite pricey so we use these as well as Aldi and I buy in bulk when they’re on sale. Can’t go wrong with Huggies.

    “Originally posted on”

  13. phoenix

    I started with ecoriginal nappies, everything about them was great but the newborn size was too big even for a 3.7 kg baby with 51cm we switched to Huggies and I loved it from day one. Sizing is perfect, I love the wet indicators, and there will be no leakage unless you don’t wrap it properly. Both in first weeks that my daughter lost weight and she was so skinny and soon after she started gaining weight and has been on 90 percentile weight and 98 percentile height charts (you can imagine her size), these nappies could fit well. Since she was 3 months old I stopped changing her during the night and her nappy in the morning is SUPER heavy but as I said never never leaked.
    Of course with an explosive poo you should expect a bit leakage but it’s totally fine. I wish they could make these nappies from eco friendly materials ! But generally I highly recommend it.

    “Originally posted on”

  14. matthias

    When I had my first baby we tried a few different brands of nappies to find the one that worked best for us, but we alway went back to the Huggies nappies. We found that we had less leaks compared to other brands especially overnight and we’re able to get a good fit without it cutting in to there legs and leaving red marks. I personally think Huggies nappies are worth the money.

    “Originally posted on”

  15. yuenpui

    We’ve used Huggies since day one for our baby and never had any problems. they fit well, stretchable and super absorbent. Baby mostly wake up with a full nappy in the morning, as you can feel the weight but never any leaks at night. Huggies is one brand we trust and will be sticking to it.

  16. sapphire

    I’ve tried a few alternate brands to compare to huggies, primarily to save money. Huggies tend to be more expensive, but you can get sone great deals when they’re in sale. In saying that, they truely are a product that should have the stigma of ‘you get what you pay for’. The other brands haven’t made the cut in our busy household, either because of leakage or smell. I’ve found other brands to let us down especially during the night with leakages or they tend to give off a bad odour. We will certainly be sticking to huggies nappies.


  17. jobie

    I have been using these nappies since I was introduced to them in hospital. I find them very absorbent and the only time we have had a leakage is when the “ruffles” around the legs have not been pulled out properly (parent fail!). They sit nice and high on my babys back. But the best par for me is how absorbent they are. As a new mum I never needed to worry that baby was crying because she was uncomfortable with a wet nappy. I highly recommend!


  18. windowing

    When my boy was little, he would continually leak out of huggies. However now that he’s a toddler, huggies are the only nappies that will last overnight and won’t leak. They’ve now become a must-have in our house.

  19. helen

    I have been consistently happy with these nappies. Despite trying a few other brands on the recommendation of friendss, I have always returned to these. My son (now 14mths) has had no leaking issue and no nappy rash while wearing Huggies. I highly recommend this brand.


  20. andee

    We used these for our daughter before switching to cloth for our son and they worked well. We never had any leak or fit issues and they always held up to her big overnight wetting. They are on the more expensive end of the scale but they work

  21. deedee

    Although Huggies are slightly more expensive than other brand she I think it’s worth it. They seem to absorb better (even overnight), I love the handy moisture indicator line and we have had no nappy rash whatsoever.
    Bub wasn’t 3.7kg at birth and the huggies newborn nappies were the only one she we hadn’t that were small enough bought but in saying that she grew out of them really fast.


  22. martine

    These are probably the best on the market, however the price makes them a little less desirable. You pay for quality though. I tend to use the newborn ones then move onto another brand that’s more affordable. These are super absorbent, fit well, have a urine indicator which is awesome for a newborn and it’s cute that you can get boy girl colours.

  23. pierrette

    I normally use cloth nappies for my bubba, but a trip to england recently demanded the use of disposables for the plane journey. We used the crawler size. I was a bit dubious as to how my babies skin would react, but I needn’t have worries because they were great and we ended up using them for the duration of our holiday (4 weeks). We had absolutely no problems with nappy rash due to damp material against her skin. Her skin was dry after every nappy change. We had no wee leaks at all, even in the morning after wearing one for the entire night. We did have one poo leak though.
    They fitted her beautifully, not too tight, never left marks on her skin.
    Oh, and there is a line on the front of the nappy that progressively turns blue as liquid is detected in the nappy which was incredibly useful in knowing when she needed a nappy change with just a quick peak at the front of the nappy!

