NUK Silicone Sleeve for Glass Bottle 240ml


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Glass baby bottles? For sure!

With the NUK Silicone Cover, even glass bottles are well-equipped for turbulent family life! The sleeve is like a second skin around all NUK First Choice 240 ml glass baby bottles and helps guard against scratching, cracking and splintering. At the same time it makes the bottles non-slip and easy to hold while preparing and feeding.

Thanks to the flexible silicone material and the wide opening it is very easy to use: simply place the bottle into the sleeve and close it with the button: worrying about glass shards in the family kitchen is now a thing of the past! Even if a bottle does break the shards stay in the sleeve and can be disposed of safely. The transparent narrow window lets you always see how full the bottle is.

For the safe use of glass bottles
Guards against scratching, cracking and splintering

Easy to use
Flexible silicone material with wide opening

In full view
Coloured sleeve with narrow window for reading gauge

Chic but still hygienic
The transparent sleeve is BPA-free and gives every bottle a new look. Clean the sleeve by rinsing thoroughly by hand.

Like a protective coating: the NUK Silicone Sleeve prepares glass baby bottles for turbulent family life!

  • Innovative bottle accessory
  • Guards against scratching, cracking and splintering
  • Flexible silicone material with wide opening
  • Fits all NUK First Choice 240ml Glass Bottles

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