Remix learning songs and drop some educational beats with the Learn & Groove� Mixmaster Scout?. This musical toy includes 30 funky background tracks little DJs can scratch over and remix using the turntable and the light-up spinner. When pressed each button says the instrument name introduces numbers and colors and adds cool sounds to the music. They can also watch the light-up instrument buttons flash to the beat. As the music plays Scout raps about letters numbers and colors. Stop the music by turning the page and Scout will rap acapella. Intended for ages 9+ months. Requires 3 AAA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only new batteries recommended for regular use. Turntable spinners Add cool sound effects and phrases to the music using the letter turntable and number spinner. 30 funky tracks Three modes – each one features 10 different funky background tracks. Instrument buttons Press the light-up instrument buttons to add sound effects and explore instrument names numbers and colors. Scout the rapper Explore three modes and listen to DJ Scout rap letters numbers and colors. Requires 3 AAA batteries included

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