Huggies Nappies & Pants (Size 4 – Toddler) – Pixie Box

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Plunket endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby.

  • Soft and stretchy 360 degree waistband provides a comfortable and secure fit.
  • Easy off tear sides with disposable tape on the back makes for easy removal and disposal.
  • Up to 12 hours leakage protection perfect both as a day and overnight nappy.
  • Soft and breathable waistband and outer cover helps baby’s bottom stay dry.
  • Tailored absorbency lower down where girls need it the most

Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants are designed to make change time easier whether your active, wriggly baby is laying down or standing up. Features a 360 degree soft and stretchy waistband which easily tears open on the sides to make removal quick and easy. Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants have up to 12 hours leakage protection making it great as both a day or night nappy.

Huggies Ultra Dry Nappy Pants are available in a range of sizes for both boys and girls:

Size 4 (9-14kg);
Size 5 (12-17kg);
Size 6 (15kg+).



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78 reviews for Huggies Nappies & Pants (Size 4 – Toddler) – Pixie Box

  1. eduardo (verified owner)

    My toddler can be particularly wriggly. These made nappy changes so much easier. They are a great fit, super absorbent and are a reasonable price.

  2. selwyn (verified owner)

    These really improved the change time struggle. Just slide them on and your done. They are very absorbent and are a great fit.

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  3. babb (verified owner)

    These nappies are quite expensive so I don’t use them often but now that my daughter is nearly 2 and standing up easily I find that they are really handy for quick changes after a swimming lesson or a day at the beach. I can dry her off and she can just step her feet into the nappy like she does with a pair of shorts. It makes it really easy especially while I’m pregnant again and it’s getting harder to bend down.

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  4. Sima (verified owner)

    Huggies always seem to contain the nappy contents!

  5. eoghan (verified owner)

    I love these nappies and refuse to buy any ither brand. I used to use a different brand to save money, but ended up spending more because they werent as absorbent so I switched back to Huggies and i’m so glad I did. They fit well, absorb a lot and don’t cause or exasperate nappy rash.

  6. briny (verified owner)

    These are great nappies, the boy specific ones are good for him. I tend to use them as an overnight nappy because we ended up having leakage with another brand. They are really absorbent. We usually, only buy them when they are on special at the supermarket & use a cheaper brand for daytime.

  7. aine (verified owner)

    Huggies is the only brand we trusted for our baby from day one. They are good quality, absorbent as they say and good on the skin. We once tried to go for a brand at a lower price range. But it made the baby skin irritated. Even the price is higher, Huggies worth the money.

  8. Amanda G (verified owner)

    We use these nappies overnight for our bub. You can get great specials online with amazon and alike and bulk buy to reduce costs. Cute designs on nappies and seem very comfy on bub. They do get bulky when full but seem to hold well. No issues with these nappies.

  9. laurahedges (verified owner)

    We have started using these nappies after using newborn huggies and have been really happy with them so far. They fit really well and we like how they have special fitting features for boys and girls. No leaks and can go 12 hours over night without dramas! We won’t put our bub in anything else.

  10. mondzt (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Huggies nappies for four years now on my children. They are one of the best nappies on the market in my opinion. They have a stretchy band accross the back for a comfortable snug fit. They are soft to the touch and comfortable on baby’s skin. They really do hold in wee for up to 12 hours, without any leaks. Sometimes my youngest will wake in the morning after an 11 hour sleep with a very full nappy and no leakage whatsoever. I’ve always found my baby’s bum to be dry which is great as it keeps moisture away from their skin. They fit well around the leg area and i like the wetness indicator. Great nappy, good quality, i like the whole range of huggies products. Woolies often has them on sale which is handy too.

  11. renee (verified owner)

    Perfect for transitioning between nappies and undies. I found it much easier to start toilet training with these nappy pants rather then a traditional nappy, enabling my toddler to pull up and down the pants rather then take off a nappy. Very absorbing, no nappy rash or red marks. Highly recommend these nappy pants.

