Huggies Disposable Change Mats 4s

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Huggies® Change Mats. Protection on the go.

  • Protect your baby from head to toe with the large, soft, absorbent top.
  • Disposable for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Compact and light so you can take them anywhere.
  • Non-slip waterproof backing for stability when changing.
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Huggies® Change Mats. Protection on the go.

  • Protect your baby from head to toe with the large, soft, absorbent top.
  • Disposable for quick and easy cleaning.
  • Compact and light so you can take them anywhere.
  • Non-slip waterproof backing for stability when changing.



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26 reviews for Huggies Disposable Change Mats 4s

  1. maddisonmelkie (verified owner)

    i tried these once and think that these disposable nappy change mats are really useful and super handy for when your out and on the go, i also love the fact that you can sometimes reuse them which i think is even more value for money, i really liked using these when i was changing my sons nappies out on the go!

  2. gurjinder (verified owner)

    Love these, I hate just putting my baby straight on a change table that isn’t mine I am very conscious of germs so I usually carry a towel which is bulky and then having to wash it when I get home can get annoying, so these change mats are perfect! Light weight, thin and easy to carry anywhere great for any outing, highly reccomend them! Price is good for a Huggies product always top quality.

  3. kimmy (verified owner)

    I loved these change mats! While I tried to use the reusable ones mostly, on the odd occasion, like changing in the boot of the car etc, these were great! And you can just wrap everything up in it and chuck the lot! Great value for money and convenient! Love them!

  4. cassia (verified owner)

    These change mats are such great quality. They are a must for every nappy bag. I also used them on the change table in the early days if there was a poo explosion so not to dirty the change table cover. They are quite thick also and can be reused which makes them really affordable.

  5. amelita (verified owner)

    I love the disposable change mats. I use them on my change table at home so ignore it gets dirty you can just replace it instead of having to wash the change sheet. I was given the huggies ones and I do like them they are thicker and longer than the baby u brand but more expensive especially if they do get dirty quickly. I resuse mine at home all the time I only change it if it gets poop on it or a lot of wee. Very handy to have and saves a lot of time

  6. lisa (verified owner)

    Great for days when you don’t want to take a huge nappy bag. Just take a small pack of wipes, 2 nappies and a change mat.
    Great for travel – especially on airplanes, you can dispose after use or at the end of a long flight.
    I found shopping centre parents rooms to not always be the cleanest and my pretty material change mat needed frequent washing – these are a great option but I would not use daily due to cost and environment.

  7. val (verified owner)

    I love using these change mats while out and needing to change my bubs nappy.
    They are quite thick which is amazing and makes me feel happy knowing bubs doesn’t have to lay on cold benches/change tables. They fit nicely in the nappy bag and we resue them which makes them such a budget friendly option.

  8. laura (verified owner)

    These change mats are genius! They are made from extremely soft material making it comfortable for the little ones! With the plastic backing it makes it relax my mind about what’s on the public change tables. They come in a small package making them convenient to pack anywhere; from nappy bags to glove boxes!

  9. ilyssa (verified owner)

    These disposable Huggies change mats are great for using in public restrooms that don’t have disposable paper to put over the change table. They keep everything nice and clean while changing the little one. They can be thrown away, after use, leaving no mess behind. They are great for unexpected nappy changes.

  10. gusti (verified owner)

    I love these! So good for when you can’t find a clean change room or for nappy explosions! I reuse our a few times most of the time and I find the huggies ones such better quality than other brands. A little higher on the price point, but worth the extra. Also something I include in baby shower gifts as that is how I came across them.

  11. cherilynn (verified owner)

    I never thought these were a necessary item but since moving our son to a big boy bed and getting rid of his change table these have actually come in handy. We now change our son on his bed and with all the riggling and fighting he does at change time (he is now 2) these mats help protect against accidents on his linen. I love them! No more changing doona covers multiple times a day. Happy mumma over here! Worth the buy

  12. idalina (verified owner)

    Change mats aren’t something that I use that regularly so I haven’t tried that many different ones to compare these Huggies ones to, but in my opinion these are great. Such a good price for 4 mats and I think they are good quality. I always have a couple in the nappy bag for when we are out and it’s so good not having to worry about finding a clean spot to change bub. Not an item I would have even thought about needing before having the kids but now I see how handy and practical they are. I would recommend them to all parents and suggest they always have atleast one in their nappy bag.

