YogaSleep – Dohm DS White Noise Machine

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Our best-selling white noise machine! Formerly known as SleepMate/Sound Screen 980A, this extremely effective, popular white noise machine runs at high and low speeds.  What serious sleep is all about!  Developed almost 50 years ago, this is the Original Sound Conditioner you’ve probably heard about. It’s dome shape is easy to recognise.  Turn it on, and tune out the rest of the world. It creates the soothing sound of rushing air, also known as “white noise,” which has been proven to effectively block noises at a broad range of frequencies. A uniform blanket of smooth sound masks disruptive noises.  Get Dohm to help you get some Serious Sleep.

Our most popular plug-in white noise machine, that just lasts and last. We had one personally in daily use for seven years and it was still going strong.

Dohm creates a personal sound environment that you control. The tone and volume alterations are just a twist away, featuring dual speeds, high and low, allowing for greater flexibility in achieving your perfect tone and volume settings.

Over 45 years ago, Marpac founder developed the original Sound Screen sound conditioner because he was having trouble sleeping. It worked so well, he made it available to his friends and family and ultimately the world.  Today, the Sound Screen is still the most economical and most popular sound conditioner on the market.

  • Comes complete with NZ/Australia compatible plug.
  • New Zealand and Australia’s 50Hz frequency – the volume difference is subtle due to the USA running at 60Hz.

Please note that Marpac is now rebranding its products as Yogasleep and transitioning to new packaging under the Yogasleep brand. Marpac has been creating sleep-savings products since 1962 and will be continuing this proud tradition under the Yogasleep brand.



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