  24. rebecca

    I was given number of Huggies nappies for my baby shower so it made sense to continue using this brand as my baby grew, I did find that they were expensive to buy but the quality made the cost worth it. I was able to get a good fit on my tiny newborn and the overlap in sizing alway ment I was able to get the right size to fit him properly. We did get some leaks but on the whole a great nappy.


  25. dorri

    Have used Huggies newborn nappies and have found them to be excellent. Bub is always left dry and has never had any irritations from these nappies. Also had very few leaks from explosive poops. Have since switched to a cheaper brand and find I have a lot more leaks. Would certainly recommend.

  26. eduardo

    We used these everyday for our kids. Especially as newborns. They are really absorbent. Fit well and look good. I like the larger bulk buys and usually hang out for the specials.

  27. corella

    We recieved a lot of these at our baby shower and can not fault them at all. They have great absorption and have never had any poo leaks only wee at night when she sleeps through. I have compared them to other nappies we recieved and I am very happy with the quality of buggies and don’t really want to use the other brands we have..

  28. riannon

    We’ve tried many brands and we’ve always come back to the Huggies nappies. They keep everything in and don’t leak unlike other brands, and baby’s nappy rash is minimal with huggies. They are thick and absorbant and we find the wetness indicator line pretty handy for quick checks. Won’t use any other brand now.

  29. corella

    We recieved a lot of these at our baby shower and can not fault them at all. They have great absorption and have never had any poo leaks only wee at night when she sleeps through. I have compared them to other nappies we recieved and I am very happy with the quality of buggies and don’t really want to use the other brands we have..

  30. jakob

    I have been using these nappies on my 10week old from birth and they have been excellent. The design is what sets them apart form other nappies, with the elasticated strip at the back of the nappy to obtain optimal fit and the gussets inside the legs, I’ve never had any leakages. They are also very dry to the touch a small the name suggests.
    My son was tiny when born, only 2.4kg and I have used them on him since day one with no issues so they are great for tiny babies. He is only just 3.4kgs Bieber and has plenary of room to grow in these so will be wearingfor a long while yet. They are on the expensive side of the markets but I feel they are worth it. I have tried other newborn nappies and had leaks/poor fit so didn’t bother. The frustrating thing about these nappies is that they only come in a box of 108 at most supermarkets but I have found them in boxes of 224 at s certain large retailer. Considering how many I go through Id prefer to get the big boxes up front.

  31. aarika

    These nappies are great all day every day. My daughter sleeps through the night and I don’t need to worry that she will wake up in a puddle. They are super absorbent and great on skin as they don’t leave any red sore marks. Be sure to buy these in bulk when on sale as they can be pricey.

  32. maraika

    These nappies are great as they fit small new borns very well. They are also less likely to leak than other brands we tried. I also liked the extendable straps and the fact that I could often find these on special.

  33. lavana

    Easily the best nappy on the market. Less likely to leak or have issues holding volume overnight. Less likely to allow poo explosions. I know some people don’t prefer them because they feel more ‘plasticky’ than other brand nappies and/or the elastic around the legs is uncomfortable, but I never had these problems and found the nappy superior to all others I have tried.

    “Originally posted on”

  34. asad

    I love these nappies but they make a big dint in the budget. Especially when I can get a similar quality product for half the price. They fit well are super absorbent and look good but the price pulls me up here.

  35. zeb

    Used these with my daughter when she was first born and they were by far the best nappy for absorption and blow outs. Could always count on huggies!!

  36. marwan

    Huggies ultra dry nappies really do what they say… they give a 12hrs leak protection… i usually use a cheaper brand for during the day but at night I use the huggies… they are quite expensive which is why I don’t use them for the day when we change nappies frequently anyways…. but at night we had leaking issues with the cheaper brands… i used only these for the newborn because of the wetness line… being a ftm it was hard to tell whether a nappy was wet or not….