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  13. crazykimmy1999 (verified owner)

    We use these when we are out and out weather it be sitting this on top on a public change table to keep bubs away from germs or weather its a quick change in the car these help for a clean and germ free change wherever you are. I highly recommend these.

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  14. user-5133 (verified owner)

    These are so incredibly handy to have on hand. I always keep some packed in the nappy bag then it’s easy to change bub in the bassinet if need be or anywhere really. We use them at home too as a nsppy liner and only change when they get soiled. The mats are super absorbent and don’t leak through.

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  15. Natalie R (verified owner)

    Love these change mats! No need to worry about germs in the shared change rooms, super convenient to use when you’re out and about and there is no change table. Can be used multiple times. I always have one in hand. They are such a a great product to have.

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  16. paige (verified owner)

    These disposable change mats are perfect for your nappy bag. The pack is small and compact enough to easily fit in your bag without taking up too much valuable space, and the mats are large enough to give you ample clean space to change baby anywhere, whether your at the shops, a friends house, at a park or the beach… you can literally have a large clean space to change baby ANYWHERE. The little pattern is cute and the backing helps prevent the mat slipping and sliding off any surface.

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  17. mondzt (verified owner)

    I’ve used these and other brands of disposable change mats and am a big fan. We used them on the couch when our little ones were new borns for nappy changes as we didn’t have a change table. I always kept one in my nappy bag for on the go, they fold up small and dont take up much space unlike bulky padded change mats. They are extra generous in size which is perfect for public change tables, or nappy changes on the grass when at the park. They have a nice soft topside and waterproof backing. Recommend.

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  18. hafsa (verified owner)

    It’s a good quality change mat. So easy to change the baby when I am in parents room in shopping centre or at home when the baby have blowouts. I sometimes leave the baby on the mat without diaper so the baby is baby to get some air on his bottom. I also use it on the mattress when my kids were toddler to prevent ruining the mattress if they have accidents.

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  19. mei (verified owner)

    I bought a few different brands of disposable change mats to try out and must say that in terms of quality, this one ranked higher than most. It is much bigger than most other change mats which sometimes is a waste to just use once and throw out but when using at public parents rooms, the size is great as you don’t want your kid to be touching other surfaces. The martial is also thick and absorbent. It is very handy to have in our nappy bag. Given that it is quite pricey compared to others, I do only use it as an alternative.

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  20. amber (verified owner)

    They change mats are awesome. I lost my normal change mat from my baby bag and now I just use these. They are so cheap and affordable and awesome quality for the pricing. They are so easy to just grab and put them in your baby bag and chuck away when finished with them.

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  21. nikita (verified owner)

    Huggies change mats are perfect on the trips out to the shops or park there easy to one handed unfold and lay on change mats as a no mess solution and barrier between the surface and baby then easy to fold up and throw away with nappy perfect addition for anyone with babies

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  22. Emma D (verified owner)

    The Huggies change mats are perfect for me and my baby when we are out at the shops or at a friends house. I don’t have to worry about finding a towel or blanket before changing her, I can just rip one out of my baby bag. They are soft and perfect length for changing nappies.

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  23. rhiannon (verified owner)

    Handy to have in your nappy bag! I did use the change pad that came with the bag a lot but there were times where I had to change baby on a public change table and didn’t want to put my good one down and take all those germs home with me – cue the huggies disposable!

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  24. christian (verified owner)

    I think that these are a must have item when you have a newborn. I used these during the night with my newborn when doing night time nappy changes I would just lay it on my bed and changed his nappy while still in bed. It saved me lots of cleaning or dirty sheets (expecially with a boy who liked to see at nappy change time).

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  25. Monique N (verified owner)

    These were available everywhere and not too badly prices for something you just throw away. They were handy in shopping centre change rooms because they come in small packaging and are well padded to protect from the surface below. They have a bright pattern so they are still cute and fun

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  26. Megan T (verified owner)

    Yes they are disposable. That’s kind of the point. I found these are great when in a change room when you don’t know how clean it is, and I don’t want to pull out the reusable one. I pop this down, and my son has something soft and clean under him. Easy to just toss away afterwards and I’m not bringing random shopping centre germs home.

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