VTech – Switch & Go Dinos – Rush the Velociraptor


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Vtech: Switch And Go Dinos – Rush The Velociraptor

This wild Switch & Go Dino is an exciting 2-in-1 toy that switches between a Velociraptor and a high-tech aircraft! See cool dino eyes and pilot animations on the backlit LCD screen! Pull the wing triggers in aircraft mode to see the spinning discs launch into the air! Press the light projection button to see Rush shine their light! Press the voice button to hear the exciting car and dinosaur sound effects, phrases, and Velociraptor facts!


  • Plays 50+ Dinosaur facts, sounds, and phrases
  • 2in1 switches between dino and aircraft
  • Light projects from the dino’s mouth and from the front of the aircraft!
  • The backlit LCD screen displays dino eyes and pilot animations!
  • Pull the aircraft’s trigger to launch the spinning discs into the air!
  • Shiny finish, so Rush really stands out!
  • Lights up with responses!
  • 2 AA batteries required (demo batteries included)

Age: 3 years and up

Package Includes

1 x VTech – Switch & Go Dinos – Rush the Velociraptor (batteries included)

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