The Chicco Seat 4 Fix Rotating Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat provides a seat which will see your little one through from birth to 12 years old, not only saving you money, but giving your child familiarity with their seat.

  • Longer lasting safety, great value for money
  • Machine washable cover for practicality
  • 360-degree rotation to install child from any side
  • Multiple recline positions for little one’s comfort
  • Tether straps for an ultra-secure fit

All about me

How will a car seat be small enough for a newborn but big enough for a 12-year-old I hear you ask! Well, let us explain. When your little one is a tiny bundle of joy, ready to bring home from the hospital the Seat 4 Fix is fitting in your car in the rear-facing mode, using the Isofix points and top tether in your car. In the seat area, there is an infant cushion which they can use until they reach 15kg as well as an extra newborn head cushion which is suitable until they reach 6kg. There is a 5-point harness to keep them safe (compared to a 3-point harness on most infant carriers) and the padded shoulder cushions protect them too. The seat rotates towards the car door once it is installed, making getting your little one in and out much easier. There is also the option to recline the seat to find the best position for your baby. They can use the seat in this position until they reach 18kg (around 4 years old).

You do have the option of turning the seat to forward-facing from 9 months old should you wish but it has been proven that travelling in a rearward position is much safer when they are young.

Once they reach 15kg, you can move them into Group 2/3 mode. This involves removing the harness (which all folds away tidily into the seat), from this point, you use the vehicles 3-point seatbelt to hold your child in the seat. The seat can still be fitted using the Isofix connection, but this only provides extra stability and prevents the seat from flying around in the event of an accident when your child is not in the car.

There is also a side protection safety which you activate on the side of the seat nearest the car door giving extra protection by reducing forces on the car seat in the event of a side impact.

The cover on the seat can also be removed and washed – let’s face it, it will probably need a wash or two during those 12 years!

Suitable from birth to 36kg (approx 12 years)
Rearward facing: birth to 18kg
Forward facing: 15kg to 36kg
R44/04 compliant
Isofix and top tether installation
Rotating seat

Package Includes:

1 x JUVENILE Car Seat Seat4Fix – Ombra




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