The bilingual educational game Baby Prof Chicco supports and facilitates the little one in learning the letters of the alphabet and their correct pronunciation. Inspired by the Montessori teaching method, the Chicco Baby Prof bilingual educational game offers three progressive level teaching modes and a nice quiz with random questions on the alphabet and the world of animals.

With interactive activities that involve the different senses, Chicco Baby Prof is a complete bilingual educational game to learn from your experiences in a fun way.

Play with the letters!
Play with the letters!
Learn the letters by inserting them in their correct slot: then rotate the arrow and learn the correct pronunciation!
26 3D letters
26 3D letters
Discover letters through touch: with the Montessori method, learning also comes from experience.
3 game modes
3 game modes
Baby Prof has 3 game modes with increasing difficulty:
1. Alphabet mode: the child learns to pronounce the letter
2. Animal Mode: Learn the names of animals from each letter
3. Quiz Mode: Answers random questions about letters or animals

Package Includes:

1 x Baby prof




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