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  12. Samantha B (verified owner)

    Nice product. No leaking and pee and poo contain well with no problem at all. Price is reasonable and affordable. Easy to get in major supermarket.

  13. Dani (verified owner)

    A great nappy for my daughters, very absorbent & comfortable

  14. jessica (verified owner)

    I use Huggies Ultra Dry on my 8 month old son as night time nappies, I find they are the exact same as Ultimate except more coverage area for a boy where he needs it most. Also love the cute designs but they do seem to be smaller than the ultimate.

  15. yvonne (verified owner)

    I really like these nappies, they feel so soft in the inside of the nappy and are made super absorbent, i never had any problems with unexpected leaks. They are a little more expensive than some brands but if your kids have sensitive skin this is the brand to choose.

  16. tiarna (verified owner)

    Huggies are our favourite brand of nappies. My son loved these nappies too, especially because they have cute designs. We hadn’t had any leakages or problems with these nappy pants which is wonderful. I do like the adjustable sides as it made it easier to change in the event of a no.2. Great prouducf

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  17. christine (verified owner)

    I find that huggies keeps changing the designs on these, some I prefer over others, but it’s a gamble as to which type I can get at which store. I like the ones that have the resealable tabs on the side, they make it easier when changing a dirty nappy as you can wrap it all up and seal it. The ones with the pull tag at the bag leave the sides open which leaves a horrible odour around post change. I also found that the ones with the really stretchy waist (no side tabs) rolls up under my boys belly which is not comfortable for him and has the potential for leaks, these ones also rip sometimes when gettting them on. I think Huggies messed with a good thing. I wish the original ones with the tabs were still everywhere as they were great and the newer styles have led me to try other brands that are similar to the newer styles but cheaper.

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  18. mia (verified owner)

    These are so handy for little wriggling bubs. They are so quick to pull up and change time is easy with the rip sides. Cute prints too. The only negative is that there’s been no way to tighten or loosen and even though it’s an elastic waist it would be better to be able to loosen them for full bellies.

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  19. rabia (verified owner)

    As moms, we opt to give only the best for our children. Most often, we face challenging situations especially when it comes to choosing the right brand that we could trust. It is very important to use products that are safe, affordable, and gentle to our babies’ skin.

    Since Summer was born, I have tried different diaper brands. Two of which caused skin irritation, resulting to discomfort. Moreover, she also developed rashes.

    Considering all of these, I decided to look for other options. After researching and reading reviews, I found Huggies New & Improved. I was hesitant at first since I have not heard of many reviews.

    After a week of use, huggies new & improved did not disappoint.

    1. Since Summer is already turning 4 months, diaper changing can be very challenging. Since I switched to Huggies new & improved, it’s so easy to put it on Summer because of its perfect fit especially in the crotch area.

    2. Since I am a working mom, our sister in law is in-charge of Summer during the day. In the past, I would always remind her to change Summer’s diapers. But with huggies, its color-changing wetness indicator has made it easy for her to tell if it’s time for some nappy change!

    3. To last us through the night, we need a diaper that is super-absorbent. Since Summer is a wetter, her old diaper could not fully absorb resulting to wet pants in the wee hours of the morning. With huggies new and improved, I don’t have to worry about wet pajamas anymore because it is super dry and absorbent.

    4. Most important of all, what really matters is the comfort of my baby. Getting diaper rash is something I always worry about. Trying different diaper brands was a challenge since I had to make sure that it didn’t irritate Summer’s sensitive skin. Thankfully, huggies New And Improved came to the rescue! Summer has been rash-free since we switched. A worthy choice, indeed!

    I absolutely love huggies. I won’t use anything else. I’ve tried all brands with dissatisfied result, and issues they were all awful. Huggies are super soft, high quality, highly absorbing and cushiony. I won’t use anything else on my daughter.
    So if you’ve been looking for a great alternative, you might want to try Huggies new and improved like I did. They are available at Coles and Woolworth.