  37. drieka

    From the moment my baby was born until now she has been wearing Huggins nappies. We have not had one bad experience with them. They have not leaked and they have not given her any nappy rash or sores. They are very reliable and worth the money. The cute designs make it fun for baby.

    “Originally posted on”

  38. dinh

    This nappy brand is the only one I have got for my baby girl and so far I have never got disappointed.The design is really cute and the inside is breathable and can hold wetness for hours.I would never put on my precious baby girl’s skin anything but huggies!Given you change a nappy to your little one every time needed,and with the right attention and car,huggies will never upset your baby’s skin.I am not speaking only as a new mum but also as a childcare educator so I know a little about nappies 🙂

  39. ameline

    I use cloth nappies mostly but for a newborn Huggies are the way to go. You go through so many nappies and that black tar from your newborn is disgusting to try and remove from your cloth inserts even if you use liners. I did take some of them to hospital with me but they supplied me with a pack of Mater nappies and I really didn’t like them at all, they just didn’t feel nice or fit the baby very well. So I started using my own nappies and they fitted much better as well. Even now as my baby is getting bigger I mostly use cloth but there are times when I need to have a disposable nappy and it is always Huggies as they have proven to be the better quality for us.

    “Originally posted on”

  40. chungyo

    We use daily these for our son And love day the wetness indicators. Never has issues with leaking. Despite having eczema and being super sensitive he never reacted to these nappies and barely every had any irritations from the nappies at all. They aren’t worth the money and I wouldn’t buy any other brand.

  41. deryck

    Since I was pregnant, I have heard a lot about this brand from my friends, so I have been using this brand since baby is newborn. This nappy has great quality, it is soft and keep baby dry and comfortable all the time and bb never has nappy rash or leak problem. Highly recommended.

    “Originally posted on”

  42. tyren

    I used the Huggies newborn nappies from birth and they are by far the best quality nappies out of all of the brands I have tried. They are very absorbent and never leaked up her back like other brands do, stretchy and comfy foy her little bum, and she never got nappy rash with Huggies. Well worth spending the money on quality nappies.

    “Originally posted on”

  43. martijn

    These are the best nappies. They are so absorbent, don’t have any urine smells like so others we have tried. They fit really well and have a leak proof back which stood nasty poo leaks. We have used huggies for both our children. Their products are great quality, fit well and are very good value for money. We will continue to buy huggies products.

  44. christina

    I bought a box of these on sale last week even though my bub isn’t quite ten kilos but he still fit into them really well because of the stretchy waist. They have a great absorbency. My son didn’t leak through at all. They were nice and comfy and perfect for him as he is getting really active and mobile.

    “Originally posted on”

  45. sidonia

    These are very pricey, but honestly are top quality. I was using other nappies which left bubs skin feeling wet, and as soon as I changed back to these her nappy rash cleared up. As they are pricey I only use the huggies at night, as I found they are the only one that last the long hours bub sleeps.

  46. demeter

    We really like these nappies and found them great for bubs.
    Our only issue is that we found they sometimes leaked, an issue we haven’t experienced with another brand. They also expand quite a lot when wet which can leave bubs a bit uncomfortable and we need to change her as soon as she wee’s.
    Other than this they have been great and we would use again.

  47. melanie

    Our baby boy born @ 3.880kg and a very good drinker these nappies only lasted us 6 weeks. In saying that they were the most absorbent nappies that we tried. They were double the cost of some other brands even purchasing at an on special price of 27 cents per nappy but still worked out most cost effective. Alternate branded nappies I would use 2-3 for each one of the huggies nappies.
    Loved the wetness indicator (and miss this on the older nappies). Also loved that you could leave this nappy on for overnight/ 12ish hours and it would not leak through. The tabs that surround the nappy: bum/ inner thigh were particularly helpful in containing mess.
    I would like the newborn size to be that little bit bigger as I didn’t find that I got the full benefit out of the recommended weight range and a little higher at the back to catch that unexpected explosion would also be helpful.
    … We’ll be buying these for the next bub.

