Moov Natural Head Lice Solution 200ml

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Moov Natural Head Lice Solution 200ml
Moov Solution: Treats head lice infestations quickly and effectively. It contains natural essential oils and is clinically proven. Ensure you follow instructions carefully to effectively kill head lice and eggs. Recommended for use on normal scalps. Directions for use: Step 1. Cover eyes with a towel. Use on dry hair. Apply to hair, behind ears and back of the neck first. Apply to rest of hair. Ensure hair is thoroughly wet depending on the length and thickness of hair. 2. Massage into the scalp and hair. 3. Cover all hair, including ears, to nape of the neck with the cap. Leave on hair for ten minutes. 4. Remove cap, apply warm water ,lather then rinse thoroughly. Condition as normal. 5. Use MOOV Combing Conditioner and Comb to help remove dead lice and eggs. 6. Rinse cap well after use with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. The cap can be re-used. 7. If not using MOOV Head Lice Solution, repeat steps 1 - 5 seven and fourteen days after initial treatment Active Ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil 11% w/w and Lemon Tea Tree Oil 1.0% w/w. Preservative: Benzyl alcohol. Contains ethanol
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