Huggies Nappies & Pants (Size 6 – Junior) – Pixie Box


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  • Nappies Pixie Box : 56s (14s x 4)
  • Nappies Conv Pack : 14s
  • Nappy Pants Pixie Box : 64s (16s x 4)
  • Nappy Pants Conv Pack : 16s

The Nappies Direct “Pixie Box” ™ has four packets of Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies 14s.

Huggies Junior Nappies for Girls (16kg and over) are made for growing baby girls.

Huggies Ultra Dry nappies feature:

  • Up to 12 hours protection from leakages, perfect for night and day usage.
  • Soft and secure side shields for superior protection against leaks.
  • A patented DryTouch® Layer that instantly absorbs wetness, springing back dry.
  • Gender specific design with targeted absorption in the middle for girls and front for boys.

The Huggies Ultra Dry disposable nappy for girls provides comfortable soft protection for girls with up to 12 hours overnight leakage protection and tailored absorbency in the front as well as soft and secure side shields. Huggies Ultra Dry has an all over highly breathable cover that allows fresh air to circulate around your baby’s bottom, so skin stays drier. By keeping your baby’s bottom dry, only Huggies Nappies are clinically proven to prevent nappy rash. The revolutionary patented DryTouch® Layer absorbs wetness and spring back dry in seconds leaving cushiony protection between baby’s skin and the mess.

Huggies Ultra Dry nappies are available in four sizes:
Size 3 (Crawler) 6-11kg
Size 4 (Toddler) 10-15kg
Size 5 (Walker) 13-18kg
Size 6 (Junior) 16kg+

Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

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“Pixie Box” and “Pixie Size” and “Pixie” are trademarks of Nappies Direct.

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