Noopii Eco-Luxe – Infant (3-6kg) – Shipper – 192 Nappies


8 Pack of 24s, Total 192 Nappies

Noopii® infant unisex nappies are for little ones in the 3-6 Kilogram weight range. Nappies made with a cotton blend outer, printed with food-safe inks and contain Manuka Hydrosol.

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Noopii® infant unisex nappies are for little ones in the 3-6 Kilogram weight range.

Each Infant box contains 24s x 8 = 192 unisex nappies made with a cotton blend outer, printed with food-safe inks and contain Manuka Hydrosol. Our Infant nappies and outer packaging are printed with a unique illustrated pattern and feature our native Yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho) nesting in the toetoe grass. Our nappies and packaging are made from 70% plant-based sustainable and renewable materials, making them kinder to the environment without compromising on quality, design and comfort.

Infant Nappies by Noopii®

  • All Noopii® nappies are Dermatologically tested

  • Free from Latex, chlorine, fragrance, dioxins and chemicals

  • Breathable and lightweight with a cotton mix back sheet

  • Performance driven, with up to 12 hours of leak protection

  • Contain Manuka Hydrosol for added anti-bacterial benefit

  • Super stretch waistbands and leg cuffs for added comfort and flexibility

  • For each Infant pack sold, a percentage of our sales is donated to the Yellow-eyed penguin Trust, an organisation conserving and protecting native Yellow-eyed penguins and their New Zealand habitat.

Our Noopii® Infant nappies are for little ones within the 3-6 kilogram weight range, aged from Newborn to 4.5 months. Our Infant packs contain 24 Unisex nappies and are distinguishable with their native New Zealand Yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho) and toetoe tussock grass. Like all our nappies, Noopii Infant nappies are super soft, with added Manuka Hydrosol, so your newest family member is comfortable and protected.



All our products contain a cotton-blend outer, making our nappies and pants super soft and comfortable, hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight. Our nappies are performance-driven, with up to 12 hours of leak protection. All our nappies and pants are free from latex, chlorine, artificial dyes and perfumes, giving you peace of mind and providing a natural solution next to your baby’s skin. We know that a healthy baby is a happy baby.

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Nappies Direct is Here with the Best Compostable Nappies in NZ

The nappies are a necessity for every parent with toddlers. But the main problem which comes along with them is a huge landfill of waste dumped in it. This waste leaves a huge carbon footprint which is the main cause of global warming. Other than this, nappies also tend to cause rashes on their body which can be a lot of trouble for the babies. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right eco-friendly nappies for your baby and sometimes it can be a very daunting task. The first thing we need to take care of is that the nappy we buy should be gentle and comfortable for the babies. The second thing which the Gen Z parents think of is how these nappies are affecting the environment.   Disposable Nappies in NZ is made up of a lot of harsh chemicals which can create a huge negative impact on your body and environment. Are you aware of the fact that the average numbers of the nappies which are destroyed every year are 1500? Every bub can use a minimum of 1500 nappies, which is a huge load on this mother earth. Therefore, the bio baby nappies are the best choices for you in such cases. Below we have discussed some reasons which make these organic disposable nappies the best choice.
  • Eco-friendly Products
Be it the organic disposable nappies or biodegradable baby wipes; both of them present a lot of benefits to the babies. They contribute both to the child’s comfort and also to the environment as well. Whenever you choose the eco baby nappies, the top-most priority for all of us is to find something comfortable for the baby. Isn’t it? Keeping this in mind it is said that eco-friendly nappies are the softest ones due to their manufacturing ingredients. For example, the bamboo used to make biodegradable nappies in NZ makes them breathable and can also absorb the moistures from the skin which can prevent fungal infections. The eco disposable nappies are way too much comfortable for your babies when compared to the regular disposable nappies.
  • Acts as an Absorbent for Dry Bums
None of the parents wished their babies to have the moisture chafe as it is very painful for their delicate skin and these little ones will end up crying for an entire night. In such cases, the biodegradable disposable nappies are the best as they can absorb more than 70% of moisture when compared to the cotton nappies. Also, the premium eco nappies can soak three times more liquid which shows that there is less leakage and more comfort. Bio nappies are the best for babies with the severe habit of bedwetting as their absorbency allows the babies to have sound sleep with getting trouble from the soggy nappies.
  • Environment- friendly 
The biggest advantage of the compostable nappies in NZ is that they are very environment friendly. It is because environment-friendly disposable nappies are made up of the organic material which does not require pesticides to grow or not. They need less amount of water for getting manufactured and can also balance the environment of New Zealand. With this Nappies Direct can surely guarantee all the parents that getting your hands on the eco disposable nappies is going to be a win-win situation for you. From providing your child with the comfortable organic disposable nappies to preventing the waste collection, these nappies can help you in every way.

Get the Biodegradable Nappies in NZ at your Doorstep

The natural and eco nappies in NZ are designed in such a way that they protect both the environment and health of your tiny one. The eco-friendly nappies stocked up by Nappies Direct are made up of biodegradable raw materials that are compostable or biodegradable. They are a real thing for the parents who are very conscious about the environment and are consecutively looking for ideas that can prevent the dumping of cotton nappies every year. We have ensured to offer a huge range of the noopii eco nappies which will reduce household waste and money. With the help of our natural disposable nappies, you can help to keep New Zealand a little healthy and clean. It is because the nappies, unlike the regular nappies have very little chemical content such as no chlorine, no artificial aromas, or optical brighteners. This makes these nappies gentle for the baby’s skin and also your first choice. These biodegradable disposable nappies are designed to fit comfortably, have great absorption and breathability. At Nappies Direct, we sell a huge range of the eco disposable nappies in various sizes, be it for newborn babies, active toddlers, or growing babies. To get the best eco disposable nappies in New Zealand, you can browse through our online store. Then place your order with Nappies Direct and stay assured of raising your child in a greener and cleaner world. Hurry Up and rush to Nappies Direct for ordering the high-quality bio nappies for them. We make it easier for you by delivering these compostable nappies right at your doorstep.
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