Woolbabe Merino/Organic Cotton Pyjamas – Peach Manuka


The gorgeous Woolbabe fabric was just too delicious to stop at sleeping bags! The Woolbabe Winter Pyjamas are the pyjamas your children will not want to take off.   These are perfect for wearing inside a Woolbabe sleeping bag, a Sleeping Suit or with regular bedding. 

Made from Woolbabe’s exclusive merino + organic cotton fabric, the merino to help with temperature regulation and makes the Pyjamas are perfect for a wide temperature range.  Ideal for Autumn through to Spring, when the temperature can be all over the place and children are often kicking off their covers and waking up cold in the cool hours of the morning. Or use as a lighter option than a sleeping suit on summer nights.   

The fabric washes beautifully and feels soft and comfy, your children will love wearing these pyjamas.

  • 30% merino / 70% organic cotton
  • Elastic waist
  • Long-sleeve top & long pants


Fabric 30% merino, 70% organic cotton
Washing Machine wash with liquid wool wash for best durability
We recommend avoiding laundry powder as this can damage the merino fibres
Drying Tumble dry on low, line dry




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