Medela Special Needs Haberman Feeder


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The Medela Haberman Feeder helps ease feeding complications.

For babies with nursing difficulties, particularly children with cleft lip/palate, weak babies, or babies with Down Syndrome or other neurological difficulties.

Specialised feeders designed for babies with facial or oral problems that hamper their ability to nurse. Variable flow rate controlled by feeder and baby. Sensitive to baby’s feeding efforts. Oneway valve prevents flooding. Mini Special Needs teat is smaller for smaller babies. Sterile packaging. Writeon surface for easy labelling

The Special Needs Feeder is designed for babies who are unable to create a vacuum due to certain syndromes and neurological disorders, or because they were born with a cleft lip or palate. The Special Needs Feeder can be used with teats of two different sizes.

Feeding babies with special needs

The Special Needs Feeder is designed to allow the baby to use compression when they cannot create a vacuum to extract the liquid. The oneway valve prevents air from entering the teat. The caregiver can control the milk flow easily, thanks to the slit valve mechanism.

Benefits of the Special Needs Feeder

The line mark on the teat helps the caregiver to find the right position (three different flows).

The slit valve makes the teat sensitive to any feeding effort and closes completely when the baby wants to pause. The oneway valve prevents air from entering the teat.

The Special Needs Feeder comes in the standard size. If the baby’s oral cavity size requires the smaller Mini Special Needs teat, the teat can simply be replaced.

The Special Needs Feeder can be reused after it has been cleaned in accordance with the instructions for use.

  • Supports oral feeding in babies
  • Has a variable and controllable milk flow rate to suit the baby’s abilities and efforts
  • Is sensitive even to very weak feeding effort
  • Provides help when babies cannot create a vacuum
  • Variable flow rate to suit the baby’s needs.
  • Sensitive to the weakest feeding effort.
  • One way valve prevents flooding or overwhelming the baby.

Comes with 150ml bottle, 2 teats, 2 membranes, valve plate, and bottle screw lid. Other spare parts, valves, and teats are also available individually.




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