    Thank you Huggies new and improved for giving me these opportunity to try these quality diapers. We love Huggies!

  20. zulfikar (verified owner)

    Now that she can roll over, stand and walk, it is now a challenge to change bub without her falling off the change table. In come Huggies nappy pants, it is now much easier to wrestle and put it on. With the side velcro as easy take off option it is even easier. If only the velcro was on the opposite side. When we are so used to bundling the dirty nappy with the old velcro system, it is not the same with these nappy pants. It is twisted around.

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  21. mum (verified owner)

    I’ve got the new & improved ultra-dry nappies in Size 4 & they are one of he softest nappies we’ve ever tried. They mould to bub, don’t leave red marks, haven’t had any leakages so far, keep bubs skin dry (no moisture on his skin whatsoever), they have the wetness indicator on the front & the my fav the “poo catcher” in the inner back of the nappy which has saved us so many times from explosions.
    Whenever these are on a good special I bulk buy. Highly recommended!

  22. abbe (verified owner)

    These nappies are great for wriggly babies – and are well-used in the post-swimming lessons nappy changes in my household. However they are terrible at keeping any explosions in, definitely not an over night nappy. I would recommend having them on hand, but having a regular nappy for over night use.

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  23. belinda (verified owner)

    I have just gone into this size nappy for my daughter , and they like all huggies nappies are great! They come up high at the back and front and are made of such a soft material. They are the most absorbent nappy I’ve tried and I never have any leakages. Well worth every cent I would not recommend any other brand!

  24. alison (verified owner)

    We have tried several other brands but can not beat the absorbency of huggies. Great price, cute designs, easy to put on and last for hours. I don’t trust any other nappy overnight either – these are the only one that got us through full nights without leakage. Definitely the best.

  25. emma (verified owner)

    These are our go to nappies. They are very absorbent especially when bubs sleeps through the night. We find them soft and they fit well, not causing any irritation so far. We haven’t had any leaks yet as the sides are very secure without causing any discomfort. Good value for money.

  26. isabell (verified owner)

    Now our daughter has moved upto size 3 and the Ultimate range is harder to find, we use the Ultra Dry range and had no problems. No nappy rash, no leaks and fit has been good. We tried out the Huggies Essential range but find the Ultra Dry to be softer and gentler on our daughters skin.

  27. courtney (verified owner)

    Our son was in these for the first 10 months. They are fantastic! He never leaked through – even after many nights of feeding every hour. The jumbo boxes are convenient but the only down side is Huggies are quite pricey. However, they are on special quite a bit at Coles!

  28. melinda (verified owner)

    Have used huggies with all 3 of my children, they have changed a lot over the years but are still our go to. They are reliable and fit well, I order them in my online shopping as it’s easier and they are definitely better for us than the other limited options.

  29. roxanne (verified owner)

    Huggies is my go-to nappy. I have 3 children, youngest still in nappies all the time. I have always purchased Huggies I prefer the ultra-dry to the ultimate I find that they are very absorbent. The nappies are soft to their skin, they fit perfectly to the different body shapes of children. A problem i have had with other nappies i had previously tried were Huggies don’t cause a rash and gentle on the skin of my 2 eldest who had sensitive skin. I recommend Huggies to any friends or family who is having a baby.

  30. alysha (verified owner)

    Amazing product used on all three of my children two of which are still currently in nappies I always hear about leakage issues and I have always used this brand of nappies only on my daughters and have never had a single problem. One downside is that they are a bit expensive but are on sale a fair bit and aren’t to far off other nappy prices. They fit well and go good when they start crawling too. And I always love the designs and the limited edition designs.

  31. candice (verified owner)

    Whilst being on mat leave trying to save some extra money I have tried a lot of variety of nappies- buying what was on sale! I have to say during the day when you are changing your baby often most brands are “okay” but nothing compares to huggies overnight! They hold the most and draw moisture away from your precious babies bottom! Best nappy!

