Physio Carrier – Black Cotton

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A unique and hihghly recommended soft structured carrier from French Babywearing company, Love Radius (formerly called JPMBB). It includes a lot of features, including very adjustable straps and 2 options for warmer or cooler weather with a zip up front panel. The Physio Carrier can be worn on the front, hip and on the back. Back carrying is recommended from about 6 months, once baby can sit independently. This carrier can be worn from newborn (with the optional insert accessory) up to about 3 years (20kg weight limit). Recommended by Babywearing Consultants for it’s comfort and ergonomic fit for parents and baby.     

More Features:
  • The seat is shaped (not flat), putting the baby in a seated position with lower back curled and knees drawn up. This prevents the pelvis from being flattened 
  • The duel adjustment on the straps allows easy positioning, whether Baby is in a front or back carry
  • Straps back be crossed in the back when Baby is carried on the back
  • There is a (removable) mirror to watch the baby when he/she is being carried on your back
  • Back/chest strap with an elastic end-stop to facilitate the movement of the baby-carrying person’s shoulders while keeping the straps in place.
  • All straps have an elastic to keep them wound and not dangling
  • The very cool booster seat (sold separately) allows for much higher back carrying with babies who can sit independently, and see over the wearer’s shoulders.

Side Straps – The side straps have different functions according to Baby’s age:
  1. For an infant, it allows adjusting the front panel’s height and width, so you can get a great fit for your baby.  The newborn will thus be well contained and the tightened straps allow the edges of the baby carrier to hold his/her small body snugly, providing support lines that allow the baby to be maintained in a curled up position and not flattened.  These side straps also prevent the hypotonic infant’s back from going into an “S” position because the baby carrier is too large.
  2. For a bigger baby (> 10 months), the side straps give support to the bended knees and help to better tilt the pelvis to provide Baby with a wide and comfortable seat. This also makes it possible for the arms to come out when Baby is awake.
  3. The side straps will also allow weight distribution between the shoulder straps and the belt. This is possible because the anchor point of the straps goes from the straps to the belt. This is useful if you prefer to put the weight on the straps and reduce the weight on the belt.

Mesh Panel – Thanks to the opening in the baby carrier, Baby’s back can beventilated and cooled when it’s hot, or covered when it’s cold, using the two zippers. The transparent mesh provides better visibility of Baby’s position.

Booster Seat – (Sold Separately) – The booster is useful from birth to around 18 months, depending on the size and weight of baby.  Where some infant inserts go right round your baby, the JPMBB booster goes only under the child’s bottom. This means that the booster seat is fine for warmer temperatures.  The booster slips into a sleeve in the baby carrier, making it even easier and faster to pop baby in; it is also safer than first putting Baby into an insert and then into the baby-carrier. 

The Booster allows 3 things:
  1. To carry an infant in a high and secure carrying position (kissing height), leaving his/her respiratory passages clear and ventilated. In addition it enables Baby to be seated in a physiological flexion position without forcing the natural gap between his/her knees (a gap that must not exceed the width of the pelvis at this age). 
  2. The booster allowsan older baby to enjoy greater visibility when being carried on the back, as the booster allows higher carrying than other carriers.
  3. Finally, many baby-carrying adults will appreciate the backpack feel of this baby carrier, i.e. most of the weight on the shoulders and a higher center of gravity.


  • All Love Radius babywearing products meet the safety requirements. Lab tests are conducted in France according to the specifications of the European Standard for Baby Carriers NF EN 13209-2. (shrinkage, perspiration colorfastness, flammability, wear and tear, mechanical resistance, marking, packaging, absence or limited presence of heavy metals, formaldehyde, azoic dyes…)
  • Additional controls are in place to ensure the resistance of fabric and dye to regular washes, UV resistance, composition, stretching (overstretch), density, fuzziness, resistance of the dye to frequent rubbing, to saliva, pH. 
  • All dyes and fabric treatments comply with the Oeko-tex 100 standards.
  • Love Radius products and the carries shown in our videos are in constant research and evolution with the collaboration of specialists of newborn psychomotricity and postpartum physiology. This goes way beyond the NF EN 13209-2 European standard requirements, which disregards Baby’s physiology or his developmental stages.
  • The whole range of Love Radius’ babycarriers – the physiological babycarrier HoodieCarrier, the physiological babycarrier PhysioCarrier, the Original JPMBB Baby Wrap, the Little Wrap Without A Knot, and the BASIC JPMBB baby wrap- is recognized as hip-healthy products for Baby by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).


Cotton with mesh front panel


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