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Hoopla is a cosy and comfortable bouncer chair, that embraces your child.

The new Hoopla rocker is a comfy and fun rocking cradle where your baby can relax and have fun in complete comfort and safety.

Suitable from birth up to 18kgs

  • Bouncer: approx. 6 months 
  • Chair: up to 12months/18kgs

The booster cushion is ergonomic and ultra-soft it snugly holds and embraces your baby. It is modular and can be adapted to ensure comfort as baby grows. The backrest is adjustable for different positions so your baby can relax, play or feed in the chair. It can also be used as either a fixed position or rocker chair, using the simple controls at the front. The three hanging soft toys are designed for your babys first experience with toys and to stimulate his tactile, visual and hearing skills. Easily removable toy bar to give you extra room when placing your baby inside. Has a 3-point, fully adjustable waist harness with padding for babys comfort.

The rocker folds completely flat for storage or travel Comfort and growth The Hoopla bounce chair is equipped with a modular and a headrest adjustable in 3 different positions, for following the growth of the child in each stage, from 0 to 6 months.

When the child grows up, pillow and reducer can be removed. Comfort is granted! Front feet They can be used in fixed positions, for playtime or relax, or tilting, or rocking.

Fun and cognitive development for your baby! Hoopla has a playing bar, equipped with the exclusive and innovative Side-Line system, which allows the toys to slide along the arch, thereby creating always new games. This system was developed with phychomotor development of the child. toys with tactile and mechanical activities Hoopla is equipped with a 3 toy set; each hanging toy has tactile activities in fabric and mechanical activities such as toothing ring and rattle, for stimulating the development of the child.

Each single colour of the hoopla bouncer chair is already coupled to a 3 toys set with funny shape and colours! Compact and easy to fold With a single movement, thanks to its front buttons. it can be easily transported or stored when not used!


WIDTH: 81.50 (cm)

HEIGHT: 52.00 (cm)

DEPTH: 30.00 (cm)

Package Includes

1 x Chicco – Hoopla Rocker

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