Huggies Little Swimmers – Disposable Swimpants S/M/L

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Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants are available in three sizes:

  • Small (7-12kg) – 12s / pack
  • Medium (11-15kg) – 11s / pack
  • Large (14kg+) – 10s / pack
(77 customer reviews)
Swimmers (Single Pack) - $13.99 only


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Just add water for worry-free water play. Huggies® Little Swimmers® Disposable Swimpants have easy-open sides to make poolside changes a breeze, so you can get back to having fun in the sun.

  • Designed for water use with no swelling
  • Disposable swim pant with easy-open sides for easy removal
  • Feature protective leak guards for outstanding protection against messes
  • #1 choice for Mums
  • Perfect for all swimming occasions including at home, at public pools, and at the beach

Huggies Little Swimmers swimpants provide outstanding protection for worry-free water fun. With easy-open sides for a easy removal Little Swimmers disposable swimpants are designed not to swell the water unlike regular nappies. Huggies Little Swimmers are designed to be worn under a swimming costume or on their own as they have Disney designs kids love.

New Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo designs

Featuring new Disney®/Pixar®Finding Nemo designs with Nemo, Dory, Crush and Squishy, they’re sure to provide hours of fun in the sun!

Remember to pack them for all swimming occasions

They’re perfect for the beach, swimming lessons, a friends pool or even under the sprinkler!

Absorbs the mess without swelling

Made with unique absorbent material that won’t swell in water, so your swimmer can focus on fun!

Keeps solid messes at bay

Our extra-protective leak guards provide outstanding protection and are made for the water.

Comfort here, there and everywhere!

Made with stretchy side material, your little one will get a great fit in or out of the water.

Easy Open sides

Tabs for easy removal and disposal.



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77 reviews for Huggies Little Swimmers – Disposable Swimpants S/M/L

  1. isabell (verified owner)

    These are the only swim nappies I’ve tried and very happy with them. They don’t get heavy and waterlogged as they only retain number twos. If not soiled, I have been able to chuck them in the wash with swimmers and reuse them a couple of times with no problems.

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  2. courtney (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. Easy to pop on and off, no giant swollen nappy when they get wet and my son loves seeing Dory when we put them on! They are quite expensive for the amount you get in the packet so we just stock up when they are on special at Coles, but still highly recommend them!

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  3. emily (verified owner)

    Love our huggies swim pants! The weight range and sizing has been so good for both my daughters of different builds. They last a long time, and can be washed and reused too if they are clean! They are very affordable if you can reuse them! Wish they had different prints, not just nemo.

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  4. amy (verified owner)

    Awesome product! We went swimming on the weekend and these were great. They dont swell or leave any marks. Were easy to get on and off and my son loved the pictures. I actually used the same size on my 17 month old and 6 month old and it fit them both perfectly

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  5. mara (verified owner)

    I love to use buggies swim pants for my sons swimming lessons! They don’t swell and can be washed and reused if they’re clean after you take them off! Easy to put on (like a pull up) and take off (like a normal nappy). I wouldn’t put them on for travel to the pool though, they don’t really catch number 1s unless already wet!

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  6. em (verified owner)

    Originally purchased this product as range was limited for swimming nappies in the supermarket.

    These turned out to be great swimming nappies. They fit well, are light weight in the water and if you are gentle with the tabs you can rinse and reuse if they are clean.

    They aren’t good at holding no.1’s in when out of the Water.

    They are great value for money especially when you can reuse them.

    Would definitely recommend these to others.

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  7. madison (verified owner)

    We have been using these swimming nappies from Huggies for months now every week for swimming lessons and have had no leakages or issues at all. They do not swell and aren’t super bulky, they do what they’re supposed to do and that’s all we want! Will continue using this product.

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  8. morgan (verified owner)

    These Little Swimmers nappies were essential for our children. All our kids found them comfortable and had no problems with wearing them. We also loved the side tabs as it meant that when there was an ‘issue’ we could deal with it with out making a mess. I would highly recommend them to any parent looking for a swimming nappy.

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  9. kelsey (verified owner)

    My son started swimming lessons at 6 months old. These swim nappies were so easy to slip on and pull off. The first swim he pooped in the pool and there were no leaks or signs of poop until I was changing the nappy! Very soft to touch and super comfortable for bub! Highly recommend!

