THOMPSONS Min Organic OptiZinc Comp 60tab

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THOMPSONS Min Organic OptiZinc Comp 60tab
Zinc is essential for normal growth, reproduction and body maintenance. Zinc is found in every tissue and tissue fluid in the body. Zinc is accepted as being the most seriously deficient mineral in the world today. At greatest risk of zinc deficiency are pregnant women, children, athletes and the elderly. The recommended daily intake of 16mg is quite difficult to achieve for many New Zealanders. Eighty percent of Zinc is removed from grain during refining, for instance, and Zinc is not replaced in soils by modern fertilisers. Zinc must be in a soluble form to pass through the intestinal walls for absorption. Zinc oxide, for instance, is relatively insoluble and poorly absorbed. L-OptiZinc, however, is very soluble and readily bioavailable. L-OptiZinc is a 1:1 complex of Zinc and the amino acid Methionine, which enhances Zinc absorption. Studies have shown that L-OptiZinc is absorbed better, retained longer and is more effective than other Zinc supplements. The original OptiZinc has been further improved, by the next generation L-OptiZinc which represents the form of Zinc that is best absorbed by the body. Dietary fibre and phytates can adversely affect Zinc absorption, especially in a predominantly vegetarian diet. L-OptiZinc, however, has been demonstrated to resist dietary fibre and increase Zinc absorption and utilisation significantly. Thompson’s Organic OptiZinc Complete is also recommended for athletes, for women during pregnancy and for the elderly who risk Zinc deficiency due to diminished food intake or reduced absorption Thompson’s Organic OptiZinc Complete provides 15 mg of elemental Zinc in the highly potent L-OptiZinc form. Because both Zinc and Methionine have antioxidant roles in the body, L-OptiZinc has exceptional antioxidant capacity and consequently, potent immune-enhancing characteristics. Thompson’s Organic OptiZinc Complete includes 2500 iu of Vitamin A in a Zinc-rich wholefood base of Oyster shell, Sesame Seed and Pumpkin Seed Indications for use: Thompson’s Organic OptiZinc Complete is recommended in alcoholism, in chronic renal disease, and in other chronically debilitating diseases where Zinc deficiency is likely. At the first sign of a Zinc deficiency, which results in symptoms such as loss of taste, followed by hair loss, impaired wound healing and poor skin condition, Organic OptiZinc Complete is recommended. Because Zinc deficiency results in impaired immune responses, anyone suffering from repeated infections or ill health also should consider taking Organic OptiZinc Complete. Zinc is also associated with prostate health and male fertility. For this reason all men would benefit from taking Organic OptiZinc Complete. Each tablet contains: L-OptiZinc 75 mg (Equiv. Zinc 15 mg) Vitamin A (Equiv. Retinol 750 mcg) 2500 IU Oyster Shell Powder 150 mg Pumpkin Seed 25 mg Sesame Seed Oil 1 mg Directions (Adults): Take 1 tablet a day (before bedtime), or as advised by a health professional
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