  48. joeri

    My DD decided she would make nappy change time difficult by rolling over on her table at 9 months. She is now 1 and we have started using pull ups – they are a life saver!!! My sanity has returned, so easy to use and I can tell she is happier for it (I don’t have to hold her down anymore). Easy to pull on and the sides are still adjustable (she is a bit small for them but when adjusted – happy days!)

    “Originally posted on”

  49. emma

    I really liked the wetness detector, this really helped us know when to change the nappy without having to rip off the nappy each time. This is a great nappy, absorbs wees and poos really well, and baby seems comfortable most of the time. I dont like how bulky they are, and I really dont see a need for winnie the poo to be on a nappy

  50. jade

    No more wrestling, no more using a leg to hold my daughter down, no more her pulling her nappy off! I love huggies pull ups, i wouldnt use any other brand, they hold well, decent quality, good priced, the prints on the outside of the nappy are cute! Quite a decent amount per pack! After 4 children and trying all brands – these are the best!

    “Originally posted on”

  51. kp

    Was given few boxes since LO was born. In my opinion the nappies were a bit rough compared to other brands I ve used. Some leakage happened the same as other brands I ve used. Seem a bit bulky to me but bub seems happy with it. Sometimes it causes nappy rash and redness in my baby’s bum. I have to go one size up from infant(max 8kg) to crawler when bub is only 6.5-7kg.
    Good side is the liquid detector, which helps us know when to change without opening the nappy

  52. laurette

    We’ve just started using these for our 15 month as it was getting super hard to get a nappy on him. He wouldn’t sit still long enough. These are great because I can quickly slip them on before he runs away. They are cost effective. We usually buy in bulk when they are on sale.

    “Originally posted on”

  53. maddisonmelkie

    pull ups are great for little ones who cant sit still.. which is why these are so good you can quickly wipe theyre bottoms and then slide them on good for all ages and stages who are ready to start sitting on the potty and toilet keeps them feeling like big kids..

    “Originally posted on”

  54. taylah

    This is always the go to nappy. Good reputation, with a newborn I have had a few leaks, but this may have been due to application, we are better at putting them on now. Pricey, I am always looking out for a sale. They are soft, absorbent and keeps baby dry and comfortable. The indicator panel for wet is a bit confusing. Have tried other brands of nappy but usually go to Huggies for use at night.

  55. murphyselma

    When my little one started crawling, I decided to spend the little bit extra on nappy pants to make my life easier, and I haven’t looked back. The Huggies Nappy Pants are my favourite and we use them overnight as they hold more and keep her drier. They’re also the only ones we’ve used that have the sticky tape to hold it all together after changing. We buy these when they are on special offer, otherwise we use the Aldi nappy pants. We’ve tried the Baby Love nappy pants too but find they hold less and she gets rashes from them. I’ve taken off half a star as they are more expensive.

    “Originally posted on”

  56. gurjinder

    These are a life saver to say the least!! My little boy will not lay on his back to have his nappy changed anymore he’s too on the go to sit still got even a second too much world to conquer, so I’m often trying to change him standing up which is really hard with the tabs, these are so great just both legs in pull them up and it takes less than 30 seconds and baby doesn’t have a clue what just happened! Price is worth every dollar!

    “Originally posted on”

  57. jessie

    Love these nappy pants. They are soft and don’t rub, cut in or irritate my babies skin in any way. They are reliable and I don’t have problems with them leaking overnight. They are easy to rip off and get on my little man that insists on standing for nappy changes. I also really like that they have a sticky tab you pull out on the back to hold them wrapped up when dirty.

    “Originally posted on”

  58. Kristiina O

    Over eleven months i have tried different brands and sorts of diapers, when I finally landed on this product I sticked with it for months. I’ll give it 3 stars because if I’d known better that baby nappy pants leave less red marks on my babys skin rather than open-close ones, I think I’d changed earlier. Still using Huggies tho!

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