  32. rebekah (verified owner)

    I recently tried the new and improved Huggies nappies after not being overly sold on the old ones I decided to give the improved ones ago and I was very impressed! We are always on the look out for nappies that prevent leaks overnight and these ones lived up to our expectations! My daughter sleeps all night and these nappies lasted all night, without leaving red marks, irritation or any unpleasant smells!
    With the improvements they have made and a price that is a great value we will definitely be buying these again!

  33. leah (verified owner)

    I am pleased to say that they met all expectations.
    We had fantastic overnight protection, in some case 12+ hours and not one poo explosion.
    We had no nappy rash or irritations which meant baby was happy.
    The only thing I noticed is that they seemed to few a lot squishier when wet than other brands.
    The price point is very good and quite comparable to other reputable brands…in some cases, when on promotion, Huggies are actually cheaper.
    Overall, I was very pleased with the performance of these nappies and would not hesitate to continue purchasing and recommending to other parents

  34. hayley (verified owner)

    Huggies are my go to for newborn nappies because they seem to run smaller then other competitor brands which is great when you have a smaller than average newborn. I never experienced any trouble with leaking, rashes or redness either. The price point is good and they are available anywhere.

  35. kacey (verified owner)

    Have used these nappies for ages on my own child as well on nieces and nephews. They are very cost effective which is why I first purchased them, I find they go on sale every now and then. I like that they stay dry and are super strechy. I would recommend these to my friends and wouldn’t change anything about them

  36. tatum (verified owner)

    I use these nappies for my 2 year old baby boy.
    We have used these nappies from new born to now.
    They are great, comfy for my baby, super absorbent and high quality.
    I’ve never had any leakages with these nappies.
    However they are expensive compared to other nappies. I only try to buy them when they are on sale at coles.

  37. morgan (verified owner)

    We liked using these ultra dry nappies for night time use. We found they would keep our child dry while other brands would often leak through. However, during day use when we would change him more often we would switch to a cheaper brand. We had no issues with nappy rash or red marks.

  38. renelle (verified owner)

    We love these nappies and find they’re the best fit for our daughter. We have had no nappy rashes what so ever since using these nappies for our daughter. I would definitely recommend using huggies nappies, especially sizes 1-3. They are SO absorbent and often come on sale so it’s a win win!

  39. maria (verified owner)

    I have used these nappies from day 1 for over a year. Never had a nappy rash, not a single time! So soft and gentle on the delicate baby skin. Did have a few poo blow outs but this happens in every brand of nappies. I buy them on special in the big boxes, great value for a quality product.

  40. hafsa (verified owner)

    I love these diapers after using it on 3 kids. They have superior quality and never leaks if you stretch the tab and then close it. They have never gone down in the quality. Cheapest prices are from amazon. Sometimes available on sale in Costco. It is cheaper than aldi.

  41. emma (verified owner)

    We have been using these size my daughter moved to size 3. We use them primarily at night as she sleeps 9-11hrs. So far we have had no leaks and no rashes or reactions. The nappies are very soft and look and feel comfy. The stretchy elastic backing hugs the body and prevents escapes up the back.

  42. madison (verified owner)

    We have been using the ultra dry nappies for about 6 months now, these are the only nappies we are happy to use with our son. They have been very effective and have not skipped a beat. They seem to be the only nappy that doesn’t feel wafer thin and rough on the skin.

  43. Madiha A (verified owner)

    I bought ultra dry nappies from huggies for my toddler and here is my review; The nappies are light in weight and very soft, it has elastic waist which is very stretchy and can easily fit my toddler. It has 12 hour leakage protection so I mostly use it for night time because it keeps my toddler dry and he can have a peaceful sleep without the need to change the nappy. Very flexible side tabs and very comfortable to wear. I would buy it again.

