Huggies Nappies & Nappy Pants – Size 1 to 6


With up to 12 hours of Huggies leakage protection and tailored absorbency for boys and girls – they help keep your bub comfy and dry, day and night. Now even softer.

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This Nappies Direct “Monster Box” ™ has four packets of Huggies Nappies available from Newborn to Junior Size – what a deal!

Huggies® Ultra Dry Nappy Pants are shaped to fit babies on the move with a soft and stretchy 360° waistband to ensure the perfect fit with every twist, turn and wriggle. With tailor-made absorbency up front where boys need it most.

Huggies® Ultra Dry Nappy Pants instantly absorb for drier skin. The unique SpeedDry® layer instantly absorbs wetness leaving baby’s ski dry, faster. Dry Nappy = Happy Skin.

• Made for day and all night – up to 12 hours leakage protection, so, you and bub can sleep through the night.
• New and Improved softness. Soft and breathable waistband and new softer outer cover helps baby’s bottom stay dry.
• Designed to make change time easier whether your wriggly baby is laying down or standing. Easy tear-off side panels (with disposable tape on the back) for easy removal and disposal
• Advanced leakage barrier with two-layer-guards that gently hug baby’s legs for leakage protection.
• No added nasties – only the good stuff. Our nappies have no added formaldehyde, elemental chlorine, natural rubber latex of other chemicals restricted by Kimberly-Clark – see
• Featuring new Mickey Mouse designs (designs vary by size).
• Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants are available in size 4 (9- 14KG), 5 (12 – 17KG) and 6 (15KG+).

Your hugs inspire ours
We understand how important it is to start your baby’s journey with the best care. That is why we’ve developed Huggies® Infant Nappies. Designed to gently protect baby’s delicate skin, it’s our way of sending a Hug to welcome your little one to the world.

Tiniest footprint
Every day we take steps toward total sustainability. We’ve made it our mission to leave the tiniest footprint and promise a better planet for tomorrow – for the little ones of today.

– No added Nasties (No added formaldehyde, elemental chlorine, natural rubber latex or other chemicals restricted by Kimberly-Clark – see Only the good stuff.



Guide to being a nappy change expert Do you have these within arm’s reach? – Baby wipes – Lotion – Disposable change mat (if you’re out and about) Step 1 Lift baby’s legs. Place nappy underneath with back edge of nappy at waist level. Make sure grip tabs are behind baby. Step 2 Bring front of nappy between baby’s legs & place across tummy. Place one hand on baby, open a grip tab and attach on the dotted panel on front of the nappy. Repeat on the other side. Step 3 Adjustable grip tabs can be refastened to ensure a comfortable, hugging fit.

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