CRAMP STOP Homoeopathic spray


  • FAST ACTING RELIEF for acute muscle cramp whether it strikes at night, during or after exercise or in the middle of a sports game. Suitable for young or old it offers a quick solution for those debilitating cramps that can occur through muscle fatigue, dehydration, poor circulation, the side effects of medication or for no apparent reason.
  • ALL TYPES OF CRAMP – many women are getting fast effective relief for painful menstrual cramps and can be used as often as needed. It is also used for cramps during pregnancy.
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Cramp Stop was developed by a registered New Zealand homeopath more than twenty years ago. This homeopathic formulation can be used for the relief of acute muscle spasm and cramping of any kind and can be used as often as required in any situation. The formula is a completely drug and chemical-free oral spray used to support and promote good muscle tone and function. This natural remedy can be used for the treatment of acute leg cramps at night, cramps as a result of fatigue in athletes, cramps due to poor circulation and the side effects of medication, restless and twitching legs, growing pains in children, cramp due to dehydration, menstrual cramp, and cramps during pregnancy, which can all be ameliorated with a quick spray or two. The formulation can also be used in a preventative manner to ensure that cramps remain at bay as it supports muscle and nerve function. Suitable for use by all ages, young and old, this natural formula may encourage the quick return of normal muscle function and supports both muscle and nerve function.

The Key Ingredients of Cramp Stop are as follows:

  • Arnica Montana: for general muscle function
  • Magnesium Phosphoricum: helps restore the nerve/muscle pathway
  • Cuprum Metallicum: helps restore muscle function and release spasm
  • Nux Vomica: helps release muscle spasm and cramping


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