SYLK Personal Lubricant

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  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED and FDA CLEARED MEDICAL DEVICE – Safe and effective treatment for painful sex, general vaginal dryness, dryness due to menopause, hormone therapy, or childbirth. SYLK works to transform dry vaginal tissues into softer, wetter and more supple tissues.
  • TRUSTED PRODUCT – Sold and used internationally for 30 years and is safe enough to use daily. SYLK has continued to be a popular lubricant because of its safety, its effectiveness and the peace of mind it offers.
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A trusted brand of lubricant and highly recommended by physicians, SYLK is a FDA cleared moisturizing lubricant made from 100% purified natural Kiwifuit Vine Extract. Available to consumers for over 30 years internationally, SYLK offers the lubricating properties found in Kiwifruit plant extract, grapefruit seed extract and other hydrating substances.

No other vaginal lubricant provides the richness of polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrate consisting of water-absorbing molecules that give SYLK its proprietary, film-like nature. By simulating your body’s natural lubrication, SYLK never feels artificial or sticky. In fact, doctors highly recommend SYLK because of its gentle ingredients and superior lubricating abilities. SYLK is also great with toys, kegel balls, pelvic exercisers and can help with suppository application.



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