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  10. nikki (verified owner)

    Great swimpants. Love the cute designs on them. Easy to use, the nappy itself doesn’t swell up after swimming. I think the sizing is very generous, can get quite a few wears out of the packet. Easy to pull on and pull off. Love that it has writing back on the back of the nappy

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  11. amber (verified owner)

    These swim nappies are the best, my son pees every time he gets into the water (4 months old) and using just any normal nappies they blow up so fast it must be so uncomfortable for him. These swim nappies if you want you can actually reuse them, obviously not if they’ve done a poo

  12. hafsa (verified owner)

    All three kids used huggies swim pants. In Australia they are quite cheap. Once I was overseas and I bought huggies swim pants from store. It cost me arm and leg. Thank god I live in Australia and afford huggies. They are the best quality swim pants in market. It can hold poo too.

  13. hayley (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a swim nappy holds onto accidents and won’t swell excessively these are those nappies. They have super cute designs and are easy to change poolside so the kids can get back to having fun. The price point is a little on the expensive side but weighed up against the convenience and peace of mind they are worth the extra dollars.

  14. Sarah Z (verified owner)

    As a first time mum and taking my daughter swimming I was so nervous I didn’t want to be the one where my daughter had pooed in the pool. I got these swimming nappies and they are perfect. Easy to put on and off at the pool and doesn’t swell like a normal nappy.

  15. kiarna (verified owner)

    After trying cheap alternatives first and not liking them , I decided to finally try these ones . They work really well at protecting leaks , I like the fact that they don’t swell up like some other swim nappys. They are so convenient to take with to the pools or beach and I always keep some in my nappy bag.

  16. jennifer (verified owner)

    Little man takes swimming lessons so we needed some swim nappies. These are amazing. They don’t get soggy or stretch from water. They stay nice and flat. Easy to pull on and tear away sides for easy removal. They are quite costly, but chemist warehouse frequently has 2 for specials to help alleviate costs.

  17. swathi0202 (verified owner)

    These diapers are great for swimming. We can easily put them on and after the swimming we can easily remove the nappy by tearing the sides. It doesn’t swell in the water. It doesn’t leak. Even though it’s a bit on the expensive side, it makes swimming time easy and stress free both for kids and mom

  18. kacey (verified owner)

    These nappies are good for swimming as they don’t leak at all, you can easy change baby on the side of the pool as they are super easy to pull apart at the sides and chuck a new one on if need be. I think these are a genius idea. They don’t swell up in the water either.

  19. teisha (verified owner)

    I love these Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants. I purchased these when I first put my daughter into swimming lessons and I love them!! So easy to put on and to take off. They aren’t bulky at all. They have a cute print on them and I will definitely keep buying these.

  20. Danielle R (verified owner)

    Little swimmers were amazing for beach, pool and general water play. They didn’t swell and become overly huge but did let anything leak out. It never turned into crystals and were nice material with the cutest patterns on every pack. They felt very very similar to a normal nappy but the outside absorbency was perfect.

  21. ali (verified owner)

    When my daughter started swimming lessons, I went looking for swim nappies in the supermarkets, but found this was the only one available. Not that it mattered, as these are excellent.

    They are lightweight and contain enough padding to work, yet not cause bulk in her swimmers when they get wet.

    The putting on and taking off is simple, due to the side waterproof sticky tabs. They stay in place, even when she’s running around in them and she’s out of the water.

    These were on special when I bought them, at around $8, which I thought was very reasonable. I would recommend these.

  22. stephanie (verified owner)

    These were the first swim nappies I purchased as they were the only ones available in the supermarket. If you swim daily and have multiple children they could get expensive, but with one baby our pack pasted a while. They were very absorbent, easy to put on and I love the designs. They didn’t swell and add bulk when under bathers. My little one was very happy to wear them.

  23. yasmin (verified owner)

    Love this swimming nappy and wouldn’t use anything but these. I tried the reusable ones but found they weren’t doing the job as well as these. Love the cute print on the front and the quality is amazing. If you’re yet to take your little one in the water, make sure these are your first purchase. You won’t be disappointed

  24. carly (verified owner)

    These swimming nappies are fantastic. I love the little sneer prints on them and they were really easy to pull on and generally easy to get off whilst wet. I thought the price was a little high considering you use them once and for such a short amount of time, but the peace of mind that you get when swimming with a. small baby is invaluable. I would hate to be that Mum who wasn’t prepared and had the whole pool evacuate due to some loose debris!