  44. melanie (verified owner)

    I have never had a problem with huggies ultra dry ive always used them and still am for both my kids. They do their job like they are meant to, i haven’t had any poo explosion which is good 🙂 i love the cute little minnie heads that they have on them. They are light weight, soft and have a good elastic band around the waist I would recommend huggies ultra dry any day over any other nappies.

  45. Sarah Z (verified owner)

    From a newborn my baby girl has been using huggies ultimate as they are the best- they are so absorbent you can press your finger on inside and doesn’t feel wet. They are soft and gentle and she has never had any problems with nappy rash. We went up to the size 3 today as she is almost 7 kilos and the stretchy waistband gives her more comfort

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  46. teisha (verified owner)

    We use Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies with my daughter and I have had no issues with them at all. They are gentle on her skin and have had no skin irritations while using them. They are a nice fit and haven’t had any leakages so far. I would recommend Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies.

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  47. Emma D (verified owner)

    The Huggies nappies are probably the best nappies I’ve ever used for my baby. They have never leaked, have really cute patterns for boys and girls, are specifically made for boys and girls as they urinate differently. However they aren’t as cheap as some other brands so I use the little ones nappies.

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  48. sowmya (verified owner)

    I have used number of diapers.but i didn’t satisfy with any of brands .

    Thanks Huggies for such an awesome product. After trying many diapers I finally found something which is perfect for my baby. My baby spends whole night peacefully after wearing Huggies, It is absolutely leak proof and very soft and comfortable for the baby. It’s the most trusted brands since ages .
    My baby stays very comfortable in it and there is no worry about rashes also. I am a regular user of Huggies . Totally loved it

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  49. Deeba S (verified owner)

    I started using huggies since my little one was born. I got free samples from the hospital for different brands after trying different brands my baby developed nappy rash but with huggies we never had any problem what so ever. My baby is 6 months old and I still give her huggies. The other reason I would recommend huggies nappies is because it has an indicator that changes colour you can see it clearly that it’s time to change it rather than checking or feeling to see if it’s wet.

    “Originally posted on”

  50. nicole (verified owner)

    Huggies are definitely my go to nappy. These are very absorbant. I can leave them on my daughtet overnight, not need to change her & have no leaks. Poop explosions are contained and my husband loves the wetness indicator. The price is ok. I tend to buy when on sale. It usually works out to 30cents per nappy. Very happy with these nappies.

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  51. Louise F (verified owner)

    By far the best nappies on the market and hence why they’re the most expensive ones too! They are so soft on our babies skin, don’t rub and do not leak which is so important In a nappy. They’re so soft and have such cute patterns on them also! We love them!

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  52. carly (verified owner)

    Huggies Extra dry are one of two of my favourite brands. They keep Bub dry for so long and hold in so much. I have also tried a few of the other lesser known brands and the nappies caused nappy rash really fast when a little moisture was left in the nappy for a short amount of time. Huggies never gave baby a rash. even when they were left on overnight and full of urine until change in the morning.

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  53. honey (verified owner)

    As a first time mum, I want nappy that should be super soft and gentle on my baby’s soft and sensitive skin. As huggies is the most trusted brand around the world so I look no further and chose Huggies for my newborn and since then Im in love with them.

    “Originally posted on”

  54. natalie (verified owner)

    With 3 kids I think we have tried all the nappy brands, but always come back to Huggies. They feel soft on the skin and keep baby dry all night long. My kids have never had an issue with nappy rashes or leaking with Huggies as they have done with other cheaper brands

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  55. Karrona S (verified owner)

    I normally use the Huggies Ultimate nappies and my mom bought the Ultra Dry box for me by accident recently. The print was very cute, and the nappy certainly did what it was supposed to do. My baby seemed pretty happy in them, and his skin was never irritated or wet. I didn’t even miss the wetness indicator that the Ultimate nappies have. I did notice the material ‘pilled’ quite a bit after a couple of hours of wear- not sure if that means anything. Would recommend though!

