Medela Symphony Breast Pump (Hire Only)


Monthly Rental – $130 + 100 Bond

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This breast pump is for use by mothers that need to express all of their baby’s feeds, such as a premature baby or a sick baby, or if mother is going to be away from baby. This is the same pump that is provided by hospitals.

It is most suited for mothers that need to express long term and frequently during the day.

It is extremely efficient, comfortable, quiet, and quick to use.

The Medela Symphony double breast pump uses the 2 Phase Expression technology for maximum milk flow: to simulate your baby’s initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing, and then the expression mode for your baby’s slower deeper sucks.

Symphony is Medela’s latest innovation in hospital grade electric double pumps.

With breakthrough 2 Phase Expression pumping, Symphony is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let down and milk flow and remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby.

Symphony implements the results of extensive research on electric breastpumps initiated by Medela and conducted by internationally renowned lactation researcher Peter Hartmann, Ph.D.

The Symphony breastpump from Medela ensures that you can pump breastmilk comfortably thanks to its special Comfort Flow Zone. This is particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue. This makes it ideal for expressing breastmilk regularly over a longer period. Further advantages include:

  • Symphony can be used for both single and double pumping.
  • It is safe and clean because of its special overflow protection.
  • It is highly flexible, as it can be adapted to your individual needs.

Hiring this breast pump, you need to purchase the double kit (below) which is yours to keep.


  • PersonalFit Breastshield
  • Membrane Caps
  • Protective Membranes
  • Tubing Valves with membranes
  • Breastmilk collection containers with lids
  • Breastfeeding Instruction Guide
  • Instruction Manual




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