  25. ihor (verified owner)

    We have only used this one brand for our son. We have not had any problems/issues with them so we have stuck with them.
    The seem like they are made out of good quality materials and they are easy to put on and take off.
    They are a little expensive however we don’t use them often it’s not really an issue for us.

  26. merrielle (verified owner)

    We’ve used these at the beach and every time I’m amazed that they don’t swell at all but will have lots of wee in them afterwards. They fit really well around the waist and legs and the tabs are great, easy to open and close and secure so it stays put.

  27. melanie (verified owner)

    I use these for my sons swimming lessons and have absolutely no complaints. I’ve never had a blowout or any issues and love that I can just wash and reuse them again the next time making it a bit more cost effective. They’re thin so he can comfortably swim and move his legs

  28. kerry (verified owner)

    We’ve just started using these for my sons swimming lessons and absolutely rate them.
    They’re snug to fit without digging in, their design is fun fit little kids, theyre easy to get on and off, and they do t absorb bulk water and weight my son down.
    I’ve also used them fir my infant in our back yard pool and the one time he did poo, none leaked.
    Very impressed.

  29. kerryn (verified owner)

    These are our go-to nappy for swimming. They are easy to put on and take off, they’re comfortable and fit well, and my son loves the Nemo designs. The nappies don’t swell up with water in the pool, and therefore don’t get heavy and uncomfortable. The sizing is good and they fit comfortably under bathers.

  30. nicole (verified owner)

    We just tried these out recently and i found them perfectly alright. The small size fits our 7 month old no problems. Smaller babies im not sure whether theyd work or not.
    We haven’t had any ‘accidents’ in them yet so will see how they go then. The pull apart tabs make it easy to take off and they definitely didnt swell either. Ill be buying again

  31. shan (verified owner)

    When my little one first started swimming lessons we purchased one of these nappies from the kiosk. While the swim nappy did the job ( it didn’t swell, leaks Etc) they are expensive. I have since purchased him a reusable swim nappy and I’m much happier with it. It’s better for the environment and it’s much more cost effective.

  32. Karrona S (verified owner)

    I initially wanted to invest in reusable swim nappies for the environment’s sake but couldn’t decide which ones to get as the reviews were all over the place. I’ve purchased these in the mean time while I continue to look. They’ve worked out well at all of our swim classes- the outside does degrade somewhat after being in the water for awhile but it does do its job. It’s not meant to hold in liquid (only solids) so I don’t put it on baby until we are at the swim class. The designs are cute. It’s also convenient due to the Velcro sides- it’s a little tricky getting pull up anything on babies sometimes so this was helpful.

  33. candice (verified owner)

    I love this huggies swimming nappies. They are so absorbent and a very reasonable price for the high level of quality that they are.
    I have tried several brands for my sons swimming lessons and I wouldn’t chose any other. Super comfortable and snug fit too. No leaks out of water.

  34. liliane (verified owner)

    I bought these to take my baby to parent and baby aquafit classes at our local swim school. They were so great and had no problems with them. They remain nice and thin and light even when they are wet. I would recommend these to any one wanting to take their bub for a swim.

  35. Belinda M (verified owner)

    These swim undies are the best and have so much quality i have been using these for the last 4 years from the small to large sizes for my kids swimming and beach days. A little pricey however you get what you pay for.
    Always look out for sales, woolworths or coles you can sometimes pick them up for 1/2 price bulk buy then.
    Highly reccommened

  36. kathye (verified owner)

    These are a great option for water use. I didn’t realise how great it was until I forgot to back them when overseas and used a normal nappy in the pool. Reusable nappy bathers are definitely a better option for long term, but I find these really handy if friends come over so they child can get in our pool.

  37. maria (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these swim nappies. Have used them for a long time. They have held in some big messy poos perfectly. They don’t swell up giving baby all the freedom to move. They have a cute fish design and also the word ‘back’ written on one side so there is no confusion on how to put it on. They easily come off after use. I have never tried another brand, these are the best. I highly recommend!

  38. tura (verified owner)

    These are great when our son started swimming! Very absorbant and held the liquid in even during longer swim sessions. Side tabs are easy to tighten around skinny hips and easy to unpatch one handed whilst showering at the pool. Did rub a little in the front sometimes. Cute designs for mum.