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  56. julius (verified owner)

    Huggies brand nappies are the best ones available in the market where I live. The main things about them is that it’s super breathable, elastic and have cute designs. I guess one of the expensive ones as well. I usually buy them bulk when they’re on sale around $24 per box. The downsides are the smell and it’s tight around waist area, especially can be noticed after 1-2 wee.

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  57. shan (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few nappies but I always end up going back to Huggies. My little one is now in size 3 at 8kgs and I find they are a perfect fit for him. He doesn’t get any leaks which is an issue I have had with other nappies. I also like that they have cute little designs and really absorbent.

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  58. kirsty (verified owner)

    Huggies nappies are the best for absorbency, especially for overnight. They are easy to put on and remove with the sticky tabs and stretchy to fit different shaped bodies. This brand are more pricey than some others but definitely worth the expense as they can be changed less often for number ones 🙂

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  59. emma (verified owner)

    A wonderful product for value!!
    I can’t go past huggies ultra dry, especially at night time, I can rest knowing bubs won’t leak.
    They’re extremely absorbant, thick, and they have a great stretchy waistband which I found very helpful as bubs was moving onto his next size but still in between sizes.

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  60. Kirsty L (verified owner)

    I use these as my night nappies, they never leak even when bub sleeps for extra long over night. They have cute little patterns on them and are really soft to put on. Bub has never had any nappy rash with them. One of the pricier nappies but get them on sale.

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  61. Rebecca S (verified owner)

    The Huggies Ultra Dry nappies are a great fit for my son. They are comfortable and hardly ever leak. It’s great that you can buy them anywhere and are also able to buy them in bulk. Super easy to put on and take off, I wouldn’t use any other brand.

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  62. merissa (verified owner)

    After moving up a size, having used the ultimate for both size one and size two, I knew I wanted to use Huggies as they have never failed me. Despite hearing the claims that Huggies is now failing due to the design change – some babies react to nappies, others don’t; it’s simply bad luck – I grabbed a box of the newly designed ultra dry and took it home. Same great fit around her legs and waist, same soft feel of the ultimate (though not quite as soft), same ability to hold over 12 hours without bursting. The only time I moved away from these is as I needed to save a bit of money – premium items at a premium cost of course.

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  63. lyn (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these nappies. They have the perfect fit, are super easy to put on and off and they are super absorbent. They feel nice and soft and bub has never had a rash or reaction to them. Easy to tell when they’re full. You can buy them in all different pack sizes which is great while they’re growing. I’ve used other brands but huggies is always the best for us.

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  64. sam (verified owner)

    Ive tried many different brands of nappies for my daughter but keep coming back to huggies. Super absorbent and soft on her skin.
    Don’t cause irritation or rashes and are absorbent all night long. Love the ever changing designs and patterns as well. Will definitely use huggies for all my Babies!

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  65. sana (verified owner)

    After trying many brands nappies in Australia I found a brand huggies which can give 12 hours protection. Best quality nappies with wetness indicator which can easily indicate when to change your son nappy..My sons sleeps peacefully during the night for almost 14 hours with no leakage.. There is no issue of nappy rash using these nappies. I will definitely recommend these nappies ..

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  66. Klaudine G (verified owner)

    We’ve been using Huggies since day 1 of our baby. We used Ultimate range for his first year and now into the Ultra Dry range.
    The size is just right for my son, he doesn’t develop any redness on his waist nor on his bum.
    After using it for a week, we didn’t experience any leak or absorbency problem. It’s very true to it’s 12-hr leakage protection.
    Though I change my baby’s nappy regularly, I still love the wetness indicator. My baby sleeps through the night now so I rely on the wetness indicator to check if he peed a lot or not overnight.
    The new design looks so cute too! Very subtle color that’s not too visible under clothes.
    Just one thing to improve, the quality of outer lining. It tends to get fuzzy faster than the nappy pant or ultimate range lining.
    Overall, I’m very satisfied on how it worked for my toddler. I have plans on repurchasing the Ultra Dry but will choose Nappy Pants for convenience. For a wriggly toddler, nappy pants is a better choice for me.

