Breastfeeding can be a meaningful bonding experience between a mom and her baby, allowing her to provide thousands of essential ingredients like proteins, fats, vitamins, prebiotics, minerals, and enzymes to her growing little one. Oftentimes, however, mothers may experience sore nipples from pumping and/or breastfeeding, as well as tenderness and discomfort. Nipples may become dry, cracked, raw, and/or chafed from frequent feedings, pumping sessions, or postpartum skin changes.

If soreness or tenderness occurs, Medela’s Tender Care™ Hydrogel Pads combine instant cooling relief with a comfortable, contoured shape for easy use and immediate comfort. Each pad is reusable for up to 24 hours; be sure to follow usage guidelines for maximized value.

Each box contains: 4 individually-wrapped Tender Care Hydrogel Pads

Proper self-care is important when nursing and pumping for a new baby – enjoy this time with your little one and be sure to purchase the accessories you need so you can continue breast milk feeding for as long as you choose. moisture. If gel pad becomes cloudy or milky, please discard and use a new one.

For breastfeeding problems as sore and cracked nipples, our Hydrogel Pads offer relief. Simply place the cooling pad on the skin. The pads provide moisture and keep your skin smooth and, in doing so, ease the pain of sore nipples between feeds. Because the nipple area is kept moist, the Hydrogel Pads create an environment that promotes the healing process.

Medela Hydrogel Pads (4 pack) provides instant soothing relief for sore and cracked nipples so you can keep breast feeding.

Each pack contains 4 sterile, individually wrapped Hydrogel pads.

lace the liner inside your bra for instant alleviation.

If you’re breastfeeding and have sore or cracked nipples, Medela hydrogel pads support healing and offer instant, soothing relief.

  • Aid skin recovery and help maintain good skin condition
  • Support healing
  • Form a protective cushion for sensitive or sore nipples
  • Specially formulated to cool skin on contact
  • Sterile and individually wrapped
  • Non toxic and free from preservatives

Medela Hydrogel pads come in packs of four individually wrapped sterile pads. Each pad can be worn for 24 hours.

The Hydrogel Pads are intended for single use as soothing breast pads for nursing mothers.


  • COOLS ON CONTACT: Get instant relief for sore nipples from pumping or breastfeeding with our Tender Care Hydrogel Pads; cools upon contact to alleviate irritation and pain while enhancing comfort
  • UNIQUELY CONTOURED FOR YOUR BODY: The innovative contoured shape of our hydrogel pads is designed for maximized comfort, ease of use, and an optimal, full-reaching fit for moms’ unique bodies
  • REUSABLE: Each of Medela’s Tender Care Hydrogel Pads are reusable for up to 24 hours after being opened from its individual wrapping to ensure moms get the most value out of their purchase

How to Use:

  • Wash hands before using the product
  • Open pouch
  • Remove gel pad from the plastic liner
  • Gently place the gel side of the pad directly over your nipple
  • Do not use if the pouch is open or damaged
  • Prior to breastfeeding, remove the gel pad
  • Place on a clean surface
  • Gently wash the breast with warm water and pat dry
  • Then start breastfeeding
  • After breastfeeding, reapply the gel pad
  • Do not use soaps or detergents to clean pad
  • Store gel pads in a cool, dry place
  • For more cooling sensation, gel pads can be stored in the fridge
  • Reusable for 24 hours
  • If gel pad becomes cloudy or milky, please discard and use a new one.

Optional: To improve soothing, store the box of pads in the fridge so they are cool before use.




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