  39. kate (verified owner)

    We have been using these since our baby started going in the water (at 2months old). I was told by a friend that even though the smallest sizing is 7kg, that they can be used on babies smaller than this fine. We haven’t had any troubles with them – find they do what they are supposed to do. They definitely don’t hold in liquids so I find putting it on just before going in the pool/beach is better (rather than getting changed at home and then going on a cartrip!). Handy hint – if there hasn’t been a number 2 done in them, we have re-used them. Just dry them out in between uses. We’ve found this has helped the longevity of them for things like swimming lessons. The sides do pull apart though, so we have to be careful when pulling them off to not rip the sides if we want to re-use. Sometimes can be a little annoying to pull up, but otherwise fine.

  40. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    These swim nappies are great for the pool, beach or any swim. They don’t swell up and will keep all accidents in the nappy and not in the water. Easy to pull on and tabs for an easy, mess free take off. Sizing is good and generous. Soft and comfortable, my son loves to wear these in the pool. Fun Finding Nemo design too!

  41. trent (verified owner)

    My kids have all used these nappies at some stage and I think they are great. They are super absorbent and allow the freedom to swim comfortably and parents don’t need to worry about any little accidents while in the pool, beach or wherever.
    They are well designed and always seem to fit great. They are a little more expensive than some other swimming nappies on the market but in my opinion these are well worth the extra few dollars.

    “Originally posted on”

  42. gillian (verified owner)

    These nappies are great for babies as they are incontinent, the nappies hold in urine and faeces. I havent had to ever worry about any leakage or any accidents whist at the pool. It definitely is easy to put on/off, more like a pull up. It comes in different sizes and has a great stretchy material to fit perfectly on your lil bub.

    “Originally posted on”

  43. Xinke X (verified owner)

    They are very high quality and work well in the pool. Like the hack on FB, they are actually reusable. They are of such high quality that you can machine wash them, dry them and they are good to go again. You only need one pack! Highly recommend this to all mamas.

    “Originally posted on”

  44. Vanessa S (verified owner)

    We find these swim nappies to be great, I was worried at first putting her in water with swim nappies thinking they would be heavy and leave marks on her but they were absolutely fine. I have also heard you can re use them which I find interesting but have not done that as of yet. A great way to save money, definitely a product I will continue to buy

    “Originally posted on”

  45. marsh (verified owner)

    I’ve tried other brands but they have leaked (in the pram or car seat on the way to the pool. Huggies have been the best! Easy to put on and take off and fun prints.
    I used a cheaper brand in regular nappies but Huggies swim don’t compare to the others!

    “Originally posted on”

  46. lyn (verified owner)

    I found these swim nappies to be fantastic! They hold in what they need to without absorbing much pool water. There are easy to put on and take off, by ripping the side tabs. The sizing is really good and I like that you can buy them at the supermarket.

    “Originally posted on”

  47. porter (verified owner)

    These are wonderful and very user friendly swimming nappies. They have easy tabs on the side to pop your child in and they are quite effective whilst in the water. I have even had great success in washing them after use up to 2/3times as long as they are dried thoroughly and no big actions occurred in them as sometimes children are only in them for barely 30mins the duration of a lesson.

    “Originally posted on”

  48. ramsey (verified owner)

    These Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants are the only ones that haven’t leaked. They are high quality and very reliable. Light to wear and easy to pull up as they have stretchy sides. Great product for when your little ones go swimming. Come
    in handy packs from supermarkets, chemists and online stores.

    “Originally posted on”

  49. Patricia C (verified owner)

    These nappies have been amazing for when we take Bub to the pool or the beach for a swim. It’s super absorbent and I found them to not get heavy once in contact with the water. They have an easy to use design and cute prints. I’ll definitely be buying more.

    “Originally posted on”

  50. Jenna D (verified owner)

    Love these swim nappies. We normally use a reusable swim nappy but keep these in the bag to take to swim lessons and they have saved us and some other mummy friends a few times. They fit well, are relatively well fitted and are very affordable. Highly recommended over the other brands.

    “Originally posted on”

  51. Natalie W (verified owner)

    We started using these when our bub was 12 weeks old and could start swimming lessons. We found them to be easy to put on, no leakages and they also don’t swell up so much in the water.

    They are also easy to whip off once finished with.

    The only reason we stopped using these is to be more environmentally friendly and ended up purchashing reusable swim nappies – other than that they are a great product.

    “Originally posted on”

  52. user-5133 (verified owner)

    I have used these many times over the last 12 months and I have never had a problem with leakage or swelling. The nappy pants are not too puffy so they fit well under swimmers and they stretch to accommodate different sizing. The side tabs stick really well together so the nappy does not come off.

