Medela Symphony Double Pump Kit


Includes two of ea: PersonalFit Plus breast shield, PersonalFit Plus connector with lid, PersonalFit Plus membrane, PersonalFit Plus tubing, PersonalFit Plus cap, bottle 150ml, multi lid

Medela Symphony Double pump kit contains attachments for use with the Symphony hospital grade rental breast pump. Contains two sets including: bottle breastshield valve & membrane tubing lid cap & membrane. This allows to set the pump up for either single or double pumping. This kit remains property of the purchaser after the symphony rental pump has been returned to the point of hire.

Symphony Double Pump Kit:

  • This is the kit of attachments that go with the Symphony Breast Pump that we have for rental/hire
  • The attachments sold in this set enable the Symphony breast pump to be used as a DOUBLE pump
  • These items can also be used as a manual breast pump
  • All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free
  • Medela Symphony Double Breast pump kit – with 24 and 27mm flanges.
  • This is not the actual pump.
  • Used for 2 weeks and all washed and sterelised.




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