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Help your toddler sleep better, with a gorgeous Tencel cot duvet from the new DryLife range. Perfect for using with babies over one year, once they are safe to use a duvet.

It also makes a gorgeous soft surface for tummy time with younger babies. We have used one for our baby Eddie to play on in The Sleep Store office!

The 100% silky soft, breathable eucalyptus fibre helps your baby stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Tencel is also extremely effective at drawing away moisture for warmth and comfort, which helps prevent dust-mites and mildew. Naturally hypoallergenic, no added chemicals.

The Wonder of Eucalyptus Fibre
Eucalyptus fibre, often known by its brand name TENCEL, is a revolutionary new plant-based fibre. Its exceptional natural characteristics for absorbency, hygiene and temperature regulation make it ideal for use in bedding – especially children’s bedding.

Because children and babies have immature temperature regulation systems, they’re far more susceptible to chilling and overheating while they sleep. Eucalyptus fibre is a highly efficient insulator, helping keep your child warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather.
That means your child’s body doesn’t have to work so hard to warm and cool itself throughout the night. The result is a less disturbed, more restful night’s sleep.

Warm, dry and fresh

A child’s body temperature during sleep is significantly affected by the absorbency and ‘breathability’ of their bedding. Eucalyptus fibre is both highly absorbent and highly breathable. Thousands of microscopic channels on the surface of the fibre draw moisture away from the skin. This moisture is then released away into the air, leaving your child and their bedding consistently warm and dry.

Effective insulation and ‘moisture management’ are just as important in the under layers of a child’s bedding as they are in the top layers. A eucalyptus fibre mattress topper and duvet together create a microclimate of exceptional warmth and comfort for your child – far more effective than a duvet alone.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Thanks to its natural moisture management characteristics, eucalyptus fibre is naturally hypoallergenic. Because it releases moisture so quickly, it is very difficult for dust mites, bacteria, mildew and other common allergens to breed in eucalyptus fibre bedding. As a result, DryLife eucalyptus fibre products contain none of the anti-bacterial chemicals commonly added to other bedding products.
These factors make DryLife bedding particularly suitable for children with sensitive skin or those suffering from allergies.

Environmental awards

Eucalyptus fibre also has a remarkable environmental profile. It is extracted from fast-growing, sustainably forested eucalyptus trees. Unlike cotton, eucalyptus requires little water to grow and thrives on marginal land unsuitable for agriculture. Eucalyptus fibre is manufactured via a low-energy, low-emission process, using a non-toxic solvent that is continuously recycled in a ‘closed loop system’.
This high-tech process has won many environmental awards, including the European Union Award for the Environment. Eucalyptus fibre is 100% plant-based and fully biodegradable – a true modern ‘wonderfibre’.




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