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Apart from playing with toys, it is important that we also start teaching our kids to learn how to read and understand. This is why Nappies Direct is here at your fingertips with a range of books and puzzles online which will help you develop your kid’s learning skills. It has been acknowledged long ago that books and puzzles in NZ play a significant role in the learning and growth of a child. Puzzles could be used by anyone, be it someone who is in their early childhood or is mature enough. The books and puzzles for children help in testing their thoughts and mind. They offer many talents and learning advantages to the kids. Henceforth, books and puzzles online are considered to be an essential educational instrument. They’re a perfect source of entertainment as well. So, go ahead and order the books and puzzles online in NZ for your little ones.

  • Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle


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    First Steps Touch and Feel: Baah Baah!


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    Leapfrog Leapstart Advanced Learn To Read Pack (6 Books)


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    Little Beginners Book and Blocks


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  • Mini Puzzle Book – Mummies & Babies


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  • Nappies Direct Handbook


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    Old Macdonald Had A Farm


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Get the Best Puzzles online for your Little Ones Now

Can you imagine the chubby hands of your little one trying to adjust a piece of the puzzle in the jigsaw? Wouldn’t it be cute to see? When your kid puts the pieces together, you gasp.  But do not worry, as with some time of practice these things can become a piece of cake for the little ones. This is why you can order the puzzles for children in NZ at an affordable price from Nappies Direct. Here with the help of experts, we tell you why puzzles for children are very helpful.
  • Jigsaw puzzles with charts, animals, figures, etc. are a perfect way to stimulate the imagination of children on numerous topics. They aid in the growth of emotional, sensory-spatial, interactive, and social capacity. Puzzles online help kids develop an interest in a variety of skills.
  • Children need to learn to differentiate between shapes. This is possible with the help of puzzles in NZ. As these will teach and help the kids know about the different geometric forms. They may initially assume that triangles and rectangles are one and the same. But slowly they will learn how to recognize the features that make these shapes unique.
  • To enhance memory, puzzles in NZ are always a solution. It also encourages children to develop their ability to pay attention for long hours, which is a huge advantage in any walk of life.
  • The puzzles for children are not pricey and can even be reused. Children can play with them repetitively for a long time. You can use the puzzle to bring challenges to children in several ways. For example, you can ask them to complete the puzzle in time.
  • Playing with puzzles in NZ activates brain cells and ignites imagination and creativity.
After going through all these points, we hope that it is now clear puzzles online in NZ are important. Not only this, but you can also order different books for children from Nappies Direct now. Order today from us!!!

Looking for the best Books and Puzzles Online? Nappies Direct is at your Service

Nappies Direct is here at your service to help you get the best quality printed books and puzzles in NZ at an affordable price. All you need to do is order these from our online portal. While ordering if you have a second thought regarding placing an order, then you need to know a few things about us and our products. We being the best online store in New Zealand for children supplies have always made sure to provide you everything which is of high-quality. Our team has been relentlessly working hard to curate some of the best items for the online store. For example, in the case of books and puzzles online, we have added best-printed things. This will make it easy for your kids to learn and play with these. Other than this, when coming to the delivery services, we can tell you that now you can very easily get books and puzzles in NZ delivered at your doorstep. So, hurry up and order books and puzzles online at an affordable rate.

Make the Young Ones Learn with Books Online from Nappies Direct

Books have been a very important part of children’s life and hence, many parents start making their kids read or explore them from age 0. We all very well understand that it is very important for children to read to ensure proper development of motor and visual skills. This is why we intend to ask you to buy interesting alphabet books for children in NZ. You will find numerous picture books online at Nappies Direct for your kids. These are going to be an effective object for the younger ones to move forward in life. Let us see how picture books in NZ play an important role in the lives of little ones.
  • The pictures on books for children allow them to understand the phrases by linking the photos on the page with the words. They will learn what a certain thing means.
  • Both the pictures in the book and the words begin discussions and will inspire other practices such as counting or coloring. You should also involve the child with what is happening in the story and develop their listening skills when you talk about it to them. This will encourage them to put words in their mouth and they can start conversations.
  •  When the younger ones see these pictures on the books online, remember that they will always try to enact them. This will help them learn new actions and will develop their skills.
We hope now that you realize why it is important for the mommies and daddies to buy some of the best books in NZ for your little ones. So, hurry up and order them now. Also, we will be glad to tell you that now you can get puzzles and books in NZ at your doorstep with us. Let us take a step to move the children’s development.
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