Water Wipes – The world’s Purest Baby Wipes


Waterwipes provide the gentlest cleaning of baby’s skin possible and are even safe to use on premature babies skin and used in many hospitals and neonatal units around the world.

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Water Wipes are suitable from birth. We know that newborn babies skin is five times thinner than an adults and that’s why their skin is so sensitive.

We also know that parents need to change their baby’s nappy up to ten times a day. Imagine wiping nasty ingredients on your baby’s skin seventy times per week and then locking them in with a nappy. There is no product that you would use that many times, even as an adult.

Water Wipes are great for nappy rash and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis because Water Wipes don’t irritate the skin. As pure as cotton wool and cooled boiled water, Water Wipes are also a useful addition to our Hospital Bag to allow mum to freshen up during her time in the birthing suite.

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