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If your little one loves to be on the move, they’ll feel right at home with the Transportation Peel & Stick Border.

Cars and trucks roll along a grassy green path while planes dot the bright blue sky above in the border, which is five inches tall and covers five yards of wall space.

Create an entire transportation-themed space for your child by pairing the Transportation Peel & Stick Border with Transportation Wall Decals, Transportation Giant Wall Decals and Build A Road Wall Decals.


The border and matching decals will stick to any smooth, flat surface. If your walls have been recently painted, allow at least two to three weeks for the paint to cure before application. To apply the decals, slowly peel from the backing and place on your wall. Smooth out any air bubbles as you go.

If you don’t get things straight the first time, the wall stickers can easily be repositioned. To remove the decals, start from a corner and slowly peel it back. Place the decal on the original product backing or a piece of wax paper to store it until you’re ready to reapply.


Our decals use a special adhesive that allows them to stick to walls but never fully adhere. This means they can be easily removed when your child outgrows them with no damage to your wall paint or drywall. The adhesive will also stay sticky, as long as the decals are stored properly, so they can be passed on to a younger sibling.

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1 x Transportation Border



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