Dreambaby® EZY-Check® Flex-Loop Locks secure mushroom and D-shaped cabinet doors. The brightly coloured indicator provides at-a-glance reassurance – simply check if it’s showing red for open and unsafe or green for closed and safe.

Dreambaby® EZY-Check® Flex-Loop Locks provide parents and carers with the tools to help prevent accidents before they can happen. Earlier is better when it comes to childproofing. Once your child is mobile, it’s too late.

  • No screws required for installation so handy for renters.
  • Simply thread the strap through the lock slot and the EZY-Check® Indicator instantly clicks into place.
  • Uses a multi-touch release system to help prevent curious toddlers from opening cabinet doors.
  • Turn to the most trusted name in safety products when it comes to childproofing your home.

Watch the video below for more information.