Newborn (Up to 5 kg) - Size 1

Nappies Direct Presents the Newborn–Size 1 Nappies for Babies in New Zealand
Each one of us knows how important nappies are for the little ones. Babies normally tend to get their newborn nappies online changed at least 11 -13 times a day, and for kids, this keeps decreasing to just 8-10 times a day. Many kids are vulnerable to the nappy rash, even after the consistent nappy change. In such conditions, they pose a risk of infections that can occur from skin rashes. If you do not take proper care of your newborn at these times, then you will end up paying for lots of unnecessary finances. Therefore, for your convenience, now you can visit us at our online website to get the newborn nappies in NZ at an affordable price.

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