Cuddly – Bamboo Fiber – Cloth Nappy Inserts (5 Layers)




5 layer bamboo fiber Inserts

(2 layers bamboo fiber + 3 layers microfiber)

This cloth nappy inserts consist of four layers and offer maximal leak protection. The double layered gussets on the side of the inserts provide an extra layer of protection around the thigh. Cuddly hemp nappy inserts provide the ultimate in comfort and breathability with their 4 layers of soft, natural material. Perfect for those who want a natural, chemical free solution.


  • ABSORBENT: Worry-free night: overnight cloth insert for heavy wetters
  • BREATHABLE: Our Special breathable hemp allows air to circulate around baby’s skin and is designed for prevention of rashes and irritation
  • SOFTNESS: natural hemp & cotton blend fibers make for the perfect material for little baby’s sensitive skin.
  • DURABLE: Hemp is a strong, nature-based fiber that can last through many wash cycles.
  • ECO FRIENDLY: reusable nappy inserts help reduce your environmental impact and save you money at the same time.
  • ONE SIZE FIT : We offer inserts to the perfect size for any one size cover or pocket nappies. They measure 35cm (13 inches) by 13cm (5 inches) and are perfect for anything from newborns all the way through toddlers.


  • First Use : To ensure these inserts absorb water at full capacity, we highly recommend that you soak them in water (room temperature) for 24 hours before use or multiple washes before getting to their maximum absorbency
  • Care: Wash warm with maximum temperature 30 °C, tumble dry low or line dry. Do not boil. No fabric softener.
  • Caution: The fabric will become misshapen and curled around the edges when over-dried or hot-washed at temperatures above 30 °C!
  • If you would like to use both a hemp and microfibre insert, we recommend placing the microfibre on top and the hemp at the bottom. Both inserts should be placed inside your cloth nappy.

* All measurements shown will have a tolerance of 0.7 inches/1.50 cm.




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