    “Originally posted on”

  53. Grace G (verified owner)

    I personally love these swim nappies, we started using them last year and I’ve kept buying them, we’ve never had an issue with them and I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to take their child swimming as they don’t swell or change while in the water, never had any leakage problems either.

    “Originally posted on”

  54. Joanne W (verified owner)

    Great swim nappies. And a good price. We use them every week for swimming lessons. Easy to pull up and so far seem to have kept everything in! Don’t absorb water too much making them light even after swimmimg.
    To get off it’s as easy as tearing the sides and slipping off.

    “Originally posted on”

  55. Joanne L (verified owner)

    I wish someone had told me that they don’t hold the wee in, only poo! Great for swimming, easy to put on and love the characters that are on the nappies, my son loves the fish on them. A little expensive for what you get but it is worth it.

    “Originally posted on”

  56. Claudia A (verified owner)

    I have only ever used the huggies disposable swimpants for my boy but i really can’t fault them. They wear as little undies so they are super easy to put on and when they’re done you can just rip them open and throw them away. It’s super easy and convenient!

    “Originally posted on”

  57. Lauren C (verified owner)

    These swimming nappies are the best on the market. They are easy to put on as they work just like underwear and the pull apart tabs on the side make them easy to remove. The colorful design doesn’t make them look like nappies and they hold in poo while in the water. I’ve only ever used this brand and will continue to with my next baby.

    “Originally posted on”

  58. Jessie C (verified owner)

    Bought this for our 10kg 9 month old who we were desperate to get into the water. Although a bit snug when trying to get them on they fit perfect. Great pattern and colours and did the job they needed to perfectly. Easy to remove with side straps instead of trying to wiggle a wet nappy back down . Highly recommend this product

    “Originally posted on”

  59. Louise F (verified owner)

    We bought these after having another brand of pull ups and these are amazing!
    They’re so easy to take off after a swim as you can just undo the sides like a normal nappy. They retain the water fine and don’t make the nappy super happy. Very good value for money. Would recommend for swimming bubs.

    “Originally posted on”

  60. Nicole B (verified owner)

    To have a traditional style nappy (with waist tabs) in a swim nappy was very handy for me with a small bub in swimming lessons. The fit was really good, my bub was comfortable and the nappy didn’t swell when in the water. Bonus points for super cute designs on the nappy.

    “Originally posted on”

  61. Klaudine G (verified owner)

    This is perfect for any water play! At
    first I got curious what’s the difference of this from the regular nappy and when I worn it to my son I realized it is lightweight and doesn’t absorb much liquid. It is a good thing so that baby won’t have a weight on their bum while enjoying the water. It’s tight enough to keep whatever’s inside!

    “Originally posted on”

  62. Barbara K (verified owner)

    I have always been nervous swimming with my daughter and being afraid of a possible ‘accident’ in the water. Huggies swim nappies definitely change my mind. The sides can be tightened and make removing a wet nappy easier. It can be pricey on regular use, but overall a great product. My daughter loves the cute print on it too.

    “Originally posted on”

  63. Susan W (verified owner)

    We always buy these for our grandkids to wear when we take them to swimming lessons they haven’t let us down once like some of the cheaper brands. They are a little pricey like most huggies brand products but they come on sale here and there . Great quality of product

    “Originally posted on”

  64. Tori A (verified owner)

    I was really concerned that my son was going to have an accident in his grandparents pool so I had a look at my options. Since huggies is a trusted brand I went with it. These swim nappies are so good! We have never had an accident and it does not retain water on the outside which would drag my son down.

    “Originally posted on”

  65. Renee A (verified owner)

    These swim nappies are the only ones I have used for my son but they’re great. They don’t leak any accidents and they aren’t so heavy after getting in to the water. They’re easy to slide on and easy to take off as well, my son is comfortable in them. Overall happy

    “Originally posted on”

  66. Emma F (verified owner)

    These are so lightweight and easily adjustable. I used them weekly with my son who we had in swimming lessons. We could easily rip the sides when we were getting undressed and he was all wet which was handle as we didn’t have to struggle with a wet squirmy body to get them off! Wouldn’t use any other swim nappy brand, really happy with the fit and my son loved the designs!

    “Originally posted on”

  67. Tahlee B (verified owner)

    Have been using these for the past year and are very impressed with them. They hold number 2’s in nicely lol. They are not big and thick either so they fit nicely under a swimming outfit. The pictures on them are super cute as well. Highly recommend and not a bad price.

