Woolbabe Merino/Organic Cotton PJ Suit – Tide



The gorgeous Woolbabe fabric was just too delicious to stop at sleeping bags! The Woolbabe PJ Suit are the pyjamas your children will not want to take off.   These are perfect for wearing inside a Woolbabe sleeping bag, a Sleeping Suit or with regular bedding. The little sizes of PJ Suits are perfect for combining with swaddling.  Made from Woolbabe’s exclusive merino + organic cotton fabric, the merino to help with temperature regulation and makes the PJ Suit perfect for a wide temperature range.  Ideal for Autumn through to Spring, when the temperature can be all over the place and children are often kicking off their covers and waking up cold in the cool hours of the morning. Or use as a lighter option than a sleeping suit on warmer summer nights.   The fabric washes beautifully and feels soft and comfy, your children will love wearing these suits and you’ll love how adorable they look.
  • 30% merino / 70% organic cotton
  • Double Zip
  • Available in a wide range of sizes from newborn to school age!



Fabric & Materials 30% merino, 70% organic cotton
YKK zip – nickle free
18.5 microns
Washing Cool gentle hand or machine wash with liquid wool wash for best durabiity
Do not use napisan or laundry powder as this can damage the merino fibres
Drying We recommend drying immediately after washing
Tumble dry on low or line dry  – This fabric dries very quickly
Please note if you hot tumble dry these suits they will shrink in the length quite a bit


Size Chart


Size Height/Length Chest Arm Hip Inside Leg
0-3 months 55cm 48cm 21cm 50cm 18cm
3-6 months 60cm 50cm 24cm 52cm 22cm
6-12 months 68cm 52cm 27cm 54cm 26cm
Size Height/Length Chest Arm Hip Inside Leg
1 year 72cm 54cm 28cm 56cm 28cm
2 years 79cm 57cm 32cm 59cm 30cm
3 years 85cm 60cm 36cm 62cm 33cm
4 years 92cm 62cm 39cm 64cm 35cm
5 years 98cm 66cm 41cm 68cm 39cm
6 years 102cm 68cm 43cm 70cm 45cm
7 years 108cm 70cm 45cm 72cm 51cm
8 years 112cm 72cm 47cm 74cm 56cm

About our sizing

Our own brand garments follow the Australasian standard AS1182-1997 for sizing and are made with room to grow. Our Size 2 clothing for example is made to fit the standard’s average sized 2.5 year old comfortably.

Tips on how to measure your child
Height/Length – Our height measurement doesn’t include a child’s head and neck length. Standing straight with a flat foot measure from the base of the heel up to either the top of the shoulder. You may find it easiest for younger children to stand with their back to a wall to do this. Make a small pencil mark on the wall at either the top of the shoulder or head and ask the child to step away before measuring from the floor up to the pencil mark.
Chest – Place tape measure under the arms and measure around the chest at the fullest part until your fingers meet.
Arm – With arms down by the side and relaxed, measure from the wrist to the top of the arm before the shoulder curve. If you are unsure where the true shoulder curve starts, then gently place your flat hand (or another flat item like a ruler) on the shoulder and measure up to this point.
Hips – Measure below the waist at the fullest part of the hip bringing the tape measure round until your fingers meet.
Inside leg – With a flat foot, measure from the heel of the foot, up the inside of the leg to the crotch. Inside leg may sometimes be referred to as the inseam.
Please note – Measurements are taken when garments are laid flat. Areas such as chest, waist and hips are calculated at twice the width to get the full measurement.


  • The perfect layer for inside a woolbabe Sleeping Bag or Suit
  • Exclusive Woolbabe merino + organic cotton fabric
  • Fold over mitten in smaller sizes
  • Helps to regulate temperature
  • Zero waste  – packaged in a reusable cloth bag





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