Moose – Baby Walker


Help your tot learn to toddle

So, your little person is thinking about taking his first steps? Hooray, time for some independence. Our carefully designed, super stylish wooden baby walker has all the features you’re looking for to provide a safe, supportive tool and toy to help your toddler learn to toddle.

 Why is our Baby Walker so awesome?

  • The solid, heavy base provides stability with durability and no chance of tipping.
  • With a high base and lower bar, your toddler can pull himself up onto the handle independently without any assistance or worries about the walker toppling over.
  • The wide base offers extra stability and plenty of room for important cargo.
  • Why are wheels with traction important? You don’t want an out-of-control toddler hoofing it down the hallway at full speed! The outer rubber on our wheels slows the wheeler down on wood, carpet or tiles.
  • It goes without saying we all love wood. The natural texture, durability and environmental aspect of wood provides you with a solid walker which will last and look great.
  • Just in case your little person wants to chomp down on his walker we use non-toxic, child-friendly paint.


Our Baby Walker provides a stable base for your child to learn to walk at his own pace. Boost his self-confidence without rushing him and watch his independence grow.

  • Age: around 12 months
  • Minimal assembly required (attach handle). Instructions provided.
  • Made of premium quality birch plywood – matt finish, non-toxic pain
  • Designed for indoor use only
  • Dimensions: 47 cm high, 58.5cm long, 33cm wide
  • ASTM F963-17 certified. This product meets all current standards for chemical components and safety in objects intended for child use
  • 6-month warranty


Please note: The walker used by the little boy for our photoshoot is a bright blue. Our stock comes in:

  • Powder Blue
  • Powder Pink
  • Cool Grey

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Powder Blue, Powder Pink




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