    “Originally posted on”

  68. Zoe I (verified owner)

    These swim pants are lightweight and comfortable to put on and don’t go saggy when they get wet. They don’t swell in the water which is brilliant and the sides are so easy to rip off after they hop out of the pool. I love the cute designs too. The best swim nappies we have used.

    “Originally posted on”

  69. Jill S (verified owner)

    I’ve used Huggies Little Swimmers for all three of my children!

    They are super easy to get on, keep everything in that they are supposed to, don’t bloat like some other swim diapers do, and the tabs on the sides make them easy to adjust and to take off after swim. They are also not bulky like reusable and other swim diapers, so most swim suits hide them and then still look nice.

    I would definitely recommend these diapers to anyone looking for a great disposable swim diaper!

    “Originally posted on”

  70. Elis M (verified owner)

    Great for the swimming pool, didn’t have any problems with leaks. They were easy to put on and take off and my daughter really loved the pictures on them. They didn’t not dwell as advertised. Have bought them for gifts for babies as well. We found the small size ladted out daughter until 2.5 years

    “Originally posted on”

  71. Chloe H (verified owner)

    Great swim nappies been using these for our weekly swimming lessons had no leaks so far there not to bulky and don’t bloat they are also very easy to take off afterwards not as soft as another brand I’ve used and can sometimes be hard to get on but I would buy again probably my second favourite brand of baby swimmers

    “Originally posted on”

  72. Kate M (verified owner)

    Hands down the best and most reliable swimming nappies on the market! Never had anything come out of them super easy to use. When they are on special I would stock up. They have great fun prints on them for the kids. I found the sizing to be bang on

    “Originally posted on”

  73. Amy P (verified owner)

    These nappies are great for any swimming adventure. They are nice and light so it does weigh down once in the water. So far we have had no noticeable leaks. They fit snuggly around our little ones bum without any overhang and they are not too loose. Great value for money.

    “Originally posted on”

  74. Keanie T (verified owner)

    Love these swim nappies! Cheap, easy to put on and take off, absorbent! What more could you want?! I love the fact you can just slide these up to put on, and when you want to take them off you can just pull at the side tags to remove. I can remove them with one hand whilst holding my daughter it’s super easy and convenient! They fit her amazingly (I adjusted them a bit smaller at first to fit her – but I didn’t really need to). So easy to just chuck in your bag, put them on your child and then chuck in the bin!

    “Originally posted on”

  75. Erin M (verified owner)

    We love these Huggies Swimmer nappies for our son’s Saturday morning swim lessons and our days at the beach. They are so convenient and easy to oull-on and off. They also have sticky side tabs that can be undone and reattached over and over. My son didn’t have any reaction to the nappies when they were either wet or dry (we do also use Huggies regular disposable nappies on him too). For my son’s 30 minute swim lesson the nappy is near enough the same size/weight as when I first put it on him , so he isn’t swimming about with a heavy nappy on (unlike a standard disposable nappy that becomes bulky and very heavy when submerged in water). We also used the swimmer nappies during our many beach adventures over the past Summer and found them very handy as we just had him in a swim top plus the swimmer nappy the whole time, so it was less washing not having to use any bather bottoms aswell. My son would also pop in and out of the sea over the course of a couple of hours and the swimmer nappy wasn’t full or heavy at all. Amazing! Very handy, convenient and affordable for a family who loves to live by the sea throughout Summer. Meaning we can all enjoy our time at the beach without worrying about frequent nappy changes. Bliss!

    “Originally posted on”

  76. Karlie B (verified owner)

    We bought these for our four month old for a holiday in a resort. She wore these in the pool and there was no issues with them at all. There was no leakages that we noted. They come in a cute little prints. And they seem quite soft. They are a little bit expensive if you were using them every day but for the occasional swim there are priced ok.

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  77. Heather R (verified owner)

    Yes, I’m a bit of a Huggies lover, but I feel it’s warranted! When you find a brand that makes a great product it’s such a nice experience.
    I was already a convert to Huggies nappies, so choosing their swim nappies when we started lessons was an obvious choice.
    I love how easy the side tabs are to get on and off, and their versatility of fit; accomodating from 7-12kgs in the size small. The only drawback is they tend to pop up in the middle (see image 3) instead of lying flat when opened out ready to lay bub on top of.
    We haven’t experienced a poop in them yet, so I can’t comment there, but they appear to work well otherwise.
    Added bonus – the Nemo print is really cute 🙂

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