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  67. Jermaine D (verified owner)

    When we first moved here in Australia, we tried different brands since the one we used to isn’t available here. I’m so glad we found Huggies! These nappies gift 12-hour leakage protection without damaging my little one’s skin. I love the designs especially when they release limited edition ones! What I also like about Huggies Nappy Pants is the tape on the back which secures the rolled-up nappy with that then simply throw it away into the bin.

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  68. Jenna D (verified owner)

    Huggies is just so worth the money, they are ever so slightly more expensive but worth every cent more. They are our bubs favourite, no leaks or spills and the best fit without leaving any marks. They are super absorbent and we hardly ever have any nappy rash anymore. Couldn’t recommend them more.

    “Originally posted on”

  69. Naomi H (verified owner)

    It took me a while to work through different nappy brands as my little one seemed to keep getting a rash due to the moisture not pulling away like they said. The Huggies ultra dry worked quickly, within two days I noticed my little ones skin clearing up. She was very content in them, extra elasticity is a bonus and the full night use is great!

    “Originally posted on”

  70. Lauren M (verified owner)

    Love Huggies for their holding capacity, brilliant for overnight use when baby sleeps in one nappy all night. Feel nice and soft, and love the leakage protection, particularly at the top of the back for preventing those poo explosions. Best nappies for my daughter who has very liquid bowel movements.

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  71. Keshef M (verified owner)

    I’ve been very happy with the Huggies ultra dry- girls nappy. I have a size 4 and they are perfect for my daughter. I haven’t faced any leakage and rash on my daughter’s skin. I would definitely recommend parents give these nappies a try and they are worth the price

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  72. Keshef M (verified owner)

    I’ve been very happy with the Huggies ultra dry- girls nappy. I have a size 4 and they are perfect for my daughter. I haven’t faced any leakage and rash on my daughter’s skin. I would definitely recommend parents give these nappies a try and they are worth the price

    “Originally posted on”

  73. user-13091 (verified owner)

    Love this huggies ultra dry nappy for my daughter. It was the very first nappy brand that i have used for her, though I’ve been trying other products, i always go back to this as her usual nappy. The nappy itself is lightweight but doesn’t sag as much and it keeps her dry specially overnight.

    “Originally posted on”

  74. Tori K (verified owner)

    These nappies are great! At the moment we are using the size 4 girls ones for bub as night nappies as they don’t leak and last all night. They are a bit on the pricey side which is why we only use them at night and use cheaper ones during the day when changing her more frequently.
    Definately recommend.

  75. Zoe M (verified owner)

    We use cloth nappies part time, however am starting to gradually toilet train and these nappies have been great! Easy to pull up and down and we are using them overnight. I like how Huggies print “back” on the back of the nappy as these can be easily put on the wrong way.

  76. Teearni (verified owner)

    I received this product as part of a trial.
    They are super cute designs on them.
    They are much more absorbent then the previous ones and seem to be less bulky, However I’m still having the same issues with them as the previous nappy pants and that is that they sag in the crutch area after just 2 wee’s in them or they can still be dry but with a playful toddler running around they seem to slide down when he is playing.

  77. Erin (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a huggies user as I feel they stand up to all the test that our little ones put nappies through. I was very excited to try these new style nappies, they have a great flexible fit and have held up to the standard huggies with absorbency. However I found the back area to be a smaller fit and give my toddler a wedgy. They always seems to ride up on one side which was a bit disappointing us this then caused uncomfortableness in my toddler and the chance of leakage. Overall they seem to be a good nappy, just feel the back panel could be slightly wider.

  78. Deb Clarke (verified owner)

    Really good service, good prices and quick delivery.
    The pants are easy to pop on and very absorbent.
    Def easier than nappies at the age our wee granddaughter is now.

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